Spring 2017: Fushimi Inari Taisha, Nishihonganji, Nijou Castle, Osaka Castle

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Continuing from the previous post, we then went on a side trip to Kyoto!

There were lots of people at Fushimi Inari, but I guess this still doesn’t compare to the crowd when there’s an event (like, Hatsumoude?). I pulled an omikuji and bought an omamori for… *secret* w


If Kasuga Taisha in Nara has deer-shaped ema, Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto has fox-shaped ema! We spotted one with a JoJo face:


IMG_6101Quick snap before another group of people arrives!

There were lots of food outside the shrine, and I think I ate a lot…

Karaage, daifuku, and an onigiri wrapped in bacon ??

Also Kyoto souvenirs for the weeb! Lots of Hakuouki! I bought the Hinata with the Shinsengumi flag strap >w<

Went back to Kyoto station to ride a bus to our next destination and saw Kyoto tower, the tallest structure in Kyoto.


Next is Nishihonganji! If you played Hakuouki, a couple of important scenes happened here because this place was briefly used by the Shinsengumi as one of their headquarters. 


IMG_6125Lots of modern chairs inside, but Hakuouki has a BG image of this area XD

I think most of the people are in the east temple, the Higashihonganji, so it was a good opportunity for lots of photos ww Isn’t the place very familiar? *cough*Harada and Kazama CGs*cough*


Going to Nijou Castle, there was a reconstruction of something and we saw these cuties! Japan sure loves cute stuff *w*


Nijou Castle! The place where the Tokugawa period started and ended.


You can go inside to see the rooms and everything is so beautiful ;;w;; I love how we can see up close the exact rooms where the erai people from centuries ago would meet and gather! There’s also a description of what each room is used for, and the three rooms farthest from the entranceway were used as the shogun’s private quarters! I fangirled a little, after realizing that Ue-sama might have slept there ww

No photos allowed inside but I swear even the interior is really beautiful ;;w;;

Inside the castle is very spacious, I kind of wish I live there

Have I mentioned that Nijou Castle is beautiful


IMG_6116The sakura garden!

IMG_6065Lots of flowers still in bloom

View from the base of the keep tower

The other side

More sakura!

Nijou Castle is so beautiful and informative, I can’t stress enough how this is a must-visit place ;;w;;

After Kyoto, we went back to Osaka to see Dotonbori!


We were too tired so mochikaeri food w

The next day, we visited Osaka Castle, Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s fort!



IMG_6056This is a selfie stick photo ww

Most of the cherry blossom trees in the castle grounds are already 葉桜, but there are still some pretty flowers!

Sakura-flavored ice cream before entering the museum

The inside of the castle is a museum. It has lots of stuff about the life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the Seige of Osaka, and the Momoyama period in general.

You can get your pamphlet stamped as a souvenir

Osaka Castle! Imagine how much more beautiful this would be if the sakura is still in full bloom ;;w;;

My verdict? Osaka Castle and Nijou Castle are both beautiful but I think I prefer Nijou castle because the inside is just ♡ Next time though, I would love to visit Kyoto during autumn! I want to see Kyoto in autumn colors ;;w;;


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  1. Reblogged this on impracticaldemon and commented:
    This was wonderful to read. I’m a big Hakuouki fan but also interested in reading about the Tokugawa generally and recently became more interested in the Nobunaga-Toyotomi-Tokugawa consolidation of Japan, so seeing the (I assume significantly reconstructed?) Osaka Castle was great! It’s nice to hear comments from an “otome eye view”!

    • Osaka Castle is definitely a must visit if you love reading about that era in Japan ♡ It was reconstructed so the inside is just a museum, but it has seven floors with lots of info I’m sure you’ll love!
      /Next time I’m in Kyoto, it’ll definitely be a full Shinsengumi/Hakuouki pilgrimage ;;w;;

  2. SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!! Thanks for sharing! Ahh I want to go someday 💕

    • Kyoto is so beautiful that all the photos I take end up beautiful too even though I’m no photographer ;;w;;

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