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It’s the third game of our favorite steam punk otome game, Code:Realize, and it’s kinda Christmas themed! This is a really long spoiler-heavy post about the game, and I think I had too much fun writing the details of the Cantarella and Christmas stories, so they are extra long ahahaaha ^_^;; The Finis and Sholmes after stories are better written though! ・´∀`・)

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If Story: First Christmas
Arsene Lupin
Abraham Van Helsing
Victor Frankenstein
Impey Barbicane
Triangle Date
Another Story: Cantarella
After Story: Herlock Sholmes
After Story: Finis
Special After Story
Overall Thoughts


If Story: First Christmas

These stories happen after Finis route in Shukufuku no Mirai in which Cardia’s living together with Finis at their house in Wales. It’s Christmas time and London is in high holiday spirits, with Queen Victoria even ordering the decoration of a big Christmas tree in the city, and the opening of a Christmas market.

It’s an after story in which you end up with the guys and FINIS IS ALIVE, D’YA ALL REALIZE  HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS



Arsene Lupin (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)


Lupin is on a theft mission to steal a golden necklace when Leonhardt and his men arrive to stop and capture him. Lupin seems to be doing good at first, until he got distracted (thoughts of Cardia) and was shot by rubber bullets of Leonhardt’s men. Back at the San’s mansion, Lupin gets treated by Fran, and Impey and Fran agree that it’s so not like Lupin to be almost beaten, by ossan Leonhardt, no less. Fran says though that Lupin must have been just tired from “working” a lot since the previous incident with Isaac Beckford so he tells Lupin to take a break until his injuries are cured.

One week later, San comes back to the mansion to see how Lupin is doing. San quickly figures out that the reason why Lupin’s feeling down lately is because of Cardia’s absence in the mansion, so he suggests holding a Christmas party in the mansion. San also hands him a flyer to the Holy Night Illumination event that will be held at the heart of London, as per Queen Victoria’s way of lifting the citizens’s mood after the Nautilus incident.

Later, Lupin concludes that the only way to cure his lovesickness is to see Cardia personally, so he writes a letter to send to her in Wales: “Dear Cardia, I will see your smiling face in the near future. From, Gentleman Thief Arsene Lupin”, and planned how he will collect information, start the attack, and provide the escape route… until he realized that he’s actually writing a warning letter 😂 Lupin tries so many times to write a proper a letter to Cardia to no avail, until he sees the Holy Night Illumination flyer that San handed him earlier.


Few days before Christmas, Lupin, Impey, Fran, and Lupin decorate the mansion, but Lupin’s still out of it so to help Lupin breathe some fresh air, the three guys ask him to do grocery shopping. Turns out that Lupin had already sent Cardia an invitation letter for the Christmas party at San’s mansion a month ago but she still hasn’t replied. This caused Lupin to think of the worst possible scenario, such as Cardia actually hates him now or Cardia got a boyfriend and is now preparing for the wedding ceremony 😂 Anyways, at the Christmas market, Lupin bumps into Sholmes, who quickly deduces that Lupin is not his usual self because he’s missing Cardia. Sholmes offers to help him, but Lupin refuses, so Sholmes says that he really is a Gentleman Thief after all, because when something (Cardia) is stolen from him, he doesn’t consult with a detective; instead, he has his own ways to get it back. Because of Sholme’s words, Lupin realizes that the way to get Cardia’s heart is to, what else, “steal” her again.

It’s Christmas Eve and at Wales, Cardia’s missing the members of the Lupin gang and wants to spend Christmas with them. Turns out she actually also saw the Holy Night Illumination in London flyer and wanted to go so she sent a letter to San’s mansion, but she still hasn’t received a reply. In low spirits, Cardia just slept the Christmas Eve away, until she hears knocking on her window and it turns out to be… Lupin in Santa Claus outfit and Sisi in reindeer outfit!! (Cuties ;;w;;)


Soon, Lupin and Cardia learn that they actually didn’t receive their letters for each other. When Finis arrives, he confesses that he’s actually hiding Impey’s letters to Cardia (because Impey is sending useless love letters EVERY WEEK and it’s getting annoying), and that one important letter from Lupin got mixed up with the pile. Anyways, now that the mystery of Lupin’s lost letter has been solved, all’s left is Cardia’s missing letters. Lupin says he kind of have an idea what happened but he still has to check, and in the meantime, he should bring Cardia to London. Surprisingly, Finis doesn’t mind his sister going to London, because all she’s been talking about lately is London, so it’ll be nice if she can enjoy her self at that exact place. Finis also blurts out that Cardia’s mentioning Lupin a lot, much to Cardia’s embarrassment in front of Lupin 😂 As Cardia also wants to bring Finis, the siblings go to London with Lupin and Sisi via the ornithopter (idk but isn’t it dangerous to fly an ornithopter when it’s snowing?).

