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It’s the FD to our favorite steam punk otome game, Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~! This is a really long spoiler-heavy post about the game. Very detailed summary of all the routes awaits! ・´∀`・)

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After Story 〜White Rose〜
Arsene Lupin
Abraham Van Helsing
Victor Frankenstein
Impey Barbicane
Another Story 〜Lupin the Gang〜
Extra Story 〜Herlock Sholmes〜
Extra Story 〜Finis〜
Dela’s Room
Overall Thoughts


Arsene Lupin (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)


It’s been days since their wedding ceremony and Cardia’s thinking that it’s so unfair how she’s always getting caught into Lupin’s pace of making her dokidoki. So she asks San for advice, who tells her why not try to “steal Lupin’s heart” to get even. Later, Fran also agrees to help Cardia think about ways to steal Lupin’s heart, and he asks Van and Dora-chan for ideas too.

Unfortunately shotgun megane and the little vampire king know nothing about love, so they concluded that the adrenaline from falling in love and the adrenaline from falling off a a cliff is the same ww From there, their steal Lupin’s heart plan has them dressing up as twilight birdmen and attacking Lupin and Cardia that night. At first, Lupin and Cardia thought that the Twilight birdmen really are back to get them again, until Lupin realizes that their “enemies” are actually just Van and Fran in birdmen costume ! I love that Van and Lupin CG, really showing how Van and Lupin are very good friends ♡ In any case, this “steal Lupin’s heart” plan has been a failure from the start.


The next day, Cardia asks Impey and San for more ideas, and this time, their plan is making Lupin jealous. Cardia then goes on a date with Impey and Cardia, and Lupin, who can’t accept that his wife is going on a date with a guy other than him, secretly follows her. To Lupin’s surprise (and rage ww), Cardia’s date is actually with Impey and San, and it was so funny how Lupin trying to stop himself from killing the two guys right on the spot for getting too close to Cardia XD After some time, Lupin’s had enough and was about to leave, when he hears Cardia talk to San and Impey about how much she loves him ♡ Cardia went on to say more about her love for Lupin that it made Lupin blush so much(≧∇≦)That Lupin CG with Sisi is so cute !! Blushing Lupin is life!!


Finally, Lupin shows himself up and it’s obvious that he’s still flustered from all the compliments Cardia said ww With their plan to make Lupin jealous a success, San and Impey then leave to give the two their couple time. Later, Lupin tells Cardia that she actually doesn’t need to steal his heart, because she has already stolen it (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) He also adds that he may look calm and collected when with her, but just like her, he’s actually dokidoki too. Aww Lupin!! ♡ And, the two kiss 😗

That night, Cardia dreamt about a past memory from the time she was still im her mansion in Wales. This made her think about her father Isaac Beckford and want to know more about his feelings, so Lupin helps get information. They get permission form the queen to see Isaac’s books and notes in the palace’s secret library, where Cardia was able to read one of Isaac’s diaries. Written in the diary are Isaac’s happy memories with his family, and his love towards them. At this, Cardia understood that Isaac really is a loving father who truly cared for Cardia and Finis, and the very last page of his diary, Isaac wished for Cardia’s happy future.


In the epilogue, Impey’s off to America to fulfill his dream of going to the moon, Fran is managing an international conference about the restriction of use of inhumane weapons, Van is currently working “to protect” and not “to seek revenge,” and San is now living as a normal human and as chosen to spend the his remaining time to take care of the mansion, the place everyone from the Lupin gang can return to. Meanwhile, Cardia gives Lupin a present, which is a view of London from the top of Buckingham Palace, which Isaac said he wanted to show his kids, as written in his diary. While enjoying the view, they are blessed with pure white flowers, and Cardia asks Lupin to hear again the first wish she asked of him–to be able to feel people’s warmth. Lupin grants this, by giving her a kiss on the lips ♡

Thoughts: As expected of the cover boy, his route has the best ending that ties every character together. The thing with Isaac is, I guess, added for the sake of showing us the happy Beckford family? It’s a bit unnecessary, considering that Isaac’s true feelings were already in Lupin route of the first game (Also because I thought that credits will already roll after that kiss at the Thames River bank ww). But then I realized in the epilogue that yeah, that Isaac thing is needed so they can bring up the Code:Realize plan name again. In any case, I love this white story because flustered Lupin is everything www [top]


Abraham Van Helsing (CV: Suwabe Junichi)


After the incident with Aleister, Van has been working hard in everyday the palace when he receives news from Fran about Cardia. He rushes to the mansion to see… a Cardia who no longer has any poison in her body, and he kisses her right on the spot! Awww we finally get the kiss CG we’ve all been waiting for! ;;w;; Way to start Van’s after story ♡ *thumbs up*

So with Cardia’s poison gone, Cardia and Van spend dayoffs going on dates,  window shopping for wedding dresses, and other stuff, and you thought it’s all fun (though tbh, I was bored because why tf is nothing interesting happening) until Cardia notices that “Van is so close yet so far.” Van route trademark right here, guys. So then Van goes emo for a couple of days and I honestly don’t get why he’s being like that, avoiding Cardia, when he runs into Lupin and Impey who told him, “Dude, it’s because you only think about her and not do anything for yourself!”


Later, they see Dora-chan who also gave Van a preaching about how he’s such a coward for not directly talking to Cardia to patch things up. At this, Van finally realizes that omg he’s so  w r o n g  so he rushes back to the mansion to talk with Cardia. Van and Cardia apologize to each other (at the same time, wew), and they finally patch things up, THE END.


Nope, wait. One month after that lover’s quarrel, Van and Cardia are raburabu again and Van asks Cardia to marry him. THE END.

Thoughts: Sigh, I am disappointed with this Van after story. I played after finishing San’s and Impey’s, which are awesome, but Van’s is just nothing but emo. I want more content other than Van not knowing wtf is wrong with him, and the whole of his white rose story is JUST THAT. Though we get two Van kiss CGs this time, so better than nothing, I guess?[top]


Victor Frankenstein (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)


With Cardia’s poison removed from her body in the ending of Fran route in the first game, Fran and Cardia are now living seemingly living normal lives. Fran is working for the queen, who had realized her mistakes and working on a different path to improve her country. Cardia and Queen Victoria even have love talks from time to time (with Leonhardt almost dying when the queen said she should get married soon, so she can have an heir), and everyday is a ~happy day~ until San pays them a visit and brings them to meet Guinevere and Omnibus at the Tower Bridge.

