Otome Game Recommendations for Beginner Japanese

February 24, 2017 at 2:29 pm | Posted in Special | 15 Comments


There are so many otome games in Japan but fans outside of Japan can’t play them because language barrier is a thing. Because of this, many (myself included) choose to study the language just so they can play all those good games. Though let’s face it, everyone starts from square one, a.k.a. beginner level, and you can’t possibly be able to play a really good otome game right away after one day of studying hiragana. But what if you already finished the beginner module/course, and you are confident enough to play a full Japanese otome game?

Of course, wafuu games (and most of the games in my cream of the crop list) are out of the question, but here, I list the otome games that I think have easy Japanese and beginner Japanese language learners can play with little, if any, problem.

Hakuouki SSL ~sweet school life~


If you started with otome games because of Aksys’ Hakuouki localization, then why not give Hakuouki SSL a try? Story-wise, SSL is nothing compared to the original Hakuouki, and the art is really bad if you’re used to seeing Kazuki Yone’s work, but it’s still an enjoyable game, provided that you are a fan of Hakuouki. The Shinsengumi guys in a school setting? A proper (and very fun!) Kazama route, finally?  Yes please! Note though, that if you haven’t played any Hakuouki game or watched the anime before, then I suggest you just skip on this game (because really, it’s just crap).

Platform: PS Vita. Buy here.

Japanese language difficulty: If you have already played the Hakuouki localization, you are already familiar with the characters, so you will have no problems in reading how they talk (in Japanese) and move. It’s also a school setting, so no need to worry about history stuff and difficult kanji.

Kenka Banchou Otome


If a strong kick-ass heroine in a game that will give you lots of laughs is your thing, then Kenka Bancho Otome is the game for you. For a game with relatively easy Japanese, the story is pretty good. The romance isn’t top-notch, but still a recommended otome game.

Platform: PS Vita. Buy here.

Japanese language difficulty: Has lots of yankee-way of talking and yakuza terms, but all in all, everything is easy to understand. The system before the yankee fights might be a bit difficult if your Japanese reading is still a bit slow, but the outcome of your choices in this part doesn’t affect the story, so no problems.

Starry Sky Games


This is old but still gold (and Moneybee is still making money out of it!). If there is an otome game that everyone studying Japanese should start with, it has to be Starry Sky. It doesn’t have a literary award-winning story, nor a really amazing mind-boggling plot twist, but its charm as an otome game that offers the dokidoki and wakuwaku romance everyone wants is one of the best.

Platform: The Starry Sky games were first released for PC, but they were ported for the PSP with added contents. Currently, Starry Sky in Spring and after Spring are now also available for the PS Vita as a single game. The other seasons will be released for the vita soon. Buy here.

Japanese language difficulty: It’s mostly just daily school stuff, so it’s very easy. The Summer game has lots of Japanese Archery, so make sure you can also get you also familiarize yourself with Japanese Archery terms.


Suggested by friends

  • PsychichEmotion6 – Easy to read because there aren’t many difficult kanji
  • Uta no Prince-sama
  • Shinobi Koi Utsutsu – there are some difficult terms, but story is easy to understand


I will update this post whenever I come across an otome game with easy to understand Japanese.  If you have any recommendation, please comment below ^_^


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  1. Ohh, thank you so much for this! I literally just bought my first Japanese Otome game and it’s Kenka Banchou Otome. I’m currently waiting for it to arrive. So I’m really glad I made a right choice regarding Japanese-level, as you recommended it here for beginners *phew* (:
    Later on, I’m definitely interested in playing all the other games you mentioned here.
    Wish me luck on this perilous journey.
    Thanks again! ^_^

    • Nice! Kenka Bancho Otome is a really good game so I hope you have fun playing! And good luck with studying Japanese, otome games will help for sure and I can’t wait for the time when you’ll finally be able to play any game you want ♡

  2. Wonderful post! Def something I needed when I started out and still need rofl

  3. I started playing otome games when i was studying for n4, so games like hakuouki and starry sky were some of my earlier games, this is a good list. Back then i could still understand 70% of the stuff if I read slow haha . Then again, things like amnesia were on my repertoire back then, i was very ambitious…

    • If one has enough grammar knowledge and has a dictionary, I think playing the “more difficult” games won’t be a problem. Reading it will probably be slow, but for sure, you’ll be able to understand what’s going on XD

  4. I haven’t played it, but I’ve heard PsychicEmotion6 is a pretty easy read. Also I’d like to recommend Shinobi Koi Utsutsu because the story is fairly easy to understand, but it has some uncommon terminology and some characters speak funny. So it might be a bit more difficult compared to something like Starry Sky.

    • Another friend also recommended Psychic Emotion 6, so I think it really is a an easy read for beginners. I haven’t played Ninkoi but I’m guessing that it might have difficult ninja terms. It’s actually the jargons and old words that make me stay out of wafuu games ^_^;;

  5. Nice recommendations, For those who can read Japanese, Utapri would be a good choice

  6. Bless you, I’m here for this! 💖💖👌
    I’m curious to see if Utapri enters this list, since I’ve seen it being recommended too 👀👀

    • I haven’t played UtaPri, but seeing that it’s also a school setting (with some idol stuff), I think it’s an easy game to understand for beginners!

  7. I was planning on doing something similar but for several language levels, but I’m personally really stuck on just deciding on what language levels I should use for it. My perfectionist is being a pain in butt with me. XD

    Would it be fine if I link to this post from my blog’s Q&A?

    • Maybe you can use the JLPT? Like, N4 can probably read all these games (with some dictionary help), etc?
      And sure, you can link anytime ^_^

      • Maybe I should, but it’s also hard since I’ve never done any JLPT, lol. At the same time I know some people are better with listening comprehension, and some or better at reading, so two games could be very different because of one or the other. I’m probably overanalysing it though.

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