Lupin and co arrive in London that morning, and Lupin and Cardia go on a date to see the decorated London street… while holding hands !!!! though it’s because it’ll be bad if they get separated in that huge crowd 😂 It was a nice date until Lupin senses an enemy, which turns out to be Sholmes, who happened to just see Cardia and Lupin on their date. Lupin then thanks Sholmes for the advice the other day. During the date they also see Queen Victoria and Leonhardt, Nemo (who’s been set free because lmao the police are too kind), and Pash and Shirley who’s looking for a gift for her father Darius. Shirley then invites Lupin and Cardia to see the Christmas decorations at the church.

At the church, they see the big Christmas tree Queen Victoria had ordered to build. Here, Shirley asks Cardia if Lupin is her honmei among the five guys (if you remember in Shukufuku no Mirai, Shirley asked Cardia which she likes the most among the five guys), but Cardia answers she still doesn’t know because she hasn’t experienced love yet.

After a day of walking around London, Cardia and Lupin goes back to San’s mansion, and at the gates, Lupin is about to tell Cardia something until he senses that Fran and San are actually eavesdropping 😂 Anyways, Cardia goes inside the mansion, while Lupin confronts San and Fran for, to no one’s surprise, hiding Cardia’s letters addressed to Lupin. Fran confesses that he, San, and Impey did it because they got irritated at how Cardia and Lupin still lived far away from each other even though it’s so obvious they have mutual feelings for each other. So to help Lupin realize his feelings, they hid Cardia’s letter, knowing that the cut between the only means of communication between the two will make Lupin miss her even more and actually do something about the distance. With this explanation, Lupin finally decides to do what he needs to do.

The Christmas party then starts, with everyone being lively, including Dora-chan trying to know what’s actually up with Finis’ hairdo 😂 Later, while the party’s still ongoing, Cardia’s leaves to the hallway and Lupin, who followed her, tries to say what he’s been meaning to tell her earlier at the mansion gate, but he gets interrupted by Dora, who’s looking for Cardia. Lupin hides Cardia and tells Dora that he hasn’t her. Realizing that they won’t get to talk with just the two of them in San’s mansion, Lupin and Cardia decides to leave for the night, with Lupin leaving behind a letter that says he’s borrowing Cardia for a night.


Cardia and Lupin go back to the see the Christmas tree at the church, and here Lupin tells Cardia that he doesn’t want to be separated from her ;;w;; He adds that he didn’t do anything about it because Cardia may not feel the same, but Cardia answers that the feeling is mutual, and she wants to be with him too. Under the falling snow, Cardia and Lupin say their love for each other, and they kiss ♡ They also talk about getting Finis to agree with it, but Lupin says that if otouto-kun doesn’t want Cardia staying in London, he’ll be happy to live in Wales ;;w;;


Thoughts: Look, it’s about cutie Lupin being lovesick and failing in his gentleman thief attempts! www Unfortunately, it’s always about Lupin during the entire if story so we didn’t  get to see what happened during the Christmas party ;;; [top]


Abraham Van Helsing (CV: Suwabe Junichi)


Van and Dora-chan are still traveling from place to place in search for vampire survivors. While collecting information at Liverpool, they read from a newspaper about the Christmas festival happening soon in London, so they plan to go back for Christmas, with a little side trip to Wales. They visit Cardia and Finis’ place, but there’s no one home so they decide to wait for bit. While at it, Van asks Dora-chan why he agreed to let Van join him in his journey, and Dora-chan says that it’s precisely because it’s Van who killed his parents so Van should pay for it by helping Dora-chan.