Omnibus warns Fran that even though Cardia’s poison is gone, her body is still a monster (Omnibus please choose your words carefully wtf) so she’ll keep on living even for the next thousand years. Meanwhile, Fran is a human and will probably die in fifty years or so, so Omnibus in invites Fran to join and be able to live longer, like Cardia. Also, there’s still a possibility that Cardia’s poison will come back in the next hundreds or thousands of years, and if genius Fran is an Idea immortal and still beside her, he can do something with the poison. Wow Idea why do you always ruin things.


Fran is given three days to think about it, and at first, he already wanted to take on Omnibus’ offer because he’s worried about Cardia’s future without him, but San warns him him about the cons of being in Idea (i.e. killing people and stuff that definitely won’t make Cardia happy). Meanwhile, Cardia, who is ofc worried about Fran, meets Leonhardt who tells her that the reason they can have a happy future is because they know an unhappy past. At this, Cardia realizes that she doesn’t want Fran to join Idea (and kill people there for her sake jfc) so she rushes to Fran… and yuka-dons (from “kabedon” but on the floor ww) him even though he’s right in the middle of an important meeting with the queen I’M LAUGHING SO MUCH OMGGG 😂  FRAN IS SO UKE 1000% Cardia then tells Fran that nope, she doesn’t want him to join Idea nd dirty his hands while at it and Fran agrees, telling her that they should make the most out of their limited time and make their own future, together.


On the deadline, Fran, Cardia, and San meet with Omnibus and Guinevere again. Fran and Cardia reject Omnibus’ offer but the grandma just won’t accept such an answer and orders her Idea disciples to attack them! To everyone’s surprise though, San actually called everyone in the Lupin gang–Lupin, Impey, Van, and Dora–to come their rescue. Fran tells Omnibus that he will definitely make Cardia into a normal person with a human life span, and Omnibus finally lets them go, and promises that she and her disciples won’t bother them anymore, provided that Fran will achieve complete control of the horologium during his lifetime. With Omnibus and her Idea disciples gone, Fran and Cardia kiss in front of the Lupin gang ♡


Days after, Fran reports about the Idea incident to the queen. He also asks her to give him an assistant, since his research will be much bigger this time. To Fran’s surprise, the assistant Victoria assigned to him is Cardia, and both are happy that they can work together. Later that day, Fran brings Cardia to a church, and they vow to each other that regardless of what the future holds, they will together, forever ♡♡


Thoughts: Awww Fran’s white rose story is sooooo good!! ;;w;; There’s the conflict with Idea and I love how everyone had a mini reunion to help Fran and Cardia; it’s like the “we got your backs” scene in Fran’s route in the first game, when the four guys stayed behind while Fran and Cardia go to the dicterium room. [top]


Impey Barbicane (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou)


This happens right after his ending, with Impey currently continuing his research for a way to go the moon. However, research costs lots of money so he asks San to find him a patron that will help him fund the project. San brings Impey and Cardia to Queen Victoria, who promises to fund their moon project, provided that Impey will help in making a submarine that will be England’s main entry to the science exhibition in Paris.

Soon, Impey and Cardia participate in the making of the submarine, and they meet Fran who has been working for the queen in exchange for an important thing. After Impey realized that in order to create the submarine, they needed to use the same material Nemo used in making the Nautilus, he retrieved some Nautilus parts from the Thames River and they are finally able to complete the submarine for testing in open sea. 


Impey and Cardia are theen tasked to ride the submarine up to the bottom of the sea, and right when they reach their supposed to be all-dark destination, they see floating underwater sediments, which is comparable to a starry sky. This scene is really cool, because even though Impey’s goal is to reach the moon, they went to the bottom of the ocean instead, and yet they still see a scenery like what you see in the night sky ( ;∀;)


During the party for the success of the project, Cardia finds Impey alone, as he’s been talking to his late neighbor grandpa about what happened with the submarine testing. Later, Impey asks Cardia to drink a liquid, which is the product of his secret joint research with Fran. Turns out that it’s actually the potion to remove Cardia’s potion, and (after a little intrusion *cough*Fran and Leonhardt*) Cardia jumps into Impey to give him a kiss, in a beautiful kiss CG under the moon ♡


After a year, Impey and Cardia hold their wedding ceremony, with them falling from the sky as a a grand entrance! They use the gravity-relieving device to do this, and Impey explains that he wanted their wedding ceremony to be held near their goal, the moon (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

Thoughts: I didn’t like Impey that much in the first game but this Impey after story is really funny, it’s actually my favorite after story! That underwater scene is really good ♡ [top]


Saint-Germain (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)


After the incident with Idea, Cardia and San are currently on their way to France as part of their -Europe tour- search for a cure to Cardia’s poison. To start their search in France, the two head to one of the laboratories owned by Hermes Trismegistus, who once an apostle of Idea and the very person who invited San into Idea. There they try to find Emerald tablet, which has info about the Trismegistus’ research of the Philosopher’s stone. Unfortunately, the laboratory was recently attacked by thieves so they didn’t find anything. They spend the next days in Paris as they search for the cure to Cardia’s poison.

One day, though, Cardia notices that San has been acting strangely recently, so she asks Lupin, whom she coincidentally saw along the Paris streets the other day, for help. That night, Lupin confronts San about the problem with Cardia and San confesses that he is worried that if Cardia’s poison disappears, he’ll lose the person that can sympathize with him about not being normal. Basically, he’s afraid that Cardia won’t be “the same as him” anymore. Lupin snaps at this and punches San in the face and he’s like, “If you don’t give Cardia her happiness then I’LL do it.” LOVE THIS SCENE  O M G *claps* San is the oldest among everyone but there he is, like a kid who’s thinking he won’t have any friends anymore ;;A;; Good thing San finally says (in broken HiraDai voice) that he loves Cardia the most and won’t hand her over to anyone else and guess what, Cardia’s actually there to hear everything ;;w;; They finally patch things up.


