[Otome Game Review] Hana Awase – Mizuchi-hen, Himeutsugi-hen

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Hana Awase Cover

Kaen is a school for children who have talents in playing… hanafuda cards. Outside the school, people think that they are just rich kids who are good at hanafuda card games but they are actually gifted kids who can use hanafuda cards in battles i.e. killing people and stuff. Meanwhile, our heroine Mikoto is just a normal girl who loves playing hanafuda card games when she gets “chosen” by the onifuda card as the candidate to be the next Senki. Because of this, the Kaen school takes her in to help her ultimately awaken the Senki within her. In order to do this, she has to (1) study to be a proper minamo (kind of like a “water miko” who supports a kaei, guys who can bring out the power within hanafuda cards, by giving him “water” during hanafuda battles) and (2) get the help of one of the Gokou, the top five kaei in the Kaen school, to be her partner. The gokou includes the capturable guys Iroha, Mizuchi, Karakurenai, Himeutsugi, and the currently missing Utsutsu. In Mizuchi-hen, Mizuchi is chosen by the onifuda to be Mikoto’s partner, while in Hime-hen, Himeutsugi is Mikoto’s fated partner.

This is a very short thoughts review of the first two Hana Awase games・´∀`・)

Gokou Hana Awase


I… didn’t like the game as much as I thought I would ;;; The main plot of the game is actually pretty good especially when you get to Iroha’s route/end in Himehen and I’m sure it will get more interesting when I get to play KUhen (my copy is still at bf and I probably won’t play KUhen until a month later) but the frequent sexual harassment from the main guys and the teachers (!!!) are major turnoffs that made me disappointed with the game.

Lots of ideas within the story are also too ridiculous for me and I swear they’re just like that for the sake of fanservice *rolls eyes*. The most ??? idea for me is definitely the fact that minamo must be a virgin but then there has to be direct skin to skin contact between her and the kaei in order to pass her water to the kaei. They also mention that a more intimate contact will lead to a more efficient transfer, but remember kids: you can’t let the minamo lose her purity! This is so wtf for me because it’s like they’re promoting sexual tension while frequently reminding that YOU CAN’T GO ALL THE WAY or else the minamo will lose her powers!!

It really annoys me how there’s so much weight on a minamo’s virginity, when at the same time, all the guys, including THE TEACHER AND THE SCHOOL PRINCIPALS, are men who can’t keep their thing inside their pants like wt f ಠ_ಠ The only exception is Mizuchi, who is a real gentleman THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Speaking of the guys, my favourite is Himeutsugi (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke) because his “perfect outside, crazy inside” personality really got me (huehuehuehueheu (≖ω≖。)). I think a lot of people don’t like him because he’s a closet kimoi and all but I ACTUALLY LOVE HIM??? It’s probably because Hime’s character is the most interesting to me so I was eager to learn more about him. I also like his bad ends in Himehen, not because I’m into that kind of thing, but because they scared the shT out of me www. Whatever the case, Hime is my son and don’t ever EVER make him cry because I’m going to protect him FOREVER//

Mizuchi (CV: Fukuyama Jun) is my second best (for now, since I haven’t met Utsutsu ?). He’s a cherry boy but he is a perfect gentleman and won’t do anything to harm Mikoto. It’s sad that his family is messed up and his sister is a brocon. Karakurenai (CV: Hino Satoshi) is the asshole orsesama and I swear I always have my middle finger up in front of my laptop screen whenever he appears. Nonetheless, I still like him a bit because he has some cute sides from time to time *wink*wink*. I’m excited to see more of this cute side in KUhen (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Meanwhile, Iroha (CV: Terashima Takuma) is my  least favourite because he’s a real brat in both Mizuchihen and Himehen ಠ_ಠ I have a feeling that his story will be really sad but I just can’t bring myself to like him, even after I finished his ending in Himehen *sigh*. I agree that he’s the hottest among the gokou though.

Mikoto Senki

It sucks that I don’t like Mikoto as a heroine, but it’s probably more of a setting thing because she’s in a very shitty environment which emphasizes on the purity of the girls but has lots of rapists running around *rolls eyes*. I love the other girls Momotose and Kagami (who are voiced by guys lmao) though, because they are fighters. Momotose gives hell to anyone who harasses her Mikoto, while Kagami is a PRINCE and I think I fell in love with her at one point in the Himehen ww.

With all the negatives about the game said, I’m still hyped up to play KUhen (and Iroha-hen, soon please!) because I’m still left in the dark about the real thing behind the story !! As I said, despite the sexist ideas for fanservice, the story is interesting and I’m quite hooked with it. Art and music are also good (I’ve been listening to the BGMs of Himehen whenever I’m on my PC) , so that’s plus points.

Overall, I think my Y2800 is still worth it after playing these two games (mostly because of Hime huehuehue I LOVE HIM OKAY). HA is definitely not recommended to people who hates sexual harassment in otome games though I’m pretty sure those who like the “tease” (should-touch-but-must-not-go-farther-than-that) will like it ? Also not for those who don’t like mini games because the card game can be a pain sometimes (though it’s actually addicting especially during the first time you finally figure out how it works).

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