Night comes and Cardia and Finis still hasn’t come back, so Van and Dora-chan prepare to leave when an automobile almost crashes into them, and the riders turn out to be Cardia and Finis who went shopping at the downtown. Everyone’s happy to see each other again, but Van says goodbye saying that they still need to catch their ride and find a place to stay. Cardia notices though that Van and Dora-chan have been outside the cold since dusk (by touching Van’s cheeks aaaaaaaah so cute) so she invites them to stay over at their house.


As Dora-chan gives his corgi stuff toy souvenir to Finis in the bedroom, Van sees Cardia knitting and he quickly guesses that she’s making Christmas gifts for everyone in Lupin’s gang. Since there isn’t much time left before Christmas, Van helps Cardia, and he’s surprisingly good at it!! (Also that knitting Van CG hngggghhh he looks so handsome !!!!). Van and Dora-chan’s supposed to be only one night stay at Cardia’s place became longer than expected, and the four decide to just go to London together before Christmas.

On the night before their departure date to London, Cardia, with Van’s help, finishes her gifts for the other members of the Lupin gang, and while Van insisted that Cardia not make anything for him anymore, Cardia secretly knits something for him in her room. Later, Finis confronts Van and asks him why Van hasn’t killed him yet even though Van assumed that it was him who killed Van’s family (but even if Van wants to kill him, Finis says that he won’t give his life away because he doesn’t want to make his sister cry anymore OTOUTO KUN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ;;w;;). After hitting Finis in the face twice LMAO, Van answers that he won’t feel any good hurting Finis because in the first place, maybe he doesn’t really hate Finis and thus does not want revenge against him. Finis then tells Van that he only wishes his sister her happiness and Van’s the answer to that, but he definitely will never call him “brother” 😂


When goes back inside the house, he notices that the light in Cardia’s room is still on, so he enters to tell her again that she doesn’t need to bother making a gift for him. What Van sees though is a Cardia who had fallen asleep while knitting, and at this sight Van realizes that the reason why he no longer has feelings of revenge is because another feeling has built a place in his heart—and we know what that is


On Christmas Day, the four arrive in London, and while Dora-chan enthusiastically pulled Finis into walking around the city, Cardia and Van are left together AND VAN ASKS CARDIA TO SEE THE CITY WITH HIM AAAAAAAAAAAAAA VAN IS THIS REALLY YOU. Van and Cardia then decide to go Santa Claus by visiting the members of the Lupin gang one by one and giving them their Christmas present. First stop is the Frankenstein Clinic, where they give Fran a muffler that has a filter in it so he can use it as a gas mask when he’s doing lab experiments 😂, and for Sisi a sweater. Next is the trade fair near Thames River, where they give Lupin a neck-warmer that he can use as a mask to cover his face during his “night work”, and for Impey a knit cap that was mostly made by Van.

Back at the London high street, Van and Cardia bump into Alester (ikr why is this bastard still here //oh yeah if this from Finis route then Van still doesn’t know), who says that he’s being followed by someone (I’m guessing Sholmes) and he can’t accept Van’s offer to help in this matter. Alester notes that Van has changed and this kinda disappointed him (Alester didn’t say it outright but it sounded to me like he is because I know his story). Alester then says goodbye, and tells Van that this will be the last time that they’ll see each other.

Later that day, Van, Cardi, Finis, and Dora-chan finally go back to the mansion, where the other Lupin gang members greeted them. At this, Cardia gives San his present, which is a blanket, and when Lupin asks about the special feature of the blanket, Cardia answers that it’s just a normal one that San can use while reading or walking around the cold mansion garden at night. Poor Lupin and Fran realize that they’re the ones who got weird gifts because they are the “weird people” 😂

The party soon starts, with delish food cooked by Impey, special gifts from Fran and San, and a magic show performed by Lupin (and Impey always being the victim subject ww). Midway through the after-party cleanup, Van goes outside and Cardia follows him. Here, Cardia gives Van his Christmas present, which is a hunter’s coat. Van won’t accept it at first because he had already told Cardia not to sew him a gift, but Cardia insists, saying that it’s Van whom she wants to give a present the most. Cardia also confesses that she likes Van, and she realized it after getting advice from the other Lupin gang members who told her that it’s actually love she’s feeling ;;w;; At this, Van accepts the coat, wears it, and hugs Cardia aaaaaaaaaa !!!!! In exchange for Cardia’s present, Van gives Cardia the earring he bought earlier in the if story, and tells her that his feelings are the same and he loves her too hnggggghhh. Van adds that he wasn’t able to give it to her earlier because he’s afraid that Cardia might not accept his feelings since he was all about revenge before. That even though he no longer thinks of revenge and wants to focus on the more positive things (i.e his feelings for Cardia), his feelings of revenge might go back and corrupt him again. Now though, with Cardia’s confession and her warmth, Van knows that just as his past can no longer be changed, his feelings for Cardia will also not change. And with all that really lovely exchange of awesome lines (hnggggh Van !! , Cardia and Van promise to always be together, and they kiss ;;w;; (no kiss CG tho)