The next day, San asks for Lupin’s help in finding the stolen Emerald tablet, but turns out it was actually Lupin who stole it years ago when he was still an apprentice thief ! I’m laughing so much I’m crying XD Fortunately, Lupin kept the Emerald tablet so they got the item easily. As San reads what’s written on the tablet, he remembers the day he killed Trismegistus (as per Omnibus’ orders). Back then, San asked why Trismegistus still continued his research of the Philosopher’s stone despite being forbidden by Idea, and Trismegistus answered that he knows that his research will help his friend obtain happiness–pertaining to San being able to use that info to remove Cardia’s poison ;;w;; I swear this route is really good sasuga most tragic character Saint-Germain *thumbs up*


Cardia, San, and Lupin then go back to London to discuss the Emerald stone with Fran, who assures them that he can finally be able to remove Cardia’s poison, thanks to the research by Trismegistus. Later, at the Tower Bridge, San surprises Cardia with an emerald ring (that won’t melt upon contact with her body–because it’s emerald!), and asks her to stay with him forever ♡


After Cardia took the anti-poison Fran had made, Cardia and San go on tour around the world. Cardia’s poison hasn’t completely disappeared yet, but Fran told her that it will, soon. San then tells Cardia that they should have their wedding ceremony when they go back to London, and they’ll invite the other apostles of Idea too.

Thoughts: Okay, let me get this straight. San after-story is good, but: no wedding end, poison didn’t disappear completely, it still has lots of sad stuff. Is this a Saint-Germain trademark?? Please give San the happiness he deserves in the third Code:Realize game ;;w;; [top]


Another Story 〜Lupin the Gang〜

This story happens somewhere in the middle of the common route of the first game. It started when Lupin stole the Statue of Bartoli from the mansion of a noble named Marquis Grimond, and encountered a Mafia group who is also after the statue.

That morning, Cardia is driving around London to test drive the newly-repaired automobile (while Impey makes dinner to prevent Van from cooking) when she gets involved with a girl who is being chased by Mafia. A car chase ensues, but in the end, they get caught, although it turns out that the girl, whose name is Shirley Gordon, is actually the only daughter of the Gordon Family Mafia boss who’s been chasing them! Moreover, Darius, the Gordon Family boss, is just a dork who loves her daughter so much ww. Also, when the Gordon Family people find out that Cardia’s body has a poison that can melt things upon contact, they did not call her a monster or do anything to her; instead, they are amazed at Cardia’s ability to melt things! At that moment though, Lupin, Impey, Van, and Fran arrive in a very flashy way and they rescue Cardia from the mafia.


The next day, San goes back to the mansion after attending an auction organized by mafia at Liverpool. He mentions about the Statue of Bartoli being auctioned there, but Lupin’s like, wait wait, I just stole same statue that the other day?? They checked and Dora-chan still has the statue (Lupin gave it to him because it’s a treasure of the vampires). So how can there be two Statue of Bartilis? At this, San explains that the Statue of Bartoli was actually already destroyed by its vampire owner two hundred years ago. This was done to avoid any human to get hold of the statue, because legend has it that any human who will own the statue is bound to be corrupted sooner or later because of the statue’s beauty. However, a perfect copy of the Statue of Bartoli was created, and that’s what Lupin stole just the other night. This means that the statue at the auction is a fake.

Later, Shirley, Darius, and Pash, with Sholmes who showed them the way to the place, visit Cardia at the mansion to apologize for what happened the other day. The main reason why Sholmes brought Darius there, however, is to discuss the case of the Statue of Bartoli with the Lupin gang, because Queen Victoria directly asked Sholmes for help in the case. Darius explains that the Gordon family is actually investigating a narcotic drug named “Statue of Bartoli,” which, like the statue itself, can corrupt anyone who takes it. It seems that it’s currently being illegally sold in the black market and there has been lots of crimes in the slum area of London, most of which are caused by drug addicts. Because of this, they are speculating that the drug those people use is the Statue of Bartoli. Thus, Sholmes wants Fran to check if they really use the same drug, and if proven same, he wants the Lupin gang to investigate the mafia auction at Liverpool to gather evidence. To add more info, Darius reveals that the Gordon family grows a plant that is used to make medicine; however, a certain person used this same plant to create the Statue of Bartoli drug. This person behind everything is Avido Crudele, the boss of the Crudele Mafia family from Italy.

While the guys discuss stuff at the mansion, Cardia and Shirley, who were not allowed to listen to the dangerous discussion, go around London. They are at a restaurant right before sunset when Shirley sees the Avido, and ACTUALLY ran after him like wtf girl why’d you run ALONE towards the enemy trap ?? True enough, Shirley gets trapped by the Crudele mafia and she and Cardia get caught and brought to the Gloria steamship. GODDAMN SHIRLEY WHAT A CARELESS BRAT THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT I CAN’T BELIEVE IT.


So then while they are being kept at the Gloria steamship, Shirley talks about her past: how Avido used their medicinal plant to create a narcotic drug, how Avido killed her mom, and how Avido caused his dad Darius to lose one of his arms. Okay I know you have some painful past but that’s still not a reason to be careless and drag other people into your mess jfc. But thanks to Cardia’s awesomeness, Shirley and Cardia escape, and they get help from… Van and San (who are wearing Crudele Mafia clothes–they look so cool omg) !! Van and San explain that they came to their rescue because Darius received a letter from Avido, saying that he has Shirley. Unfortunately though, even with Van and San, they still get outnumbered, moreover, they are told that their friends are taken as hostages at the party hall so they decide to just go with the enemy.


At the party hall, everyone–The Lupin gang, and the people of the Gordon family–are finally together, and Avido gives them a warm welcome, and tells them to just enjoy the cruise. Avido warns them not to do anything suspicious though, because he has has hostages–all the other people in the cruise–that he can kill anytime.

