2016 Gaming Summary

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Just my yearly gaming summary where I list all the games I played within the year and include some of the most memorable stuff from that game. This year, I planned to finish at least 12 vita otoge but I was able play only 11 ^_^; Apart from those though, I did get to finish one PC visual novel, one vita rhythm game, and one mobile otome game ・´∀`・)

Kokuchou no Psychedelica
“Nakige of the year”


Hikage’s end still haunts me up to today.

Uta no Prince-sama MUSIC 3
“This is the last game I’ll play from this series”


So much wasted potential of a PS Vita rhythm game. Regardless, I liked the songs and I earned another platinum trophy.

Senjou no Waltz
“Worst writing”


Anticlimactic ends, ??? transition between scenes, and lots of misogynistic commenrs (thank God there’s Shaolei)… I really wish I hadn’t picked up a 2014 game just for Ishikawa Kaito. The only saving grace is the beautiful opening song and Tifalet.

Hyakka Hyakurou
“I just played this for Teita’s art”


I honestly can’t remember much of this game except for the fact that Teita’s art is beautiful as usual and the background effects are awesome. I heard that the game will be released in English as “Nightshade”.

Dance with Devils
“The mortal enemy of platinum trophy collectors”


Rejet, I won’t ever forget how you forced us to open and close the Dance with Devils game just to get one of the trophies.

Nil Admirari no Tenbin
“I can’t believe I like this trash of a game”

The writing is really shitty but I’m very hyped for the FD. More sexy scenes please!

Taisho Alice
“Best Game of 2016”


Need I say more?

The House in Fata Morgana
“The game everyone should play”


It’s very cheap on steam and yet it’ll give you more than twenty hours of play time. A friend says Fata Morgana is like that book that you can’t put down once you start reading, and I agree. I used up two rolls of tissues while playing this game.

Trigger Kiss
“Funny, but that’s it.”

The comedy was gold but I was so disappointed with the lack of proper romance development and interesting story.

Mystic Messenger
“3AM chats”

Arguably the most famous and mainstream otome game of the year. Cheritz is the angel of angels. Honey Butter Chips are sold out everywhere. I didn’t get enough sleep. Selfies. Cats. Memes. LOLOL.

Haitaka no Psychedelica
“Lugus is best boy”


I’m glad he won as most popular character because I still can’t get over Hikage’s loss in the Kokuchou character poll.

“Most organized game of 2016”


From the case files to the monthly incidents, to the little by little revelation of things, this game is definitely the most organized I’ve seen this year. Story is really good and there’s enough romance. Shiraishi deserves more love. Please make an FD with a Saeki route.

Kenka Bancho Otome
“Funniest game of 2016”

Comparable to Trigger Kiss in terms of comedy, but KBO is superior because it has an interesting, solid, and organized story. I laughed my ass off at the pool scene.

Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen
“I expected too much”

It was my fault for expecting something like Shinigami to Shoujo level of writing so I was a bit disappointed, but nonetheless the game is good. Haru is my son. Namikawa Daisuke’s acting in this game is superb.

My Top 3 Games of the Year

1. Taisho Alice
2. Kokuchou no Psychedelica
3. Collar×Malice

Best boy of the Year


Hikage! Voiced by Ishikawa Kaito + tsundere = I’m sold!

2017 Gaming Plans

As of writing, I don’t have anything preordered that will be released in 2017. So far, I’m also not interested in any of the announced new games, except for FDs of games I loved, such as Nil Admirari, Taisho Alice, and Kenka Bancho Otome (I might wait for a TaiAli FD vita port first though). None of the announced new games during OtoPa 2016 caught my eye, but we’ll see once they release more info about them.

In the meantime, I’m waiting for four games to arrive: Norn9 Act Tune, Code:Realize FD, and Ken ga Kimi twin pack, so I’ll have plenty of games to keep me busy (not that I have so much free time though ;;;).

Again, Happy New Year and cheers for more good otome games in 2017! ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪


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  1. Little late rofl (little?) but loved the list! Hyakka Hyakurou was pretty good but I have a feeling I’ll forget about it soon. I don’t mean to say it’s not a good game because it was but it was missing something. Still, loved the heroine and the other 2 girls, and all the routes were great-except for Kuroyuki IMO.

    Not sure I’ll pick up Nil lol but glad you liked it.

    I heard Trigger Kiss had pretty much 0 romance so gonna have to prepare for that when I start.

    I hope our 2017 is great!

    • Generally Hyakka Hyakurou is a good game but most of it you’ll forget in a day or two 😂 I’m sure I really love Goemon (best boy) but I no longer remember even the important things in his route 💦
      NilAd has crap writing but I think it’s worth playing. Satoi art aside, the trashy sexy romance romance is 100000% must see ww
      2017 is so far so good! Thanks to Ken ga Kimi! Also currently playing Code:Realize FD which I’m enjoying very much ✨

      • Yas Goemon is bae <3 haha but I also like Hanzo. ^^ But agreed. The game was short and worth the time and money but now I'm ready for a new game.
        Haha well the thing that's throwing me off is the amount of misogyny and I believe attempted rapes that I read in other reviews. Not my thing.
        WHOOOO Ken Ga Zetsubou rofl the keigo and waffu lang seems waaaay to difficult so hopefully it's going well.
        And aw yea;) Which route in CR FD do you like best so far?

        • So far I’ve played San and Impey and I like both! I’m looking forward mostly to best boy Fran and Lupin steal your heart XD
          Awww makes me want to make my NilAd review asap, because I have so much to say about it ;;w;; (i.e the misogyny and the rape, especially since the setting is Taisho Period Japan. I just want to replay it in whole first before making a detailed review.

          • San was bae rofl. I liked all of the boyz.
            Yeah you should cuz I’d love to hear another review on it.

  2. Cheers for another year of otome gaming (‘w’)/ Looking forward to your future reviews, especially on both the Ken ga Kimi games!

    • Hopefully this year will give us more good games ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶. I’m so excited for KgK (despair w)!

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