[Series First Impression] Meant to Be

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I was supposed to write my KZG review but I keep getting sidetracked because of Meant to Be, a new Filipino TV series that I’ve been watching every night. I know this isn’t a Japanese otome game or manga or anime, but hey, it’s a reverse harem!, so I thought why not make a blog post about it ・´∀`・)

The series follows the story of Billie Bendiola (Barbie Forteza), a normal girl who puts her family above all things. She spends her daily life working full time at a call center and part time as a tour guide to support her family. Things all change though, when she accidentally (pun intended) meets four handsome and rich young men, and her life takes a turn for the worst (?)

Now, to introduce the four leading men:

Yuan Lee (Ken Chan), a half-Filipino half-Chinese son of a businessman, is the resident suplado guy who always gets into fights with Billie. He was a former member of the Philippine taekwondo team, but quit because of an injury. Yuan is first introduced as a real jerk who got Billie into trouble, so it’ll be interesting to look forward to how his character and romance with Billie will develop. I’m thinking that he likes boys though, I mean, is posting photos of your half-naked guy buddies a thing because Yuan just did that.

Andres “Andoy” dela Cruz (Jak Roberto) is the shy boy with a very maamo face. According to rumors, he’s the only son of a family owns a hacienda that exports pineapples (In reality though, he’s just from a middle class family). His first solo scene with Billie was really funny so it’ll be fun to see how this shy boy will fall for our heroine.

Jai Patel (Addy Raj) is the happy-go-lucky flirt from India who thinks about nothing but girls. His family runs a car-exporting business. I can already guess how his love story with Billie will unfold, especially considering that he’s the resident naughty flirt and we all know what happens to characters like him……

Ethan Spencer-Hughes (Ivan Dorschner) IS THE ULTIMATE HUSBANDO OMG??? Ethan is a half-Filipino half-British chef with a very cute smile. He is also the perfect gentleman who unconsciously makes all the girls fall for him. Among the four boys, Ethan is the most responsible, and I say Ivan Dorschner’s chemistry with Barbie is PERFECT. It’s the birth of a new GMA Network love team! (More projects for VanBie please!!) Obviously, I’m #TeamVanBie >w

Other characters include Billie’s mom, dad, and older brother, her social climber Aunt Suzy and kind cousin Mariko, and some few more who have yet been introduced.

The first three episodes (which, you can watch in the official GMA Network Youtube channel, in case you missed them: Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3) proved that the series is promising, providing us with comedy and right amount of kilig. The script is very well-written and it did its part of giving the viewers a good laugh, without being too corny, as one would usually expect from a romantic comedy. (Except for the balloon scene, which was too unrealistic, but I’ve had a good dose of stuff like that in shoujo manga and otome game, so I’m not bothered one bit ヽ(*´∀`)). The script is the best. PERIOD. “Chef pa lang” “Ulam na” www.

Of course, the actors’ delivery of their lines is important, and Barbie Forteza nailed her role with her superb acting skills. She really is the star of this show. Some of the guys still need improvement with their acting, but that’s not a problem because Barbie can pull everything together and keep the flow of every scene she’s in. In Tagalog, nadadala ni Barbie yung eksena, kahit may kulang sa pag-arte nung mga leading men. That said, I look forward to the improvement of all the actors in the series.

The only thing I didn’t like about the show is the fact that the sub-characters actually get more screen time than the boys, i.e., Tita Suzy. Like, come on, just want the cheese and the kilig! They could just focus on the boys and their backstories, the kilig and romance, then add Billie’s backstory (i.e. her family) bit by bit to build up her character. But then again, this series isn’t exactly targeted only to girls (like how Japanese shoujo manga and otome games work), so I guess they really have to add the sub-character side stories for the other viewers? Nonetheless, if Tita Suzy will play a big role in Billie’s romance with at least one the boys sooner or later, then I’m good with having her in the story.

As an extra, the BGMs sound really nice! I personally like the BGM plays whenever the spotlight is on Jai–the Indian-like playful music is perfect for his character. The title logo, with all the pastel colors, looks really cute too! So 少女アニメっぽい!♡

Overall, Meant to Be is a primetime series that I will continue watching. I am looking forward to seeing how the romance will bloom between Billie and her four leading men, and who she will choose in the end! ♡

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