With the auction program to be held the next night and the ship sailing farther away from the Liverpool port, Lupin gang and the Gordon family do not have enough time to find evidence that Avido is the mastermind behind the Statue of Bartoli drug production. So they form a plan in which they split into groups. The first group includes Impey and Van who will infiltrate the control room to sail the ship back to the to Liverpool port. The second group includes Lupin and San, who will collect information among the guests. Lastly, the third group includes Fran and the Gordon family, who will search the ship to find out where the drug is being hidden.

While everyone is doing their tasks, someone from the guests suddenly went wild and Fran rushes to do the first aid. Fran concluded that the cause is the narcotic drug, and that the drinks being served to the guests are actually mixed with the drug. Later, Lupin finds the room where the auction items are being kept, so he brings the others there. They find that the drug is hidden inside the fake Statue of Bartoli. From this, they conclude that most of the drug is in the kitchen (because it’s being mixed with the food and drinks) so San goes there to confirm this while Fran creates the anti-drug as a counter measure.


In the middle of the auction program, Lupin starts his own flashy intermission number of giving drinks to all the guests. It was already too late when Avido knew that the drinks actually contain the anti drug that Fran had created earlier, so the drug that he’s been secretly making the guests take now has no effect. The show does not end there though, and with several different light bombs that Fran made, the Lupin gang causes a commotion among the guests to lead everyone to a safe place.


At the same time, the ship also starts to move back to the port, thanks to Impey and Impey and Van completing their mission at the control room. The Lupin Gang + Gordon family vs Crudele family fight continues (with the Lupin gang at the losing side because Fran and Lupin are not used to face to face battles and San and Van are not there), until Avido shows them his hostage, Shirley, who actually tried to kill Avido earlier (wtf this girl, as if she can actually do anything smh).


Meanwhile, after their mission at the control room, Van and Impey retrieve the car parked below the current battle field (with guardman Sisi wearing shades omg sooooo cute ♡). They realize that a fight’s been happening up at the deck, so they decided to go up as reinforcement. Impey drove the car, Van ignited the gunpowder in that room with his bullets, and they used the explosion to destroy the ceiling and have their car be projectiled upwards. With Van there, the Lupin gang was easily able to knock down all of Avido’s thugs.

With Avido the only enemy standing, Lupin tells him that he should just surrender and confess to his crimes. Avido also won’t be able to get away from his crimes even if he is rich af; Lupin reveals that San had just planted explosives inside the ship, and once it blows up, all of Avido’s riches will be gone. One press of Lupin’s bomb switch and byebye Avido’s hard work. They then give the switch to Shirley (wtf why does she get the spotlight), who presses it without hesitation, as revenge for all the evil Avido did.

As the ship is blowing up, San sees the dying Marquis Grimond, who has actually been helping Avido infiltrate London. Marquis Grimond boarded the ship in order to escape his from crimes in London, but Avido eventually killed him to keep him from talking. At this, San concludes that like what the legends say, humans who owned the Statue of Bartoli really do get corrupted.

So then the Lupin gang, with Shirley and Darius, are already peacefully riding Impey’s car at the port when Avido appeared with his war tank, which actually survived the explosion at the ship like WOW this Avido guy is so persistent !! The car chase continued until Lupin ordered Impey to crash the car right into a hotel building, which also caused Avido’s war tank to crash into it and be stuck there.


Now that Avido’s cornered, he finally reveals that his dad was once a member of the Gordon family mafia. However, he hate how his dad’s motto is still like the Gordon family’s: Never kill anyone! Avido hates that his dad really did not kill even a single person, like srsly are we really mafia, causing their family to be poor af and leading to the death of his mom. Because of this, he has a grudge against the Gordon family and he wanted Darius to kill him and end the Gordon family’s stupid we won’t kill ideals. After hearing this, Darius is still like nope, not gonna kill you still also because you’re still family!


In the end, San finally arrives, bringing with him a stolen blue automobile and lots of treasures from the Gloria ship because such a waste to let them sink into the bottom of the sea! ww Leonhardt then arrives to catch the Lupin gang for San’s theft lmao, so the Lupin gang says goodbye to Shirley and Darius and leaves the place before Leonhard captures them.

In the epilogue though, the queen confiscates the treasures that San took in exchange for the damages caused in Liverpool ww

Code Realize Mafia

Thoughts: This extra story is awesome! It’s really cool when everyone works together to reach a single goal, more so because they have different specialties so it’s fun to see each character be in charge of things that they are good at. I want more Lupin Gang adventure stories like this in the third game!! Otomate, please? ;;w;; [top]


Extra Story 〜Herlock Sholmes〜 (CV: Murakami Kazuya)


Chapter 1: Private Detective

After the incident with Finis at Isaac’s lab, Cardia ran away from Lupin and the others because she’s afraid that the same thing that happened with Eti might happen with the Lupin gang too. So she’s just aimless wandering around London when it started to rain while she’s in Whitechapel, so she actually goes to an underground tunnel to take shelter from the rain GIRL WHY ??? There she meets Jack the Ripper who tries to attack her, when a hot man, who introduces himself as Watson, helps her.


After Jack escapes, Watson brings Cardia to his house where she sees a photo of Mary, Watson, and… Herlock Sholmes! Watson says that the guy is his friend Sherlock Holmes who is already dead but Cardia’s like, no way he’s dead because that guy is definitely Herlock Sholmes! So Watson immediately asks for info from the Scotland Yard and learned that Sholmes still live in Baker Street. They rush to Sholmes’ office at Baker street for an explanation. True enough, Sherlock Holmes is alive, and he explains that he lived after the Reichenbach Falls incident. He concluded that Moriarty is most likely still alive too, so he took on the fake lame name Herlock Sholmes in order to secretly look for him. Anyways, Sholmes figured out what Cardia has been up to (in a very Sherlock Holmes way ♡), and she says that she has no intentions of going back to the Lupin gang in San’s mansion, so Watson decides that Cardia stays with Sholmes and he stay there too to help investigate the Jack the Ripper case.


Meanwhile, at the underground of St Paul’s Cathedral, Aleister reports to Finis that Cardia is no longer with the Lupin Gang. He also asks Finis to lessen his workload because he has another more interesting business to attend to.