Thoughts: Van is no longer his emo self, he’s always smiling, what more can I ask for??? Oh wait, a kiss CG, because again, no kiss CG. But whatever, it’s really nice to finally see Van without the emo the revenge stuff, he’s grown so much with love in his heart and I’m so proud of him ;;w;; Otomate, thank you for giving me this Van if story after that emo Van after story in Shukufuku no Mirai www [top]


Victor Frankenstein (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)


After the incident with Isaac Beckford, Fran started running a clinic in the slum of London. As Fran explains, he got an invitation to go back to the palace alchemist group but he declined, since he says that there’s more to science than learning inside the four walls of a laboratory. Anyways, for today, Fran’s patient is Darius, the head of the Gordon mafia family who also provides his clinic with affordable medicine. Darius is with Shirley, who asks about Cardia, and Fran answers that she came for a check up on time but has been in Wales with Finis ever since. As Darius and co leave Fran’s clinic, Fran thought of the Lupin gang, who has gone their own ways: Lupin and Impey went to France, Dora-chan and Van are traveling around England, San is busy with Idea, and the person Fran misses the most, Cardia, is in Wales with Finis.

That night, Fran reads the letters he received, and one of them is from his mom (omg Fran mama I wanna see her *w*), telling him to get married soon 😂 Fran then writes a reply letter, telling his parents that he has no plans of getting married soon, though to not make them worry about him even further, Fran adds that there is a girl he’s currently interested in 👀👌🏻 mmmmmmmm. When Fran finishes the letter, he realizes that half of what he wrote is about Cardia, and although he thought twice of sending such letter, he decides to send it anyway because everything in it is his true feelings! awwww

As Fran sleeps one day, he dreams about what happened during the day before Cardia left London for Wales, when they were walking along the Tower Bridge. Here, tells Cardia that she should be happy with her family and not worry about the Lupin gang because they’ll be able to see each other again. Although Fran kind of regret not telling Cardia about his true feelings back then, he wants her to spend a normal life with her family so he didn’t say the words he really wanted to say. Fran then wakes up at Watson’s house (Watson has a clinic at the middle class area of London so he and Fran are kinda like doctor buddies), who asks him if he has a problem. Fran tells Watson about the thing with Cardia in which he didn’t say what he wanted to tell her, and Watson suggests that Fran should just say it once he sees the girl again.

Later, Fran is doing some supplies shopping when he bumps into Leonhardt, who tells him that they have found where the dicterium is stored (see Fran route, Sousei no Himegimi). Leonhardt adds that the queen has ordered for the dicterium to be sealed, and Fran agrees that it’s the right thing to do. Anyways, that night, Fran receives a reply letter from her mother (his parents call him “Vic” by the way), saying that they’ll be visiting London on Christmas Eve so Fran should introduce his future wife to them 😂

At Wales, Cardia’s preparing for Fran’s arrival, after he sent a rush letter saying that he’ll visit Cardia in Wales because he needs to talk to her ASAP. It seems that Cardia’s also thinking the same as Fran regarding what happened at the Tower Bridge, because she actually wanted to hear him say he wants to stay with her ;;w;; Anyways, Fran arrives, and Cardia gives him a tour of their home, until they arrive at her room and everything goes dokidoki shoujo manga like Cardia and Fran start blushing like tomatoes. To break the awkward scene, Cardia was about to call Finis and tell him to prepare the food but Fran stops her because he needs to say this important thing to her now, and he says it: “Cardia, please be my girlfriend!!” Cardia goes more dokidoki and is thinking about what to answer when Fran adds “It doesn’t have to be a real gf-bf relationship!!” OH GOD FRAN YOU JERK ARE YOU REALLY SAYING THIS????? It’s like, one of the seven things you shouldn’t say to a girl! This makes Cardia angry and she’s like, “Victor Frankenstein, EXPLAIN YOURSELF” and she’s a total badass because she’s ordering Fran around 😂 So Fran explains why he suddenly wants Cardia to act as his girlfriend on Christmas Eve, and asks her if she’ll do it, even talking in keigo and Cardia telling him to talk normally ww. Cardia agrees to be Fran’s acting girlfriend but she has two conditions: They must practice being lovers so their act will be more realistic, and they will start TOMORROW.


