[Otome Game Review] Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsudzuri

April 24, 2017 at 4:18 am | Posted in Games | 3 Comments
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I was warned about playing the Ken ga Kimi games back to back but it’s just so good I wanted more ?? So I jumped in and played Momoyo Tsudzuri right after I played the first game ww

This is a very short thoughts review of the Ken ga Kimi FD ・´∀`・)


True to the FD’s title, Momoyo Tsudzuri has 100 stories that will keep you busy reading for the same duration as the first game. The first book follows the story of the six guys after the bridal parade to Sunpu, and we are shown that they actually had some little adventure together at Hakone before going their separate ways. Another book is like an alternate route if Kayo did not end up with any of the six routes in the first game. The first part of this book has lighter scenarios that are perfect for the FD feel of the game.

Each of the six guys also get their own individual book, with scenes after (or sometimes, before) their endings from the first game. Three chapters of each book are about the past of the guys, and it’s awesome to know how everyone is connected even before all of them met each other during the bridal parade.

The last book that can be unlocked is the Edo Chrysanthemum book. This book includes stories of the side characters such as Tsuzumi, Yagyuu-dono, and Karura, so we can understand them better.


Overall, I love the fact that the FD is almost as long as the first game, with enough content to supplement the endings of each route and the untold stories of the side characters. I wish there was more of Ue-sama though ;;w;;

And, that’s it for Ken ga Kimi, the game that made me want to play more wafuu games and see more castles in Japan ww I want more people to play this, not only because it’s a good game, but also because it shows the reality that centuries ago, killings and unjust treatment of innocent people just because of their race and/or religion were already happening. Yet here we are, living in the year 2017, and such things still happen. It’s sad that people do not learn from past mistakes.


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  1. Wow, this FD looks great! Was looking forward to playing this but I got obsessed with another game hahaha… Hey, if you don’t mind, try checking out Honeybee’s game that was recently released! It’s called Blackish House. Both sides were great and I felt that you might enjoy the plot since it’s very good :)) Hope to see more reviews!

    • I’m happy that the FD is as good as the original game (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) If Rejet ever makes a third game, I’d gladly throw my money and play it!
      Ahhh Blackish House! I’ve been seeing it a lot on my TL and it looks interesting. I really want to pick up a Honeybee game again but as usual… they are for PC and I prioritize vita games at the moment ;;; I’ll try to get to it once I clear my backlog! (when though ww)

      • Yeah Ken ga Kimi is really good… I’ll also gladly buy another fandisk if Rejet decides to make one XD Vita games are actually quite costly for me so I usually just settle with PC games instead hahaha… Looking forward to your future reviews (0w<)/

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