Chapter 2: Jack the Ripper

After explaining the current situation to San, who will tell it to the other guys too, Cardia starts living at Sholmes’ apartment and doing some freeloader stuff like cleaning the place (because it seems that Sholmes is bad at cleaning ww). One time, Watson forces her to help him cook, and at this she finally tells the two about her poison and her body. Nonetheless, Watson and Sholmes still accepted Cardia, and even ate the food she made.


Later, Leonhardt visits the apartment to tell them more about the Jack the Ripper case, and Cardia offers to be a bait in order to corner Jack the Ripper. So before going to White Chapel, Sholmes asks Cardia why she would throw away her life so easily by offering to be the bait. Cardia says that it will be like an atonement for her since, because she needs to be punished for killing someone before, Elaine. However, Sholmes answers that only two person can decide for her, either Elaine or Eti. He also adds that there are now people who care for her–the Lupin Gang, Watson, and him–so she should love herself more.


With Cardia as bait, Sholmes and Leonhardt are able to capture Jack the Ripper easily. Being the great detective that he is, it turns out that Sherlock Holmes already knows that Jack the Ripper is actually Jack Blackman and has mommy issues, so he asks the criminal for more info regarding the man who ordered him to do the killing. However, Jack is already corrupted af to even talk so Sholmes isn’t able to get any clue.

At St. Paul’s Cathedral, Aleister reveals that he’s actually been betraying Finis, and this time, he finally kills the clone. He then orders the Twilight soldiers to kill all the other Finis clones too, while he prepares for his reunion with “The Great Detective.”

Chapter 3: The City of Fear

Two days after the capture of Jack the Ripper, Cardia and Watson are shopping for stuff Sholmes asked them to when they see a dying Finis at a back alley. Watson says that Finis is already beyond saving, so before he dies, Finis tells Cardia that if she wants to see something intersting, she should go to the Tower Bridge. At this, Cardia and Watson rush to the Tower Bridge, and there they see Sholmes, who explains that he actually put an ad in the newspaper saying, “Let’s finish this, criminal. I will be waiting at the Tower Bridge tonight.” As per this “invitation,” James Moriarty aka Aleister shows himself, but the reunion is short-lived and Alesiter said he just wanted to say hi. Aleister ordered the Tower Bridge to be opened, and Sholmes and Watson aren’t able to go after him. YES OMG This is the Holmes vs Moriarty that is missing from the first game!!  

The next day, Sholmes is worried that Leonhardt still hasn’t contacted him since the Jack the Ripper case so he planned to go to the palace, until they read from the newspaper that terrorists had assassinated queen. Not only that, the article also says that the mastermind behind the attack is actually Sherlock Holmes, the great detective everyone thought is already dead, but is actually still living under the name Herlock Sholmes. The three then spend the entire day escaping from angry London people and Royal Guards who want them dead for the terrorism (they did not do), until they reach a warehouse where they hide in the meantime. While Watson goes out to see the current situation, Sholmes apologizes to Cardia for bringing her into this mess. Cardia answers, nah, I stayed here out of my own accord. But Sholmes gets angry, kabedons her, and adds that he has no right to say what he had told her before he himself took away people’s happiness. Whoa whoa wait there Sholmes, what’s up with the kabedon.


So anyways, the chase continued until they got caught in the middle of the Royal Guards and Aleister, who took over the role of the queen, appears, saying that doing this stuff is fun ಠ_ಠ Just then, Lupin and Impey, on the ornithopter, arrive to rescue them from that sea of royal guards. Watson, Sholmes, and Cardia hold onto the ladder from the ornithopter, but Aleister ofc won’t stop there and actually shot Cardia’s hand so her blood will injure Sholmes’ hand, which is holding on to her to keep her from falling !!!! Because she has decided to keep on living, Cardia did not let go. Instead though, Sholmes chose to let himself fall and be left in the middle of Aleister’s troop, and his last words are, “I will defeat Aleister.”


Chapter 4: Napoleon of Crime

At the ornithopter, Watson tells his past with Sholmes to Cardia. As a great detective, Sholmes had realized that a single man is behind half of the crimes in London. While searching for the man and chasing a case, Sholmes had accidentally killed Mary, Watson’s wife. Watson knows that this is an accident, but Sholmes never gave Watson a proper explanation. In the end, the Yard concluded that the person Sholmes actually wanted to stab with a knife is the criminal, but instead stabbed Mary by accident. However, the incident of Mary’s death is most likely Moriarty’s warning to Sholmes not to get involved, or else, more people close to him will die. Because of this, Sholmes chose to investigate Moriarty by himself, but he never came came back anymore. People had assumed that he is dead, until that day when Watson met Cardia and learned from her that Sholmes is alive.


Meanwhile, Sholmes gets captured by Moriarty and he’s currently being kept in a jail below the palace. However, he easily escapes using the same fine threads he used during his first meeting with Lupin at the train to Waterloo.

In San’s mansion, the Lupin gang explains to an angry Cardia and Watson that earlier, a kid came to the mansion to bring them a letter from Sholmes. In the letter, Sholes asks the Lupin gang to rescue Cardia and Watson, while leaving him by himself to do what he needs to do with Moriarty. That night, Cardia talks to Watson about Sholmes, and Watson asks if Cardia likes Sholmes. Cardia asnwers yes but she shouldn’t because she can’t touch him. At this, Watson says that love is not about whether you can touch the person or not. Take him, for example. His wife is already dead, but he still loves her so much. WE STILL WANT A WATSON ROUTE THOUGH. Thanks to this heart to heart talk with Watson, Cardia finally realizes what she wants to do.

The next day, the Lupin gang opens a meeting with Cardia and Watson. San starts with his good news that they are now famous people, meaning they are now wanted criminals too ww. Cardia then asks for everyone’s help to rescue Sholmes, because she wants to punch him hard in the face ww So then to get into Sholmes’ current location, which is in the palace jails, they will need the help of… Queen Victoria and Leonhardt, who are actually alive!! Turns out that Sholmes had already warned them about the terror attack beforehand, but before they could strengthen the palace’s defenses, the terrorists already attacked so they had no choice but to retreat at the hideout Sholmes told them about. Additionally, the queen’s whereabouts are written in the letter Sholmes sent to Lupin and the gang, so yesterday, while Lupin and Impey rescue Cardia, the rest of the guys went to get the queen.