So then Fran, Cardia, and Finis go back to London the next day, and with Finis immediately “kidnapped” by Hansel, Fran and Cardia start their practice. With Cardia’s arms encircled in Fran’s, the two are walking along the London streets when it started to snow. At this, Fran was about to tell Cardia what he’s been wanting to tell her all this time until he remembers that he doesn’t want to say it because he doesn’t want to break Cardia’s happiness again, so he kept his words to himself.

The next day, the mission is “to tell their friends that they are dating,” so they go to San’s mansion, where they are greeted by the other Lupin gang members, who also just recently arrived for the Christmas party on the 24th. Everyone’s happy to see each other, and Fran’s already begging them to notice that something’s changed between him and Cardia, but the other people are still too busy telling stories 😂 But then Impey—of course it has to be Impey—notices Fran and Cardia’s PDA, and with this Fran announces to everyone that Cardia is his girlfriend and he won’t forgive anyone who will try to take her away!! Contrary to Fran and Cardia’s expectations though, the other people weren’t surprised and they think it’s just natural that Cardia and Fran are dating www (much to Impey’s, “Why did no one react like ‘NO WAY??’ or ‘WHEN DID IT HAPPEN??’” 😂). When Impey’s finally settled down, Fran and Cardia explains to everyone the real reason why they’re acting like lovers. Turns out everyone (except Impey w) already noticed that it’s just an act, thus their lackluster reaction earlier. Also, since Fran’s parents will be in London on the 24th, the gang decides to move the party to a later date so Fran can spend the whole day with his parents.


The next day, 22nd of December, Cardia helps Fran in his clinic and the patients 100% think that they are newly-weds 😂 On the 23rd, Cardia and Fran go on a date, and at a  cafe, they were given a special Christmas menu for couples and Fran orders a drink called “I won’t let you go tonight”, much to his embarrassment ww Cardia then says that they do look like a real couple, and at this Fran whispers, “Can’t we be a real couple?” ?????????? So then I thought Fran’s gonna push that statement but UNFORTUNATELY he didn’t, and instead changes the topic by saying that they should do more couple-like things. Later, they go to the Christmas Market, where Fran invited Cardia to ice skate. It’s Cardia’s first time so she’s still learning how to skate, but Fran’s already a pro so envious Cardia’s like, “Fran, why are you so good at ice skating?? I thought you’re bad sports??”, to which Fran answers that there’s a lot of ice skating places back it his hometown at Switzerland so he ice skated a lot before (idk but if it’s “Victor ice skating” I can only think of Yuuri on Ice ww). Fran then pulls Cardia into skating faster, and we get a really pretty CG of them ice skating with Fran supporting Cardia who’s worried she might fall ;;w;; After a few glides, Fran asks Cardia if she can do it on her own now and he’ll let go of her hand, but Cardia asks him not to let her go, to which Fran says, “I won’t let you go anymore” !!!!!!! Ohmy stop with the word games, you two!!


The next day, Christmas Eve, Fran and Cardia go to the train station to welcome Fran’s parents. While waiting, Fran talks about how he enjoyed the previous days, how they’ve really become more than just acting lovers, and Cardia feels the same. So then Fran says that at this rate, they’ll be big liars, so in order to make the lie a reality, he FINALLY fckin FINALLY tells Cardia that he likes her, and he wants her to be his 恋人, not  only until that day ends, but also for the countless days to come; not only as a girlfriend, but as part of his family. With what happened the other day in Wales still haunting her (ww), Cardia doesn’t want to believe in Fran so in order to get his feelings across, Fran kisses Cardia, as proof of his true feelings Minutes later, the train finally arrives, and Fran welcomes his parents to London, and he introduces Cardia to them. Fran mama and Fran papa are more than happy to see Cardia and entrust their son to her care. GAWD it’s such a lovely sight I’m crying ;;w;; I mean, Fran’s parents = Cardia’s soon to be parents-in-law IM CRYING AGAIN


