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In Edo period Japan, under the rule of the third shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu, the Tenka Goken (five greatest swords under heaven) are known to seal youkai creatures to protect the land. To find worthy samurai who can wield the tenka goken, gozenjiai kentori (swordfight matches) are held annually in different parts of Japan. The samurai who will emerge victorious in the kentori will be awarded with a Tenka Goken. Days before ,  end of the kentori in Sunpu, a normal girl named Kayo, who lives in Edo with her father, is tasked to replace the Princess Hisa as a fake bride in a bridal procession from Edo to Sunpu. In this bridal procession, Kayo meets six samurai hired to be her guards.

Not a full-summary review, but has lots of spoilers! ・´∀`・)


The first part of the game, which follows the whole bridal procession, is the long common route. Right after Kayo returns to Edo, individual character routes start and they’re even longer. Basically, Ken ga Kimi is one long wafuu game that will immerse you in hours of reading the stories of six Edo period samurai.

Tsuzuramaru (CV: Ono Yuuki), a kid who looks like 15 years old but is actually already 20 years old, is a samurai from Mutsu no Kuni. As a kenjutsu otaku, Tsuzu is a practitioner of the Tamiya-ryuu, a school that specializes in iai. After his kenjutsu coach told him that the dojo will be passed down to the student who will get the title of the ichibangatana (the person who wins the gozenjiai kentori), Tsuzu journeyed to Edo in order to compete in the gozenjiai, despite the opposition of his family. In his route, it was revealed that Tsuzu already died five years ago (when he was fifteen years old), and was only brought back to life after his ichibangatana father performed a forbidden spell with the Onimaru Kunitsuna sword and offered his life in exchange. Because of this, Tsuzu’s eternally fifteen-year old body houses two beings: Tsuzuramaru himself and the Marebito (the god the nether world). No wonder why he looks like a ghost; his pale white skin and all-black outfit doesn’t help either. The best thing about Tsuzu? Definitely his love for food and sleep.

Kei (CV: KENN) is the samurai with a surprisingly sexy body who works as a rounds police in Edo. He’s so unfriendly and seems to be always angry at first that Kayo didn’t know how to approach him, but he’s actually just a tsundere with a cute smile! Kei looks really sexy in his bandanna, though he’s not wearing that just for fashion’s sake, but to hide his horns and his identity as an oni. Because n this era, racist humans hate the oni race so much that they forbid them to carry weapons. Kei, who first-hand experienced human racism when his parents were killed just because they are oni, swore to win the gozenjiai in order to take back his race’s stolen pride. From his hometown Kibi no Kuni, Kei goes to Edo to participate in the gozenjiai, with his trusted twin swords Kazakiri and Raigiri. I really want to ask Kei how he achieves his perfect eyeliner look.

Kuroba Saneaki (CV: Maeno Tomoaki), a half-Japanese half-Spanish, is undoubtedly the most skillful samurai in the group, having won three gozenjiai and awarded the great sword Ootenta. Moreover, his swordsmanship is very beautiful that you’ll fall in love with it when you see it, as reflected in this sprite. It’s not all about beauty and skill though, because Saneaki actually no longer wants to hold the sword after accidentally killing an innocent woman during one of his tasks as an assassin. It has even gotten to the point where he just wanted to die and atone for his of killing so many people. And as if that isn’t enough, Saneaki’s past as a Christian is the most tragic among all the six guys in the game. I’m crying because the white-haired guys curse applies so much to Saneaki WHY. Nonetheless, I am glad to know that awkward Saneaki is not always alone, thanks to Habaki-chan, the youkai that lives in the Saneaki’s Magoroku Kanemoto sword.

Enishi (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou) is the resident flirt in a flashy red kimono who seems to do nothing but drink alcohol all day. The other guys are even curious as to how tf he has money when it looks like he doesn’t work. But as surprising as it may be, Enishi is actually Tokugawa Iemitsu’s adopted son. He doesn’t like that role though, because he knows for himself that he is not worthy, after being the ichibangatana of a fixed gozenjiai match that his biological father had schemed. Because of that incident, Enishi started rebelling and ditching his roles in Edo castle. I am not very fond of Enishi but his introduction of himself is just so flashy I don’t think I’ll forget about it again ww

Sagihara Sakyou (CV: Souichirou Hoshi) is the most beautiful samurai I have ever seen! * v * He is s prim and proper, but don’t ever mention the word “oni” because it triggers him so much he’ll start a killing spree. His family was killed by a gang of oni headed by Zantetsu, so he swore to avenge his family. I really don’t know what to say more about Sakyou’s route and past because really, half of his route is just Kayo secretly keeping him inside her room. Nonetheless, Sakyou’s beauty and trigger mode got me so he’s definitely my KgK best boy. Also, it’s so frustrating how he can do better make-up than me?? And how he’s more beautiful than Kayo??

Suzukake (CV: Ousaka Ryouta) is nature’s child whose smile can instantly bright up your day. He was raised in the Takao mountain by a tengu named Karla, who also thought him about the art of medicine and fighting, because it is believed that he will be the next fated master of the Juzumaru sword. After years of living in the mountains, Suzukake goes to Edo to live a normal human life and “find his dream”. Soon, he decided to open a clinic where he can look after poor patients. Suzukake is a also a friend of the youkai, and wants a world where youkai and humans can live in peace and harmony. Suzukake is son. Period.

Apart from the six capturable guys, Tokugawa Iemitsu/Ue-sama is also hot best side character! It’s really a waste how he doesn’t have a route ;;w;; I’d definitely live in the Edo castle as his concubine. Meanwhile, Kayo is also a great heroine and it’s nice to see the story of the six samurai unfold through her point of view. She also knows how to wield a naginata, so she can be pretty bad-ass sometimes!



I feel like I played Ken ga Kimi in a speed of light I honestly don’t know where to start this thoughts section with anything other than IT’S REALLY GOOD I CAN’T PUT MY VITA DOWN WHILE PLAYING. Because it really is a game that  had very immersed right from the prologue, to the common route, to the individual routes, and up to the different endings.

The game has the right amount of story development, romance, and historical facts that will keep you playing for more, despite it being a wafuu otome game. People who do not want to get lost in the game because of the history stuff need not to worry because it’s really just a small faction of the game: Tokugawa Tadanaga commited seppuku and there are rumors that Tokugawa Iemitsu ordered him to do it to keep the power to himself, thus, Tadanaga’s allies want to seek revenge. It’s mostly about the individual stories of the six capturable guys, and most of them are so tragic you really need to prepare tissues before reading the tragic endings. That said, you really don’t know if the ending’s going to be sad or not so just have always tissues ready beside you while playing ww

Overall, it’s a really good game, with length and quality that’s worth the amount you spent for it ♡ Highly recommended for people who want to play tragic wafuu otome games.


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  1. I was wondering… *_* You say its tragic, but are the happy endings tragic as well?

    • If it’s a happy ending then it’s definitely a HAPPY ending! 😂 For every guy there are two sad/tragic endings and two happy endings so you are free to choose which of the four ends is your favorite ;;w;;

  2. This sounds really good… ♥

    • It’s a really good game and now one of my favorite otome games ;;w;;

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