Chapter 5: His Last Bow

Later that day, Twilight birdmen attack San’s mansion, as per Lupin’s plan that includes leaking information about their hideout. This splits Aleister forces, so while San, Dora-chan, and Fran fight Twilight birdmen who attacked San’s mansion, Lupin, Impey, Queen Victoria, and Leonhardt ride an airship towards Buckingham Palace to attack the enemy. At the same time, this Lupin’s group also acts as a decoy to divert the enemy’s attention from Cardia, Watson, and Van, who will infiltrate the inside of the palace from the back.

At the palace throne room, Aleister waits for Sholmes who was able to escape from the prison cell. They are about to start their “one on one fight” until Cardia, Watson, and Van arrive… with Watson giving Sholmes a hard punch and Cardia slapping Sholmes in the face !! ww Van then confronts Aleister and the old man professor reveals that that he’s the one who killed Van’s family. At this, Aleister controls Van with the hidden strength brainwashing (recall Van route in the first game) to attack Cardia, Watson, and Sholmes. And nope, Aleister doesn’t stop there, so he brings out Finis’ red pendant closer to Cardia to awaken her horologium. Aleister takes Cardia away, and tells Sholmes to follow him after they have dealt with Van. JFC ALEISTER IS THE MOST EVIL IN THIS GAME I SWEAR. Watson tells Sholmes to leave Van to him and save Cardia asap though, so Sholmes chases after Aleister.


At the rooftop of Buckingham Palace, Aleister says that he hates Cardia and Watson for stealing Sholmes away from him (him and Sholmes are no longer the same because Sholmes now has friends–Watson and Cardia). So Aleister is like, “Girl you already have so many boys, I have nothing but Holmes so please give him back to me.” But Sholmes arrives and tells Aleister, “Dude the choice is mine to make,” and attacks Aleister.

Unfortunately, Sholmes seems to be in the losing side as he gets lot of damage from Aleister. Aleister also brings Finis’ red pendant even closer to Cardia to activate the poison that can kill of London. Aleister then tells Sholmes that he can save London if he kills Cardia. But Sholmes chooses to save both, and Aleister gives up after realizing that he can’t get his love Sholmes really is alone in this world. So Aleister reveals that there is actually a drug that can stop Cardia’s transformation, and he entrusted it to a certain person, but only he himself knows who this human is. And guess what. He doesn’t want Sholmes know where the drug is, so he KILLS HIMSELF wtf.

So with the clock ticking, they try to figure out who the person is, when Sholmes hugs Cardia and tells her that Aleister purposely said “entrusted the drug to a HUMAN” to pull the attention away from Cardia (who he calls a monster). Sholmes retrieves a small bottle of potion hidden at the back of Cardia’s neck, Cardia drinks it, and her transformation is stopped. Just then Royal Guards arrive to capture them, but just in time, Lupin, Impey, Leonhardt, and the queen gets off from the airship, and the queen explains what really happened.


In the epilogue, London is back to normal now that the queen is back. Van’s hidden strength is gone after Aleister died, and he’s currently resting at San’s mansion, with Fran and Dora-chan taking care of him. Impey and Lupin went to travel to look for the item that Impey has been searching for. Watson has written the latest book of his series about the great detective Sherlock Holmes, and it’s about the romance between Cardia and Sholmes ww. Meanwhile, Cardia and Sholmes are on the train heading to Wales so Cardia can finally personally apologize to Eti. Cardia’s poison hasn’t disappeared yet, so Sholmes promises her that they will find a way to cure the poison. Before that though, Sholmes’ next job is to capture the thief Arsene Lupin and stop him from stealing a blue diamond, and of course, Cardia is to help Sholmes because she’s now part of his detective agency ww

Normal End: Cardia and Sholmes aren’t able to pinpoint where the anti-poison is, so Cardia asked Sholmes to kill her before her poison spreads throughout London. Sholmes can’t do anything but to do so, and one month later, London is back to normal, and he and Watson continue to solve cases

Thoughts: Probably the only Sherlock Holmes legit thing in the first Code:Realize game is the one with Moriarty (which I figured out in Van route) so I’m happy we finally get lots in the FD! Thank you Otomate for granting our wish of a Herlock Sholmes route ;;w;; But then now that we get a Sholmes route, we want a Watson route next! In the third Code:Realize game, please! [top]


Extra Story 〜Finis〜 (CV: Kaji Yuuki)


Chapter 1: Into the Darkness

After learning from Finis that she is just a homunculus, Cardia leaves San’s mansion and heads alone back to her house in Wales to find out why Isaac Beckford created her. There though, she’s surprised to find Finis, because holy shocks didn’t San kill him already ?? At this, Finis reveals that they are just created copies of Isaac’s dead kids Cardia and Finis. In the middle of their talk, though, people from the nearby village arrive outside the mansion and they’ve come to finally kill Cardia, the monster who caused misfortunes in their land. But otouto Finis won’t take their bs for hurting his beloved sister (actually he said “for damaging a property of my father”) so he’s like KILL THEM ALL, so his Twilight birdmen and right-hand man Aleister really killed all those stupid villagers. Anyways, since Cardia wants to know the truth about the reason of her creation, she decides to work with Finis

Meanwhile, at Omnibus’ country house, Omnibus orders all disciples of Apostle to gather and stop Isaac’s plan at all cost.

Chapter 2: Along with the villain

Back at London, Cardia is brought to St Paul’s Cathedral, the headquarters of Twilight, where Finis tells her the details about the plan to revive the dead Isaac Beckford using Cardia’s horologium. Finis then asks for Cardia’s cooperation, that they will complete Isaac’s revival despite anything that will get in the way, such as the Lupin gang and Idea group. At this, Nemo also appears and introduces himself as another Twilight person. And then I thought why Nemo is missing in this game, but there he is!


