Spring 2017: Nara and Osaka Mint

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So in mid-April, we went on a short trip to Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. Luckily, the sakura bloomed late this year, so we were still able to catch some in bloom during the trip.

First stop is Nara. Going here wasn’t originally part of the itinerary but I decided that we go because I wanted to see the Nara deers ww Also, most of the places to visit in Nara are just walking distances from each other so I thought why not.

We got off at Kintetsu Nara Station and took a sightseeing pamphlet, which has a map with all the tourist-y places in Nara. I kept mine in an open pocket of my bag but right when we got to Nara park, one of the deer tried to eat it!

IMG_6069Hi there!

Nonetheless, all the deer are really cute and kind. Some would even bow to you when asking for food, usually the deer senbei that are sold throughout the park. Such cuties!

They say be careful of the deer but they are very cute ??!

Stingy me didn’t buy any deer senbei, so I just lured them with one of my crackers so I can have a good photo with them ww

Oh, deer!

In Shinto religion, the deer are considered as messengers of the gods. These sacred animals roam the Nara grounds freely.

The Koufukuji is the nearest from Kintetsu Nara Station so we went there first.

The five-story pagoda at Koufuku-ji


Cute deer plushies at a souvenir shop in Koufuku-ji

It started to rain when we went to Todai-ji. There are still lots of people though, especially at Nandai-mon.

Trying to look fab under the rain ww

The Daibutsuden of the Todai-ji is the largest wooden building in the world. It houses the Daibutsu, a large bronze statue of the Buddha.

Some deer on the way to Todai-ji. At first I thought they were just statues until they started to move!

IMG_4999Haikyuu-themed Nara souvenirs *w*

On the way to Kasuga Taisha, we stopped at this place to take photos of the cherry blossoms. Everyone loves cherry blossoms!

The deer. They are everywhere!

More sakura

Lunch before heading to Kasuga Taisha!

The rain stopped when we were at Kasuga Taisha, but there are so many people I forgot to take photos!

These deer-shaped ema are so cute though >w<

In the afternoon, we went back to Osaka for the last day of sakura-viewing at Osaka Mint. Sad though, it was raining non-stop so we weren’t able to take nice photos. Still, the different types of sakura are beautiful even in the rain!

Imagine how much more pretty this would be if it isn’t raining

miyumint in Osaka Mint!




There are also lots of street food at Osaka Mint. We ate okonomiyaki, ringo ame, dango, and takoyaki, but there are lots more to choose from. I’m sure it would have looked like a festival if it wasn’t for the rain ;;w;;


More food after a long day

It was still raining went we left Osaka Mint to go to Animate Tennouji for some weeb stuff. They had A3 on display!

To be continued in the next post >w<


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  1. Are you wearing tights? I heard that it was a good idea to do that when I get there but I wasn’t sure. Love the deer. I’ve wanted to do this for a while ^^

    • Yes, the weather forecast said that it will rain during the day (and it did), so I decided to wear tights in case the temperature drops :D

      • Nice! Would you rec for the summer? I understand tanning is a big NO there haha

        • I still don’t know how summer is in Japan, but I heard it’s very hot? I’d like to experience this infamous Japan summer heat someday ww Though I live in a tropical country so 41 degrees is a normal summer temperature for me 😂

          • Haha I hate the heat so it’s going to be a rough time but hopefully it won’t be too bad. For my senior trip we went to Florida in May-which was one of the better times, but still hot-and I didn’t find it as bad as everyone said it was. So I sincerely hope it’s been overexaggerated but I’m taking precautions lol and bringing lots of shorts.

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