Top 3 otome games everybody should play

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Kenma and game

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this, and what better time to do it than now when I haven’t finished an otoge for almost three months and the blog’s not getting any new post ww Here, I’ll be talking about my top three favorite otome games, and why you should play them too if you still haven’t ♡

3rd Place: Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly


Let’s start with a game from Otomate, Kokuchou no Psychedelica! When I played Kokuchou I thought it was a new form of storytelling different from the other Otomate games I played, with the flowchart and all, and I think it is a good thing considering the story the game has. The game is short and it doesn’t have much romance, but it has everything I look for in a story: interesting plot, unexpected reveals, and endings that will leave a scar in the heart.

All in all, Kokuchou really is about story rather than romance (but hey as long as I get Hikage I’m good ww) and catching all the symbolisms scattered in the game. The game is getting an English localization soon too, and I’m happy more people will get to play it ;;w;;

Why play this game: The story, the heartbreak, THAT ONE ENDING. And Hikage ;;A;;

2nd Place: Ken ga Kimi


A game from Rejet, Ken ga Kimi is one of those few otoge that I wasn’t able to put down once I started playing. It has everything: an engaging story balanced with enough romance, perfect art, nice music… what more can we ask for? It’s also the wafuu game that I want because it focuses more on the characters and not on the history that it’s so easy to get attached to them during the course of this very long game. Yes, the game is lengthy, but don’t let that keep you from starting playing because as I said, the story is so engaging you’ll want to see the endings asap. If anything, that length and good quality makes the money spent on the game very worth it.

Make sure to prepare tissues before playing though, because more than half of the endings will definitely make you cry ;;w;;

Ken ga Kimi is perfect for people who want a wafuu game that isn’t a history overload (cough*Hakuouki*cough), and I really wish we can get more wafuu games like this *crosses fingers*

Why play this game: It’s so good quality (story, characters, length, art, music, EVERYTHING) I swear it’s SO WORTH YOUR MONEY. And who can say no to beautiful samurai bois?

1st Place: Shinigami to Shoujo


Oh man, if it’s Shinigami to Shoujo I really don’t know where to start because this game is sooooo good it’s my all-time favorite otome game !!! Everything is perfect, from the flow of the story to the beautiful writing, to the music EVERYTHING. If I am to describe Shinigami to Shoujo in one word, it has to be “beautiful”. Because it really is the most beautifully written otome game ever ;;w;;

And to quote a friend, “If you love pain and suffering, play StS” ww

Why play this game: If the story won’t get you then I don’t know what will. It’s the best otome game ever I want everyone to play it !!!

Runner up: Collar×Malice


I mentioned my top 3 otome games above, now this runner-up is a game that I will recommend to anyone, regardless of their preferences. I already talked about how good Collar×Malice is in here, but just to summarize, I think this is game is a game that everyone will enjoy. It’s also available in English!

Why play this game: Interesting story balanced with enough romance, I say this is one of the best “otome games for everyone” available.


While writing this post I realized that my 3 criteria in agreeing that an otome game is good are: 1) Interesting plot, 2) Unexpected reveals, and 3) Endings that will leave a scar in the heart a.k.a. PAIN AND SUFFERING ww (“If it’s something that will make me cry then it’s good!”). Collar×Malice is just a runner-up because it doesn’t have enough 絶望 apart from Shiraishi route (now you kno why I love Shiraishi so much).

I understand that everyone has their own preferences in otome games, but the four games listed here are all tested good games and I really hope more people will get to play them ♡


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  1. endings that will leave a scar in the heart.
    — THIS. One year later and I can still feel the pain. I only wish for the happiness of those kids especially Hikage TT____TT

    This post reminds me that I still have to play KgK and StS XD

    • Same, like whenever I listen to any song from Kokuchou I remember the zetsubou and I cry ;;;
      If you love the pain in Kokuchou I’m sure you’ll love KgK and StS too because they have more pain and suffering ;;w;; ww

  2. I’m really happy Psychedelia of the Black Butterfly & Psychedelia of the Ashen Hawk are coming out in English!
    I’ll have to up my Japanese learning if I want to play Ken Ga Kimi and Shinigami to Shoujo, but they’re both on my to play list, so… I must keep up with my Japanese learning! (:
    Also, I loved Collar x Malice <3_<3

    • aaaaa I’m glad my top 2 games are on your playlist! Don’t worry about not being able to play them soon, I’m sure the Psychedelica games will keep you busy enough with pain and suffering XD

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