[Otome Game Review] SWEET CLOWN 〜Gozensanji no okashi na doukeshi〜

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Five years ago, Kashino Zakuro lost her younger twin brother in a foggy forest. Despite other people telling her to forget about her bro and move in with life, Zakuro blamed herself for the incident. Ever since then, Zakuro has been hating herself as she decided to carry the guilt of losing her bro. In the present, seventeen-year old Zakuro receives an invitation to the 3AM tea party hosted by the “Sweet Clown”, to be held at a mansion located in the heart of the forest where she lost her brother. Being drawn by her sad experience in that forest, Zakuro attends the tea party with five other guests. The next day, however, Zakuro and the other guests find themselves unable to leave the mansion, and the Sweet Clown reveals that all of them are now locked inside. It turns out that the Sweet Clown has chosen Zakuro to be the next Sweet Clown, a being that can grant a person’s wish in exchange for turning that person into a type of dessert. As the Sweet Clown, Zakuro can free all the guests from the mansion; the problem is that she isn’t completely a Sweet Clown yet because she lacks the “desire” for anything. Fortunately, she has a harem of five “Ofrenda” (offering), who can help her desire for something… but will Zakuro choose to be the demon called Sweet Clown?

This will just be a short review of Sweet Clown, but be careful of spoilers ・´∀`・)



Let me first talk about my favorite character in the game: none other than the heroine Kashino Zakuro! She can’t make up her mind, she just shows the expressions and give the answers that people want to see and hear even though it’s not really what she’s thinking, in short, she’s plastic… but guess what, this is a type of heroine we rarely see that often in otome games so it’s really refreshing to see such an imperfect heroine. Most people probably hate this type of main character, but I say I LOVE HER.

The other guests invited to the tea party are all guys, and they are to act as the servant to the Queen/Sweet Clown Zakuro.

Kobashi Ouichirou (CV: Takashi Hiroki) is the tall, dark, and handsome guy who was cold to Zakuro at first but he’s actually really kind and cute and has a sweet tooth (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ His red eyeglasses are really tacky (which is sad because I love megane ;;;) but wait until he takes them off and wears his Ofrenda clothes and surely everyone will fall in love with this Prince Granada! Due to the prince-y themes in his route, he has lots of knight in shining armor moments, but I’m not complaining (≖ω≖。)♪ Kobayan is best boy ♡

Hinose Takeru (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) is the eyepatch guy who has this really creepy aura and laugh. It’s also creepier that he has this knife that he whips out whenever he wants to whenever he absorbs “malice” in the mansion, as per his ability. He has really deep philosophical views that will make you think more about several things in life wew. That said, he actually talks to everyone in keigo (I love it) and his route is good! Also, I think Zakuro is the strongest in Hinose route.

Mitsuhara Seisuke (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki) is the friendly boy who really likes girls that the reason why he attended the tea party is because he wanted to meet more girls smh. Unfortunately for him, the only girl who was invited to the mansion is Zakuro and she isn’t even his type. He says that he’s actually popular with the girls because of his pretty face, though I don’t see it ಠ_ಠ I mean, hello, Kobayan is still the hottest among the guys. Anyways, his route was boring at first but after getting to the personality reveal, I realized that it’s actually interesting because lmao at Zakuro and Seisuke just being plastics with each other. From this, it’s really awesome how the writer was able to pull off the A+ relationship development between them *thumbs up*

Kuze Souma (CV: Uchida Yuuma) is the guy who comes off as arrogant as first but that’s just how he talks because he doesn’t know how to read the atmosphere and, well… there are stuff in his “past” that explain this. Due to this personality, Seisuke dislikes Souma that he calls Souma “tono-sama”. But really, Souma is just a really cute puppy and he even offered to be Zakuro’s younger bro after he heard her story! OMG otouto-kun!! He will do everything for Zakuro and I like it??? Also, his corrupted love end is (≖ω≖。)♪

Manai Tomoki (CV: Kobayashi Yuusuke) is the really kind guy who is two years older than Zakuro. Because he is good at cooking (especially at making sweets), he became in charge of the kitchen duties after they were locked inside the mansion. I really love Tomoki’s character (and fuwafuwa hair! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ) and I want him as my otouto-kun! (Tomoki, okay, not Tomoyasujhakl ww)

The side characters include the cute mascots Cran and Raz, the creepy donkey Neige (I say that Neige creeps me out but I actually like her ?? ww), the braided guy Keifer, the butler Gaato (? how do you write his name), and of course, the Sweet Clown. All of them are important to the story and it was fun to find out how someone is connected with someone.


I like it! Sure, I admit I was bored during the first parts of the game because I don’t get what’s happening ??, but after some reveals, playing the game got more interesting.

I must say beforehand that the game is not exactly story-centered; it’s more of knowing the characters and seeing the relationship development, without the unnecessary “change in character”,  between them. I think one can enjoy more of Sweet Clown if more attention is paid to the developing relationship between Zakuro and her chosen guy in a route, not in the romantic fashion, but like how they will understand each other despite their obvious flaws. That said, the unique premise is still very interesting and there are several unexpected reveals, mostly about the prior relationships between the characters. The game also has certain dark themes, which I think the writer handled very well to put into the story.

Personally, my favorite is the secret route because it has the most unique premise. The secret route good ending is also a tear-jerker, and I think it’s a very nice way to finish the game with.


The game kind of fell short with the audio though, because I think the sound quality is a bit bad? Which is really sad because Tosshi’s and Takahashi Hiroki’s voice were so hot ;;w;; Also, there aren’t that many CGs, but nonetheless, the art is… not too good, but decent enough, I guess? Regarding the system, I encountered no problems; it’s actually very smooth as usual I like Takuyo’s auto save and scene list in the extras.


Sweet Clown is not a game for everyone, but if you’re looking for a game with A+ relationship development (not necessarily romance) and unique plot with some dark themes, then I think you will enjoy this game. Also recommended for those looking for an imperfect heroine, and some yandere (≖ω≖。)♪


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  1. I lurked on your Twitter to see the reactions. Ohoho. Glad to see another discover the goodness that is Sweet Clown. Seconded on the bad audio, which is a disgrace given the excellent voicework by EVERYONE.

    I didn’t find an official or rec’d route order when I started it so I just swept left to right across the doors. AHAHA. It ended up working out for me because it got plot out of the way early and left the rest of the time to focus on the relationship development. So it didn’t bother me that Seisuke’s route didn’t reveal much of the overall plot because, well, Seisuke.

    • I was the opposite; I played according to recommended order so when I played Seisuke route first I was so bored because where is the plot?? I think it would have been a better playing experience for me if I knew beforehand that the game isn’t plot-centered ^_^; Nonetheless, when I finally figured out the type of game Sweet Clown is, I focused on the relationship development instead and I enjoyed the game. Looking back on Seisuke route now, I think it’s the most interesting in terms of relationship development.

  2. One of my fav games. I sincerely hope more people look into this one and that it may be localized.

    • I also hope more people will play the game, but I admit it’s not a game that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s sad that the game is a bit hard to find right now; friends who want to play the game can’t even buy it ;;; That said, the game getting a localization is highly unlikely. I think it’s not popular enough? And even in when I was in Japan, it’s so difficult to find the game that I had to resort to buying a second hand copy.

      • Haha sadly i agree. I wish it was something more people could have access to and that it reached a wider audience. Sure, it won’t be for everyone, but it was refreshing to play.

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