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Princess Julia (nickname Yuuri), the only daughter of the King of Veykh, has been locked away inside a tower since she was a child. Nonetheless she lives happily with four companion animals. One day, her cousin Prince Henryk suddenly tells her to leave the castle immediately because her uncle Hubert had killed the king and his wife and now he is after Yuuri’s life too. Before long, Yuuri becomes the primary suspect for the assassination of the king and his wife, so now she goes on the run with her four companion animals, and with the magic of the rainbow powder her late mom had given her, her animal friends turn into humans!


Ryszard (CV: Suwabe Junichi) is the beautiful white horse also turns into an even more beautiful white-haired human. Among Yuuri’s animal companions, he’s the most mature and intelligent. Also have I mentioned that he’s beautiful?? And I kid you not, every time Suwabe says “Yuuri” I’m always hey wait is this Yuuri on Ice or what !!!!!!!! I know I sound like an annoying YoI fangirl who thinks everything IS about YoI but I can’t help but think that Otomate did this on purpose ???

Ludwik (CV: Hino Satoshi) is the hotheaded hunting dog who thinks he can solve everything by biting the enemies’ necks off  l m a o. Like most dogs, he’s very loyal to his master Yuuri and puts her safety first before anything else.

Mias (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa) is the birb canary bird who takes pride in his beautiful face and voice. Despite being a birb himself though, Mias likes hard boiled eggs :O !!! But to be honest, Mias liking eating boiled eggs without knowing it’s actually cannibalism became a running gag in the game that I’ve gotten tired of the joke already ^_^;; He’s still a cutie birb though.

Jozef (CV: Hatano Wataru) is the huggable big bear. Although he’s the biggest guy, he’s the most innocent among Yuuri’s animal companions; ie he’s like a the youngest kid that must. be. protected !! Because he’s been with Yuuri since he was a cub, Jozef considers Yuuri as his… mom. Yeah ikr ;;;

Secret Not-so-secret character routes include Henryk and the Wizard:

Henryk (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) is the son of Yuuri’s murderer uncle Hubert, which makes him Yuuri’s cousin. Hey we’re open-minded here, we know that in middle ages cousins can marry each other to “keep the royal blood as pure as possible” though we all know now that this practice is bad for the genes. He acts like a protective older brother to Yuuri because Otomate says hey let’s add an oniichan route. He’s cute when he gets shy though!!! <3

Wizard (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), or Czarodziej, which is also “wizard” in Polish (according to Google Translate), is the best boi in this game and is THE ONLY ROUTE THAT MATTERS. Being a wizard, he’s good at making potions and stuff so he was able to help Yuuri and co. make more magic rainbow powder. Ryszard and the others don’t trust him because he acts like a hentai do-M towards Yuuri ie saying stuff like, “PLEASE STEP ON ME PRINCESS JULIA” but THIS is exactly what I love about him XD

Now I only special mention the heroine in an otoge review if she has striking characteristics that I will never forget, and well, except maybe for her skills in sewing pretty clothes, Yuuri is a heroine I’ll forget after I’ve moved on to another game. Nonetheless, I really like her name Julia (read as Yulia), with an equally cute nickname Yuuri ;;w;; Hngggh it’s a really beautiful name <3 Remind me to name my daughter “Yulia” if ever I have one ww


I started this game without any good expectation from it, except for a bit of looking forward for the Sakurai route, so I wasn’t disappointed after I finished playing XD. It’s a very short game with a straightforward story and easy-to-figure hidden plots–really, nothing’s worth mentioning.

The only routes that matter are Ryszard and Wizard routes and I see the other routes as simply fillers. I’m sorry but I was bored af as I went through Ludwik’s route, while half of Jozef route focused on the story of no-sprite characters instead of him and Yuuri which is really annoying because hello?? I’m here for the story of the main characters ?! Mias and Henryk route were okay but still lacking. If you want to play the game for the do-M hentai Sakurai chara you can go straight to Ryszard route because it isn’t locked and then to Wizard chara AND YOU’RE DONE WITH BEAST AND PRINCESS YAY!

The character interactions could’ve made the game more interesting but as I said this is a very short game so there wasn’t enough opportunity for more interactions.

As for Beast and Princess’ connections with the Beastmaster and Prince game, I honestly have idea because I haven’t played the latter. Although I figured out that there are Beastmaster references at the start of the game and at an important revelation scene in a certain character’s route, it’s sad that I can’t enjoy connecting stuff. So yeah, I guess it’ll be better to play this game if you’ve already played Beastmaster and Prince.

Probably one of the few good things about the game is the art (though to be honest I think the CGs in Snow Bound Land are still better than this game’s ^_^;). Anyways the story book-like visuals are very pretty and well-designed *w* Only problem is I think they got over-the-top with the text box design since sometimes you can’t read the text properly, like in this case.

The mofumofu mini game is, well, just another unnecessary mini game in my opinion. I agree that it’s cute and it was so fun hearing do-M hentai Sakurai wizard react satisfyingly to me slapping him in the face (don’t judge ww), but overall it’s just a waste of 30 seconds I could’ve used to finish the route at once and get to Wizard route fast.


It’s a game with cute art and mediocre story, I don’t think I’ll recommend the game unless you’re a big Sakurai fan and wants to hear him voice the best character in the game, aka do-M hentai Wizard 😂


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  1. Come to think of it, it’s pretty funny their kingdom in named in yiddish [or am I seeing things?] and the places at the map are just like ‘ocean’, ‘river’, ‘town’ or ‘asset’ [they wanted to say ‘capital’ but were wrong c:].
    Btw since it’s a short game and all do you think it’s good for a japanese beginner?

    • Ooh that’s interesting, I’m not familiar with the language so I honestly didn’t understand the map ww
      Also I think the game may be okay for beginners, though I think there are games with easier Japanese, you can check my post for that.

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