The days pass and all that’s happening is Finis and Nemo checking on Cardia’s horologium from time to time. Cardia is sad that she is nothing but a tool to Finis, when one time, she sees Finis talking to his father (who ofc won’t answer) in the globe room. Finis is asking why Isaac loved Cardia and not him, and Cardia cannot help but feel bad for him.


Later, a Twilight birdman approaches Cardia, and to her surprise, it’s actually Lupin in disguise! Lupin explains that he found one of Isaac’s notes in the house in Wales, and written in it is the details of Isaac’s Code:Realize plan, the same terror plan that he’s trying to stop. He then tells Cardia to go escape with him, but Cardia remembers the sad Finis she saw in the globe room and decides to stay in that place longer. Before leaving Cardia there though, Lupin gives Cardia a transmission machine that she can use to contact the Lupin gang whenever needed.

One day, Aleister organizes a tea party as per Cardia’s request for a time to talk with Finis. Finis is tsuntsun until Cardia asks about why Finis’ body doesn’t have poison and otouto-kun answers that it’s because only Cardia’s body is compatible to the horologium, so naturally only she is loved by Isaac. Cardia also asks Finis about his immortal body, so Finis brings her to the globe room to show her his numerous clones and the celestial globe that creates these clones and houses Isaac’s mind. Finis explains that with his body, Cardia’s horologium, and Isaac’s mind in the celestial globe, Isaac will be revived. At this, Finis brings out his red pendant to brings it close to Cardia to finally start the completion of Cardia’s horologium into Philosopher’s stone. Seconds later, Finis turned into Isaac Beckford (with Kaji Yuuki voice waw) and he tells Cardia that he only sees Cardia and Finis and tools. GREAT DAD WOW. Fortunately, his revival isn’t complete yet while Cardia’s horologium isn’t perfectly the Philosopher’s stone, so he disappears from Finis’ body in the meantime. When Finis gains consciousness, Aleister arrives to tell them that a guest has come to see him, so Finis goes to see the person.


Chapter 3: Desire

At San’s mansion, everyone is worried that Cardia’s daily call is late when Lupin arrives to tell them to get ready to go out because an unknown group has attacked St. Paul’s Cathedral. In front of the cathedral, the Lupin gang is greeted Guinevere, who tells them to retreat because Finis and Cardia are to be killed there in order to stop Isaac’s Code:Realize plan.

Meanwhile, Finis and Cardia see San inside the mansion (with Finis shooting a bullet through San as payback for the time San killed Finis in the underground lab ww). San is there not to rescue Cardia though, but to kill them as part of his mission as an Apostle of Idea. Finis then brings out his Finis clone army to face San, and Cardia retreats to the globe room to see more Finis clones. Finis explains that Nemo and Aleister are already doing the preparations for their next move, and his clone army, fighting with Idea, is just buying them time. Just then, an Idea Apostle, who introduces himself as Hansel Hexenhouse, attacks them and stabs the Finis clones with his big fork lmao. At this though, Nemo finally finishes preparing the Nautilus and they fly into the sky, leaving behind the attacking Hansel, and Finis is like, “Ha, take that, Idea!! Can’t fly and chase us, can you?”


When the Nautilus is finally floating far from the ground, Finis starts to celebrate but Cardia is sad that a lot of Finis clones died in the process. Finis answers that it’s okay as long as father will love us, but Cardia’s like, “Isaac is not the only person who can love gdi!! Remember that your big sister is here!” It’s a really good scene with Cardia saying “Jfc can you shut up for a moment and listen to your big sister first” and a nice CG, but Hansel, who used the floating debris to get into Nautilus, appears again to ruin the sibling moment. Hansel then realizes that the big globe has Isaac’s mind so he goes to destroy it, but the Isaac machine protected itself by using Finis as shield !! W H A T.


So Finis is now severely injured, and Isaac possesses Finis’ body. But guess what. Isaac says that that Finis body is now useless so he jumps out of the Nautilus with the body W T F. At the last moment, Cardia noticed that Finis wanted her to save him before he falls, but Cardia didn’t make it in time. Nonetheless, a new Finis clone appears, because that’s how Finis is: one body can die and another one can just replace the old one. But Cardia knows that this Finis is different from the one that just fell down from the Nautilus.

At the Tower Bridge, Omnibus is talking to another Idea Apostle about her upcoming meeting with Queen Victoria when Hansel arrives to report about what happened in Nautilus. Seeing the pitiful siblings Cardia and Finis made Hansel remember his past with his younger sister Gretel when they were left by their mom in the forest to starve to death, and when he met Omnibus and became an apostle of Idea after Gretel has died. To grant his wish of seeing his mom and sister again, Omnibus turned Gretel’s dead body into a giant fork, and Omnibus herself became Hansel’s mom.

Meanwhile, Cardia dreams about the days when Isaac is creating Finis. It seems that regardless of how many times Isaac creates Finis, Finis never remember who Isaac is, so Isaac realized that he cannot love the kid. Later, most of his attention was put into the perfectly created Cardia, making Finis lonely that Isaac never loved him. This is really sad because Finis says “I just want someone to love me” ;;A;; When Cardia wakes up, she noticed that some cables are connected to her horologium and Nemo explains that it’s done to get some energy for the repair of some damaged parts of the Nautilus. Anyways, they only need to wait for the completion of the Philosopher’s Stone, and everything will go as planned.


Chapter 4: Finis

At San’s mansion, the Lupin gang talks to Finis, who they found unconscious after falling down from the Nautilus. They force Finis to stay with them while his injury is still healing, and of course, so he can help them rescue Cardia. The next day, as Finis notices that he still can’t communicate with his main body located in Nautilus, he gets invited for a short walk outside by Dora-chan, who tells him that Finis can always choose not to abide by his father’s plans for himself. This made Finis think about his life choices.

Later, the Lupin Gang holds a meeting for their next plan of action to rescue Cardia. At this, San, together with Leonhardt, arrives to tell them that Idea and the Queen are now working together to stop the Code:Realize plan, and they are willing to sacrifice Cardia in order to save London. Fortunately, San and Leonhardt are kind of against the orders given to them, so Leonhardt tells the Lupin Gang that they can secretly join the royal army’s aerial attack tomorrow. Meanwhile, San promises that he will try his best to at least suppress Idea’s movement in order to buy the gang some time.