Thoughts: It’s the if story where we get to see Cardia as a girl in love who blushes in front of her crush aaaaaaaa IT’S SO CUTE !!! *w* Although it’s kinda frustrating how Fran’s always holding back his confession to Cardia, I’m happy that Fran’s loving parents are introduced! As Cardia mentioned, of everyone in the Lupin gang, only Fran has parents that are still living, so I’m really glad that they put them into the story as an addition to Fran’s character. It’s nice that we also get to see them in the CG! ;;w;; [top]


Impey Barbicane (CV: Morikubo Shoutaro)


It’s been half a year since the conclusion of the incident with Isaac Beckford, and Nemo’s imprisoned for the crime of destroying London with the Nautilus. Impey visits Nemo because he’s currently recreating the gravity-alleviating device and he’s getting Nemo’s advice for it. Anyways, Impey later buys mech goods and goes back to San’s mansion, where he’s greeted by San and they have a little road down the memory lane talk. San mentions that Impey has been quiet about Cardia since she moved out of the mansion and went to Wales, much to Impey’s surprise. At this, San asks Impey why Impey likes Cardia, and Impey’s further taken aback and didn’t know how to answer, so San apologizes for asking such a teasing question. San then hands Impey a letter from Van and Dora-chan, which reads that they are currently in Scotland and will be back to London for Christmas and New Year. With the Lupin gang almost complete for Christmas, Impey decides to invite Cardia and Finis too.

At Wales, Cardia’s fixing a machine and although she is able to finish the job, she’s a bit frustrated that she can’t do it as fast and as good as Impey does. This makes her miss about Impey, who used to tell her everyday that he likes her, which helped her like her used to be monster self. With that, she was able to make Finis like himself too, and this is just awwww ;;w;;; Cardia’s sure that she likes Impey too, and at the same time likes Finis and the other members of the Lupin gang, but she feels that her “like” is a bit different when it comes to Impey. So to test this, she forces Finis to tell her “I like you”. Much to Finis’ awkwardness, he says it with all effort, but Cardia’s not satisfied because it’s different from when Impey says it so Finis is like, “HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME DO SOMETHING SO EMBARRASSING AND REACT LIKE THAT??”😂wwww Anyways, a package from the Lupin gang arrives so Cardia opens it to see… a very cute Impey doll! Finis says it must be some kind of voodoo doll so Cardia should burn it LMAO. The Impey doll turns out to have a recording from Impey, San, and Lupin, inviting Cardia and San to go to London for Christmas. Of course, Cardia is quick to decide that she’ll go, and she’s now excited to see Impey again and hear him greet here with “I love you, my princess!”


On the day before Christmas, Impey cooks lots of good food (with Lupin in charge of buying the ingredients)  for Christmas eve since Van and Dora-chan, and Cardia and Finis are to arrive at the mansion later. However, even with everything ready, there’s a snowstorm happening outside so Van and Dora-chan arrived late, and they are worried that Cardia and Finis’ train might have stopped due to the bad weather, so Impey storms out of the mansion to get them. True enough, Cardia and Finis are stuck because their train stopped… until they hear someone calling them from outside… which turns out to be Impey! Impey has come to pick them up with the ornithopter, and Cardia’s more then happy to go with him, but Finis doesn’t want to join. Finis says it’ll be too stuffy for three people to ride the ornithopter, so Cardia should go now while he wait for the train to move again, but I swear, Finis just wants to give Cardia and Impey some time alone by themselves because he knows they romantically like each other 😂


Granting Finis’ idea, Cardia goes first to London with Impey via the ornithopter, and they promise to just meet Finis at the London train station. On the way, Cardia notices that Impey has gotten so much more awesome, and she realizes that her “like” for him is different than her “like for others ;;w;; Impey then says, “Very beautiful. The one I like the most…” —and Cardia is expecting something— “…I like this London at night scenery the most.” And Cardia’s like, “WTF????” 😂😂 Because I swear I thought Impey’s talking about Cardia and then suddenly he was actually talking about London scenery LMAO 😂 Cardia got angry at him for leading her on a different expectation, but all’s good after they greet each other Merry Christmas.

