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Suuran Digit

The Suuke or Digit Family is an elite group composed of ten different families: Reisaki, Ichizono, Nitou, Sanga, Shikata, Godai, Rokuhira, Shichihara, Hachizawa, and Kuori. They have an ancient history dating hundreds of years ago, in which one member of each family joins the Suuransen, a battle that will determine the next head of the Suuke. Three hundred years ago, however, an incident during the sixth Suuransen caused the entire Reisaki family to be wiped out. With no one from the Reisaki family now existing, it was said that the Suuransen will never occur again. That is until the heroine Reisaki Hiroka transfers to Soyogi Private School, the place where nine people from the nine different “Digit” family gather. As the “zero” mark, the digit thought never to be seen again, on Hiroka’s left hand appears, the new suuransen begins.

Possible spoilers ahead・´∀`・)

As mentioned, the Suuke is composed of ten families, whose rank is determined by their performance during the previous Suuransen. Currently, the people with kokuinsuu, digit marks in their left hands, are students of Soyogi Private School, and they depending on the rank of their family, they are either a member of the student council (higher suuke) or the Math Club (lower suuke).


Nitou Mitsu (CV: Nishiyama Koutarou), whose kokuinsuu is the digit 2, is the president of the math club and a member of the handicrafts club (he is good with his hands). As per his digit, he always number 2 so his goal in life is to beat Ichizono Ousuke, be it in suuransen, sports, or academics. Mitsu is the genki kouhai so he is a very fun character but it’s sad that half of his route is focused on Rihoko and Tomoe’s love story so Hiroka never really got to spend enough time with him in his route.

Ichizono Ousuke (CV: Yusa Kouji) is the student council president and the captain of the kendo club. As the owner of the digit 1 kokuinsuu and the next head of the top suuke Ichizono family, Ousuke makes sure that he is number 1 in everything he does… except that he is kind of a stalker and that’s creepy. Nonetheless his route was pretty good and I love how they stayed true to Ousuke being number 1 until the end.

Shikata Yuuhi (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) is the awkward, shy type character who is always being bullied. He has the digit 4 kokuinsuu and he loves horror and occult. Despite getting the bad luck number though, Yuuhi’s route is definitely the most well-written route. This is probably because this route has the most revelations regarding the history of the suuke. The story development also surprised me because I did not expect that from Yuuhi :O

Shichihara Keitarou (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) is the sawayaka treasurer of the student council. He has the digit 7 kokuinsuu, which is probably the reason why he is always so lucky. The romance development in Keitarou route is the best imo, because Hiroka gets to spend lots of time with him throughout the route. And did I mention that this sawayaka Maeno character (who is obviously hiding something–oops) is my best boy in this game?? <3

Rokuhira Takaki (CV: Kazayuki Okitsu) has the kokuinsuu for the digit 6, and just like how the number 6 symbolizes peace and harmony, Takaki is an advocate of peace. He barely talks and he dislikes fights, that he won’t join even if it’s just a game of rock paper scissors. It’s sad that we don’t get to hear Okitsu’s voice that much but well that’s because of Takaki’s quiet demeanor.

Kuori Meguru (CV: Morita Masakazu) is the student council vice president and the biggest bully in the group. As a member of the Kuori family whose digit is 9 and rank is second only to the Ichizono’s, Meguru’s duty is to protect Ousuke-sama and and make him #1 always. Tbh Meguru is okay in his own route and Ousuke’s but he’s so damn annoying and evil in the other routes (Takaki and Yuuhi) that I really wanted to punch him the face. My one problem with Meguru route is that we could’ve empathized with him more if we knew what actually happened between him and Ousuke in the past. Fortunately, this backstory was shown in the short story that you can unlock after completing Meguru good end.


The heroine Reisaki Hiroka is probably the otome game heroine I can relate the most because she really just wants to… sleep ww But despite always thinking about sleep, Hiroka isn’t a damsel in distress sleeping beauty because she knows how to fight (kendo) and she has her own sense of justice. I personally really like Hiroka’s personality and although she won’t be included in my favorite heroines list, she’s definitely unforgettable for being a heroine who likes sleeping a lot ww.

Other characters include Sanga Rihoko (kokunisuu 3), the student council secretary who hates men above all things, Godai Tomoe (kokuinsuu 5), the other student council secretary who started as a bully but is actually a cutie inside, the Hachizawa twins An and Mei (kokuinsuu 8), and Muraki Yatsugu, Hiroka’s non-blood related family who acted as her guardian after her parents died. It’s sad that Godai, An, and Yatsugu aren’t dateable characters though, because I swear I would want to see their own character routes. Especially Godai. His scenes with Hiroka in Mitsu route are so funny I thought they actually make a good pair! But then again we all know that his partner is Rihoko, so yeah. As for Yatsugu… well… he’s hot?? ww 

For character ranking, my favorites are Keitarou >>>>>> Meguru > Everyone else. For recommended play order, I say the best is Takaki – Keitarou – Meguru – Mitsu – Ousuke – Yuuhi.


While playing my first two routes of the game (Mitsu and then Meguru), I was already thinking that Suuran Digit is a mediocre game with character routes that don’t have good romance development. But when I finished the game, I realized that the game is still worth playing because the story is actually pretty nice and the character interactions were fun to read.

Let’s first discuss Mitsu and Meguru route. Mitsu and Meguru are likable characters, but it’s really sad that you don’t get to spend enough time with them in their respective routes because half of their routes were focused on other characters. In Mitsu route, Tomoe and Rihoko’s story was the focus on about two chapters, while in Meguru route, a big chunk was about An and Mei. This made the time for the actual romance development between Hiroka and the guy really short, so the route felt so unsatisfying. In my opinion, it would’ve been better if they put the Tomoe-Rihoko and An-Mei in a separate route, or maybe in a common route, so we can at least focus on the guy we are pursuing. Nonetheless, it was a good thing the other four character routes didn’t suffer the same fate, and their entire route was really about them. (I enjoyed Keitarou route a lot because finally, after two unsatisfying routes, I get to spend lots of time with the character I’m after!)

And as usual with Otomate, the fight scenes in the game are kind of boring. It’s a suuransen with lots of swordfighting so I was wishing that the battles were at least fun read. So yeah, Otomate, I’m still waiting for the time when you can finally write good fighting scenes (like those in Hyakka Hyakurou!).

The bad things aside, Suuran Digit is still an enjoyable game. The characters are very likable and their interactions with each other were fun to read. The story is also good and although the game is pretty short, all questions are properly answered in the short stories that you can unlock after finishing certain routes. I swear, reading short stories 22 and 19 last is the best way to end the game.


I wish the game is longer but nonetheless it was still fun to play for the characters and that short story. An FD would be nice to supplement the game but there’s a very low chance of Otomate releasing one ;;


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  1. Thank you – very interesting review and you manage a good character analysis without giving everything away (in terms of spoilers).

    I need to go back and read your review of Collar x Malice now…

    • Thank you! I was worried I might have dropped a major spoiler or two in the review but I’m glad there wasn’t anything ;;w;;

  2. Great review ^_^
    Although you didn’t love it, I’m glad to see you enjoyed it/liked it (:

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