[Otome Game Review] KLAP!! ~Kind Love and Punish~

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Aspiring to be a teacher since she was a child, now-fresh graduate Yamashiro Koyomi is looking for a school to hire her. Unfortunately, she’s been failing all her job applications, until she gets hired by a school run by Nurarihyon. Little does she know that it is actually school for UMA (ayakashi and other mythical beings) who still cannot completely control their UMA selves, and now her job is not only to teach her students about the human world, but also to tame them by beating them up through choukyou! Koyomi isn’t up for the challenge at first, but after a promise from school director Nurarihyon that he’ll recommend her to a good human high school after one year as a choukyoushi, she takes on the job.

And yes, I’m still playing games because I still have a backlog to clear ww



Mimasaka Touma (CV: Morikubo Shoutaro) is a tengu who has a complex because of his… short nose www. At first he seemed to be hot-headed but he’s actually a kind kid who just wants to help his family get through poverty ;;w;; He’s really cute when he’s shy and all and I thought he’s gonna be best boy but his route turned out be the most boring in the game so it’s really sad the writers didn’t put any effort in his story.

Suou Sousuke (CV: Kaji Yuuki) is a male yuki-onna with a really insensitive mouth. He’s really annoying at first but he gets really cute once you get to know him more. In my opinion, his route is one of the best in this game, but make sure to prepare your tissues ;;w;;

Suruga Akito (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke) is a kappa born from a rich family. He’s also the resident flirt with an ok route, but mind you, I think this is the sexiest route in the game *w* Also: TACHI VOICE IS  D E A D L Y

Camil=Settselin (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) is the air-headed vampire who is afraid of blood ww Unexpectedly, I like him as a character, being best boy second only to Shion. It was a chore to listen to him talk because he talks so sloooooow but wait until he shows his romantic (??) side <3 He has a really weird name too……

Harima Kanade (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) is a 600-year old nekomata and is the cutest among the main guys *w* (I mean, when are cats not cute???). He talks like a real jiji but he’s still really cute! His route is really good too (minus that anticlimactic part in the last chapter), I think this is the route in which I cried the most ;;w;;

Izumo Shion (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) acts as Koyomi’s senpai at work. He gives this really mysterious vibe but I think it’s obvious that he’s an S, which is really cool because, who doesn’t want a Sugita chara who is both an M and S??? ww

My best boy ranking is Shion > Kanade > Camil > Sousuke > Akito > Touma. For play order I suggest doing Touma/Akito/Camil/Sousuke – Kanade – Shion. Definitely play Kanade and then Shion last!!


At first I thought that is just another hilarious game with a ridiculous BDSM-like mini game but after finishing Sousuke route I knew boi I was so wrong. Sure, Touma and Akito routes are kind of boring but the rest have very well-written stories that actually made me cry, and to be honest, KLAP made me cry more than it made me laugh ww Why did no one tell me to prepare tissues before I played this game??

That said, I think the choukyou mini game is still the best thing in KLAP, with Kaji Yuuki calling me “h e n t a i” whenever I aim for THAT spot www. It’s really funny how there are various things you can use to “tame” the guys — a clothes clip (for Touma because he’s thinking he can use it to make his nose longer ww), lighter (this is WILD), holy water (I’m not kidding), and money (oh boy THIS is sexy). After completing a route, a new choukyou item will be added in the extras, and guess what it is: lips for kissing!!

One thing I’m not very fond of in the game is the art. Most of the CGs include only the guy (imo, this is lazy because they don’t want to bother drawing another character, such as the heroine, in the still) and some proportions look weird at certain angles. I do think there are some pretty CGs though.


If you’re really interested in the choukyou mini game then by all means, play KLAP! That mini game alone made me enjoy KLAP so much, the good story that made me cry is just an added bonus. It’s not a game with a very striking and unforgettable story but it’s still VERY enjoyable.

And as I said, prepare your tissues!

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  1. this looks rly good!

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