[Otome Game Review] Nil Admirari no Tenbin -Kuroyuri Enyoutan-

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Happens one year after the incident in the first game, Tsugumi now continues to work as civil servant under the Owls. There are lots of new characters now, and as in the first game, Taisho Era social issues, especially regarding women and gender, are tackled a lot throughout the story.

This is a non-spoiler review of our favorite trashy Taisho Romance by Otomate ・´∀`・)

First off is that Kuroyuri Enyoutan is not an fd, but rather, a second game. I bet lots (including me) were expecting the game to be more smexy stuff but instead we actually get a nicely written story with lots of content that is better than the first game.

The writing has gotten so much better; the story is now neatly paced and there’s no more anticlimactic and “why tf is this suddenly happening” moment, except maybe for that final confrontation with the main villain in Kuroyuri route. It wasn’t exactly bad, just a bit anticlimactic, which could’ve been improved with a few more lines and character actions. Nonetheless, I’m happy with the story flow of the game.

Also, the sexy scenes are now properly put in the story flow and no longer threw into the story just for the sake of having those scenes as in the first game. They feel naturally happening now, despite some of those scenes being too long, like, if you’re going to make out then stop the lengthy talk and just get to it already ww

As always, the relationships between the characters, even the new ones, are well-thought of and neatly done. I say that the complex yet clear relationship web is still the strongest point of Nil Admirari. It is really fun to connect what a character is to another character, especially since even NPCs without sprites have their own side story (ie Rui’s friend w). Also, it’s nice that the routes ca focus on the new characters without removing the spotlight from the main characters *cough*Teito Genwaku Kitan Hayato route*cough*.

Regarding the new characters, I think my favorite is Kiriai Ren. Her character was handled so well in Rui route and I like how they tackled her issue (which is still present in our current society). Oohara Aisa is also another likable character especially when you know about her past and see that she is an example of a strong woman that won’t let an adversary break her, and instead use it to be stronger and follow her dreams.

Meanwhile, some of the new male characters are just plain shit. First is Sasabe Tadakiyo, a rich boy who thinks he’s so privileged that he turns to victim-blaming when it comes to molested women. And then there’s Kugei Sakae, who isn’t exactly as shitty as Sasabe but I say that Shiginuma Takashi is still better villain than him (Kugei does evil and thinks he’s doing good, Shiniguma does evil and he knows himself that he’s doing evil).

But of course we should mention Tsugumi! Her character has gotten so strong that she’s fighting for women’s rights and calling out misogynistic comments now. She’s no longer a caged bird, but rather a strong independent woman who works side by side with men as a civil servant. She can even dodge Kuina’s advances perfectly now! XD


I think my only problem is that it’s so easy to guess who did what and who’s connected with who because of the character designs (especially when Shizuru and Kuina say that this character look like someone but they can’t figure out who) and voices (^^;) But I guess that’s more of a visual novel problem in general ww


Overall, the writing, pacing, and story flow have improved so much compared to the first game, but I think I still prefer the first game because it has this charm that the Kuroyuri Enyoutan doesn’t have ;;w;;


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  1. I’m playing this game at the moment and am loving it so far, it’s so well written compared to the first game, especially Akira’s route. Although Hitaki drives me insane, he’s such a brat of a brother. He needs some discipline, he was horrible in Akira’s route.

    • I agree so much, Hitaki is a real brat, I honestly can’t imagine him taking over the Kuze family. He’s already at that age but still acts like a 2 year old ;;

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