Spring 2017: Universal Studios Japan

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If you’re a Harry Potter fan and you’re visiting Osaka, ofc you have to spend at least a day in Universal Studios Japan! It wasn’t too crowded when we went so we were able to try most of the rides, even though we didn’t have any express pass >w<

Right after entering the park, we went straight to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Timed tickets to enter this area weren’t needed throughout the day, so we just got in and went straight to the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in 4K3D attraction. And it was really really awesome!! No wonder why waiting time to enter this attraction can be as long as as 4 hours during peak season :O In our case though, we didn’t line up for more than five minutes. Best part of the ride? Ono Kensho voicing Harry Potter ♡

IMG_5141Ofc stingy me didn’t get the ride photo ww

We were also able to see the magic show inside Ollivanders. The kid who got a free wand is so lucky! I didn’t buy a wand though, since it was so expensive and I’m not exactly a big HP fan.

We also tried the famous Butterbeer, and it was… o k a y. I think it’s not worth the price? But then this is a theme park, and everything is expensive, so yeah.


Hogsmeade is smaller than I expected. It makes me wonder how this place looks like during winter, probably better and more similar with what they show in the movies? *w*

Nice day in Hogsmeade. Yesterday’s rain doesn’t seem to be real

IMG_6080Short rest after window shopping at Honeydukes

Right beside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the Jaws attraction, so it was our next stop. I never watched the movie, but it was still an interesting and amazing ride. The captain of out boat was so good at acting. “Wew, finally at a safe place!” but a shark attacks!! ww

We then went to the Universal Cool Japan part of the park, and they have Attack on Titan, Detective Conan, Monster Hunter, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Godzilla until June 25 this year. The Detective Conan attraction is a 2-hr escape game with extra fee so we didn’t try it. In any case, our real agenda here is to try the Attack on Titan and Monster Hunter attractions!

IMG_6094Cool Japan collabs (photo taken in the afternoon, before we left the park)

The Attack on Titan: The Real is a 4-D attraction in which you are a soldier and titans suddenly attack! You get to meet Levi-heichou, Hanji, a new character who’s voiced by TsudaKen, and an unnamed character who’s voiced by *gasps* Ishikawa Kaito!! I legit fangirled in my seat when I heard his voice !! Like, Kaito, what are you doing in AoT??


IMG_6095You can have a photo taken, but again, I’m too stingy to pay extra for a photo op ww

I love how the staff for the AoT attractions are wearing survey corps uniform!

IMG_6097You can try Levi-heichou’s favorite meal for 1100Jpy!

Next is Monster Hunter: The Real, because my brother wanted to see it ww It wasn’t anything special, just you watching what’s going on the screen and no special effects like the 4D attractions.

IMG_6098The Evangelion ride. Wasn’t really interested so we skipped this

Lots of nice stuff at the Cool Japan store. I bought an Eren keychain as a USJ souvenir

Detective Conan merch! Though tbh, Detective Conan is everywhere in Osaka, because of the currently showing movie set on Osaka

Right after the Cool Japan attractions, we tried the Terminator 2 : 3D! Before the main event, the Cyberdyne lady in red entertained us audience and she was really funny XD. There was a part when she asked where the people in the audience came from but I was too shy to raise my hand when she said kaigai. The main 3D show is so long, I think it was the longest attraction we’ve been to. But it was really awesome *w*

Lost kid in New York!

After eating lunch at Louie’s NY Pizza Parlor, we went for The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man — The Ride 4K3D. It’s as awesome as the Forbidden Journey (Harry Potter) ride, so as one would expect, there will be one hell of a line before getting into it,  but there wasn’t any when we went XD

Next stop is the Jurassic Park area! Most of my photos in that part of the park are selfies and groupies, so I won’t add anything in this post, but we tried The Flying Dinosaur ride and it… isn’t as fulfilling for an extreme ride, but still awesome. We also rode the Jurassic Park – The Ride and it was a cool experience (especially after you get splashed with some water from the drop ww).

After the Jurassic Park rides, we were just strolling around the park and trying to see everything we missed when we came across the Backdraft attraction. There wasn’t any line so we tried it. The first two parts are just samples of some behind the scenes of the Backdraft movie, but the third and last part was a bit scary I thought we were going to be burned alive in that area XD

We then went to the new part of USJ, the Minion Park! Everything in it is so so cute! (Again, most of my photos are selfies so I won’t put them here ;;;) We tried the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem attraction and even though we lined for about 40 minutes in for it, the queue area had TVs that show several short funny clips about the Minions and other characters of the franchise, which will keep you entertained while you wait for your turn. The attraction has you turned into a Minion, and it was fun being one even for just a few minutes  >w< Also, this attraction is so far the only one with English subtitles, so it’s pretty much gaijin-friendly w

To see the whole USJ park, we also strolled around the Universal Wonderland area and took photos with all the cute stuff in it (Hello Kitty!)

After leaving the USJ park, we took a quick stop at the nearby Jump Store, where I saw my Haikyuu best boy Akaashi:


Overall, it was a fun day at USJ! We were able to make the most out of our 7600Jpy standard ticket because it wasn’t crowded and there’s almost no line for the attractions ♡

Miss Universal (Studios)

Will I go back? I’m already contented with everything I experienced and saw, so unless my family/friends will want to go back, I probably won’t. I say that Disneyland is still a better place XD


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  1. WHOA this looks like so much fun! I’d love to go when I’m in Japan, but too poor rofl.
    Loved your outfit btw.

    • If you’ll go, better visit during off-season because I heard that lines can get really crazy long during peak season :O
      And thanks ahahaha, wore something comfy because I expected that we’ll be riding lots of attractions in the park w

      • Thank you! Guess I can’t go then rofl but that’s better than learning the hard way.
        Well, it sure looks cute! Glad it was comfy!

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