Hours before the aerial attack, the Lupin gang prepares to leave the mansion when Finis decides to go with them to help rescue Cardia. Finis says that he won’t let Cardia disappear, because Cardia is his sister that told him that she will love him regardless of what Isaac says.

Chapter 5: Tell me the love

During the aerial battle, the Lupin gang are using the Princess and the Manservants airship but they can’t get close to the Nautilus because Nemo kept on attacking. However, one last method remains, which is to use the Van Helsing cannon to shoot one person into the Nautilus. Finis insists that he should be the one to go because he can easily infiltrate by disguising as one of the Finis clones, so everyone agreed to the plan.

At Nautilus, the Philosopher’s stone in Cardia reached completion and Isaac’s mind is now perfectly inside the body of the clone Finis. Isaac takes Cardia into the celestial sphere to get the energy out of her body, which will leave nothing out of her in about two hours. Just then, Hansel appears, and a fight ensues between him and Isaac’s Finis army.

Meanwhile, Real!Finis just landed at Nautilus and is hurrying towards the globe room when he runs into Nemo and Aleister, who notices the bandage on Finis hand. Aleister concludes that the Finis in front of him is a different Finis so he points a knife at him. Realizing that at this point, he can’t do anything anymore, Finis politely asks Aleister to let him through and help him stop Isaac’s plans. At this, Aleister took interest in the changed Finis so he decides to help him. Aleister and Finis also was able to trick Nemo to cooperate by telling him that he can surpass Isaac’s greatness if he does so.


Back at the globe room, Hansel, who is greatly outnumbered, gets captured. At that moment, Real!Finis arrives and asks Isaac how Isaac sees him, and the father answered that he’s just a tool. Realizing that everyone is right, Finis finally decided to end things with Isaac once and for all so he helps Hansel escape and in return, Hansel helps him against Isaac. Finis then rescues Cardia from the celestial globe, Hansel was able to kill the Finis with Isaac’s mind, and everything seems to be going towards a happy ending when Isaac possesses Real!Finis’ body !! WHEN WILL YOU STOP OH MY GOD.

At the Nautilus control room, Nemo is panicking because they do not have a place to land the Nautilus, until he saw Cardia’s transmitter device and contacted the Lupin gang. Aleister explains the situation to the Lupin gang, and Impey suggests that instead of landing the Nautilus, they should just let it fly into space, like what he suggested in his route in the first game.

While Isaac tries to posses Finis’ body, Finis sees a dream about Isaac’s past, which is the same as what Cardia saw earlier. In the dream, Finis didn’t know who Isaac is no matter how many times he is created. After more trials and errors Finis finally became more and more like the real Finis but Isaac had already realized that he cannot love this doll. Later, Isaac learns of Fran’s dicterium research and decides to use it to make the Philosopher’s stone. However, he needed to put the dicterium in an artificial body first, and Finis’ body always gets melted when dicterium is put into it. So Isaac decides to put the dicterium in the daughter’s body, and on the 666th homuculus, he was finally able to perfect it. Unfortunately, anything that this girl touches will melt, so he cannot love her, and and he tells her that she cannot love anyone.

When Finis gains consciousness, he and Cardia decide to destroy the celestial globe along with Isaac’s mind, even though they know that Isaac initially planned to love them, but things turned out differently midway. With Cardia supporting him, Finis shoots the celestial globe with his gun, and Isaac is gone forever. At this, the Nautilus starts to float further into space, so Cardia, Finis, and Hansel escape.


In the epilogue, Lupin went back to Paris to report about the prevention of the terror attack, Van and Dora-chan are traveling to look surviving vampires, Nemo is currently in jail and waiting for his trial, Impey visits Nemo everyday to talk about science so Nemo won’t be lonely (awww ww), Aleister hasn’t been seen since the incident, San and Hansel visit Cardia and Finis from time to time, and Franc, with Sisi, opened a clinic at the poor area of London. Meanwhile, Cardia and Finis are currently in their old house in Wales, living normal lives as humans without poison and clones. The siblings are living happily, with Finis going tsuntsun (and shooing away guys who get close to his sister w) from time to time ;;w;;

Normal end: After Isaac tried to possess him, Finis knows that Isaac will be able to completely control him sooner or later, so even though he is still himself, he acted as if Isaac is controlling him. Because of this, Hansel kills him, and Finis decides that this is all for the best. NOOOOOO GAME WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME ?????? NOT MY FINIS!!! After this, Cardia decides to stay in the Nautilus as it floats further into the sky, and she goes into the lab room to see more of Finis’ clones.

Thoughts: I feel bad for Kaji Yuuki’s throat when he recorded his lines for this game ww Main thing about this route is making Finis realize that they aren’t just dolls, they are perfectly living and has feelings. Anyways, I love this route so much !! I’m so right about loving Finis in the first game because he is just a kid who wants to be loved ;;w;; Finis ending as canon ending please !! [top]


Dela’s Room


Lmao I’ve been calling him “Dora-chan” since the first game. In this extra, we get to see different scenes with Dora-chan, mostly about his everyday life at San’s mansion. This is probably Otomate’s way of giving Dora-chan some spotlight, because he didn’t get one even in the Lupin Gang Another Story. The conclusion to this extra? Grown-up Dora-chan is so hot WE NEED HIS ROUTE IN THE THIRD GAME!![top]

Delly Grown-up


Overall Thoughts

I love it!! Van’s emo and boring after story aside, I love all the after stories, from Impey’s awesome underwater starry sky to San’s tragic past, to Fran’s meeting with Idea, and to Lupin’s cute blushing face. The Lupin Gang another story is cool too, and I wish we get to them in action again in the third game. Lastly, Sholmes and Finis routes have more than enough to content to count as individual routes, so I really hope that the third Code:Realize game will not disappoint. ♡ I’m also praying that the third Code:Realize game will be for PS Vita and not for the PS4, because it will byebye Code:Realize to me if it’s for PS4 ;;;

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  1. Super excited to start the game now that I have it. Fantastic review!!! <3

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