[Otome Game Review] Hana Awase – Karakurenai/Utsutsu-hen

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Hana Awase Cover KUhen

Curiosity got the better of me so even though I planned to just play KUhen when Iroha-hen is out, I jumped in and played the game… only to be left hanging because oh my god.

Anyways, this will be a very short reaction post for KUhen so lots of spoilers ahead! The non-spoiler review of Hana Awase is in here.

First of all, I’m disappointed with Kurenai route. I don’t know why, but I’m expecting a bit more than what this game offered? I want more, but the other characters stole the spotlight from him? Like, Kurenai shares the game with Utsutsu so like, half of the spotlight is on Utsutsu. Which is really sad because I kind of want to focus on Kurenai and Kurenai only, like how it was in the first two games (Mizuchi only/Hime only).

Surprisingly though, Utsutsu kicked Mizuchi from being my second best boy! Did I just complain at how this game is Kurenai + Utsutsu? Well scratch that, because I really like Utsutsu route ;;w;; So yeah, KU-hen did not help me like Kurenai more, it helped me like Utsutsu ww. That said, I like Utsutsu only because I got a bit creeped out with Ime who is a big stalker *sweats*


Now back to other characters stealing Kurenai’s (and Utsutsu’s!) spotlight…… Iroha. It must be nice to be canon because hi route is unexpectedly long, like whoaa. I know it makes us hyped for Iroha-hen, but come on, this isn’t your game yet? I wanted more time with Utsutsu instead???

But the good news is, we finally know what’s. actually. happening! The things that happened in the first two games finally make more sense now and everything connects. The bad news? KUhen ended in a cliffhanger and we still don’t know when Iroha-hen will be released. I cry.

So yeah, hopefully we get more info about Iroha-hen soon, because I’m itching to know what happens next and of course because I want to see more Hime ♡


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