Otomate’s Switch and updates on my gaming

May 30, 2018 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Blog updates, Special | 5 Comments


So weeks ago, Otomate announced that their attempt to move the PS4 failed they will “switch to Switch” and actually already have TWELVE planned titles for the console. It was a huge surprise for me since there wasn’t any hint of moving to the Nintendo Switch at all. But then, I guess Otomate saw that the PS4 is a bad idea for a platform and decided to partner with Nintendo instead and ditch Sony, to the point that they actually cancelled their upcoming releases for the PS4. My reaction to this? I QUIT.

Yes, I think I want to quit my otome gaming hobby. But it’s not entirely the fault of Otomate’s move to Switch. It’s more like I’ve been thinking about this for months now and the Switch thing was the factor that finally made me decide.

During the past year I haven’t had enough time to actually even touch my vita. I just finished my first year in med school and it was one hell of a ride. I failed in most of subjects during the first shifting because I thought I was good and intelligent enough and thus did not study enough. Because of my mistakes in the first shifting, I struggled from second to fourth shifting to pull my grades up, and for the final exams I distanced myself from social media so I can focus on studying. No kidding, but the bulk of what I learned in first year med school I actually learned during the the last three weeks of the school year. It was also during that three weeks when I realized that I really want to be a doctor, and I’ll do my best to get that licence to practice.

Earlier, I found out that I’m promoted and will be a second year med student this coming August, and I swear I’ve never been so happy I actually cried.  Long story short, I really just want to focus on medicine, which I hope will be what I’ll be doing for life.

The “no time” thing aside, I admit that playing new otome games doesn’t sound too interesting for me anymore. I’ve been on vacation for a week now and I can get my vita and play nonstop if I want to, but all I’ve been doing is binge-watching House MD ^_^;; Watching medical dramas has been my go to activity whenever I’m bored or when I just want to procrastinate; it’s only 40 min per episode so I don’t have to worry about not stopping when I have other things to do ww Otome games, on the other hand, will take me longer to finish so I’d rather not play and risk losing my focus on the more important things.

But I’m not quitting otome gaming right now; I still have games in my backlog and I do want to play Collar x Malice FD! I need to play the FDs of games I liked, just for closure, and finish two more games lent to me by a friend. I’ll try to get to them before school starts on August. I do have a six-week community service and a part time job at med records to do though, so it may take me a while.

So yeah, with my busy schedule, dwindling interest in new otome games, and the move of otome games to a new platform that I can’t afford, I decided hat I’ll be retiring from otome gaming soon. It’s sad that I’ll miss out on the upcoming good games, whichever those are, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m already satisfied with the fun that I got from this hobby (︶v︶メ)


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  1. I’m sorry you’re going, but this sounds like exactly the right thing to do. Med school is just plain hard. Everyone there is smart, so it takes a lot of work. I’m actually happy that I was graduated from uni (physics) and law school before I started playing otome games. All the best and with this kind of spirit I’m sure you’ll reach your goals! Gambatte-na!

    • Thank you! Gaming in undergrad was doable but in med school it’s just impossible ;;; Law school is the same, I believe 😱

  2. I’m both sorry to hear you’ll be gone, but I’m also really proud and excited of your achievements. I just couldn’t do biology anymore. Every time I took a test, the only grade I got was a C. Not bad, but not for med school by any stretch. So now I’m pursuing Japanese and writing, two things I should’ve focused on instead of going along with my family’s expectations and desires. I can’t imagine the amount of stress and you endured pulling your grades up and I’m so happy you did it! Seriously, please treat yourself. I wish I was as smart as you ^^ What field of medicine do you want to specialize in? No matter what, you will always be my friend and should you ever need anything, I’ll always be here. Please take care, and I’ll hold you in my thoughts and wish you the best with med school (such a scary sounding place haha).

    • To be honest I still don’t know what medical field I want to pursue, in first year my mindset really is to just pass first year med 😅 I still have a long way to go so I have more to learn to help me decide. Thank you very much!

      • Not at all, Alyssa, I sincerely wish you the best. If the stress ever gets to much and you need to vent, I’m always here for you. You got this!! ^^

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