[Unboxing] 1st Quarter 2018 BF Box

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Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 10.09.05

As per previous post, I’m still trying to keep this blog alive because I pay $18 per year for hosting and I figured it’s a real waste if I don’t post anything. So for now I’ll be doing this unboxing post (haven’t had one since 2016!) for merch my friends and I bought during the first quarter of 2018, all shipped from Japan in one big box ♡

“BF” is short for Baggage Forward, the forwarder service we use, but it can also mean 2D boifriend huehueheueheu

The boxed finally arrived at the central post office so I picked it up after class and boy was the box so big it might actually have a real bf inside??? ww But yes I had to book a Grab car so I can bring it home because public jeep is a hassle and I don’t want to walk two blocks from my stop ;;;) Lotty are you reading this because I have to ask you to pay half of my Grab fare ww

*hear I was tired yesterday ok ww

Box might be big but it’s actually light! It has only two artbooks and a dozen R18 doujin but what took the most space are actually the pillows and plushies. One Akito for me, the Ron pillow is Lotty’s, and the Conan plushie is Tin’s.

Yay for my growing best boi pillow collection *w* I still have to get Jumin Han’s next but I’m not sure when I’ll have extra $$ to be able to order.

Also two artbooks from Amazon, the Ran x Shinichi book is Tin’s and the NilAd artbook is mine. I’ve been wanting to get the NilAd artbook but only bought it now. I was disappointed with it though; the front cover is glossy and so not like the other otome game artbooks in my collection. There aren’t much new stuff too, just a few pages of character design, director’s interview, and a new short story by the scenario writer.

Now onto the Lotty’s Adachi stuff! There’s a lot of Adachi doujin and more than of them are… R18 ww It’s really funny because I asked BF to repack so we can save on shipping but only one of the pouches was actually open… and it’s the pouch with R18 doujins! I bet they saw that and decided not to open the other pouches lest they see more hardcore stuff lmao ;;

Also a Persona4 figure we bought from someone from Mercari, a Persona4 TV necklace, and an Adachi lunch box.

And another doujin stuff from someone from Booth! They’re so kind they actually gave us the two color variations even though we only bought the red one ;;w;; No need to pay for it too.


All of the Adachi stuff in one photo:


The best things in the box? Sakyou merch, of course! ♡ My favorite is the Sakyou omamori, which I’ve always wanted to have ever since I found out that Rejet released Ken ga Kimi omamori ;;w;; When I saw one being sold in Mercari for only 444Jpy, I did not hesitate to buy.


I want to make a Sakyou itabag but Sakyou is always the most expensive among the Ken ga Kimi boys so I’m having a difficult time collecting ;;; I did already find a base bag though; release on May 25 so I’m excited to build the bag *w*

I forgot to take a collective photo of everything ww But anyways, that’s everything in this box. As usual, we’re already slowly buying merch to be shipped in the next bf box so I might make another unboxing post <3

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