The next day, Christmas, everyone’s finally gathered at San’s mansion for the party. There’s lots of food cooked by Impey, and a magic show hosted by Lupin. Later, Cardia notices that Impey’s missing so she looks for him, and soon finds him in his studio as he is fixing the ornithopter. Here, Cardia sees the gravity-alleviator device that Impey is currently making, so Impey explains his life project and childhood dream of going to the moon, and at this, Cardia asks if Impey’s “like” for science is the same as his “like” for her. Cardia then says the thing that’s been troubling her lately: she likes everyone in the Lupin gang but for some reason, her “like” for Impey is different. Cardia asks Impey to tell her “I like you” so she’ll why Impey’s words are different from Finis’. This blew Impey’s mind off so instead he says he can’t do that now, and he runs away, saying that he’ll visit Nemo because it’ll be sad for him to be alone in prison for Christmas ww.


So Impey goes to see Nemo and asks him for love advice. However, after Impey told Nemo his story, Nemo is just “……”, and surprise, Nemo talked normally!! Nemo tells Impey that now is not the time to avoid Cardia, and instead, Impey must do what he needs to do—to explain to Cardia what she’s feeling! (Whoaaaa Nemo actually gave a good love advice I AM SHOOKT). Before Impey leaves, Nemo gives him a switch as a Christmas present. Nemo doesn’t say what the switch is for, but adds that he planned to use that switch once he gets out of prison. After hearing Impey’s story, Nemo now thought that Impey will have better use for it, so he tells Impey to push the switch button “when the time comes”.

Back at the mansion, the party’s still ongoing, with Van now drunk together with Darius 😂 Anyways, Cardia’s doing some kitchen cleaning when Impey arrives to say sorry for what happened earlier. As an apology, Impey takes Cardia to a date at the London streets. Cardia and Impey walk around at the Christmas market, and at one point, Impey buys an earring that Cardia has chosen. For the main event, Impey then brings Cardia to the Crystal Palace, so he can show to Cardia the first ever neo steam created by Isaac Beckford, which is housed in the place. Impey tells Cardia that because of her father’s works, Impey’s dream of going to the moon can be made into reality, so Cardia must remember that her father did lots of things that helped humanity. Outside the Crystal Palace, Impey then uses the switch that Nemo gave him, and it turns out to be a switch to activate a fireworks display! Under this scenery, Impey finally says the words that he’s been avoiding to say since the date started: a sincere “I like you, Cardia,” —adding that it’s the “like” for her and only her. Impey will say it as much as he can now, only difference is that Cardia now knows what that “like” is, and Cardia says that their “like” for each other is the same.


Thoughts: Impey’s story made me smile again! It’s as good as his after story in Future Blessings ;;w;; (if you remember, Impey’s after story is my favorite). The ornithopter picking up scene is so good hnggghhh I LOVE IT. We also get to see Nemo talking in a normal way (albeit for only three or four lines) so that was refreshing. All in all I really like the main idea in this if story, which is all about Cardia figuring out her “like” for Impey and Impey’s “like” for her ;;w;; [top]


Saint-Germain (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)


It’s right after the Nautilus incident and San visits Omnibus at the heart of Idea forest to report about how London’s settled down. He also talks about Cardia and Finis, who are now both living normal lives in Wales and are far from being threats to humanity. San waits for Omnibus’ next order, but he’s surprised when Omnibus tells him to get a vacation, and do whatever he wants during this job leave.

The problem is San actually has nothing to do, since right he’s the only one left in the mansion and everyone has gone their own ways. San then decides to just stay inside the mansion and do some major cleaning… which took him months 😂 San cleaned Impey’s studio, which reminded him of the day Impey and Lupin fixed the ornithopter so they can go to France, Fran’s room, which reminded him of the day Fran left the mansion with Sisi so he can open a clinic at the slums, and the mansion gate, which reminded him of the day Van and Dora-chan left to look for the remaining vampire survivors. Lastly, San enters Cardia’s room, to see an image of Cardia, in a CG similar to that one CG in Sousei no Himegimi when Cardia first met San !!! It turns out that San is just daydreaming of her though, and he remembers the time they sent Cardia and Finis to the train station for Wales. Back then, Cardia said something to San (which, is obviously “Thank you for teaching me to love”), but it got drowned by the sound of the train and she was never able to say it properly again. Meanwhile, San knows he has to say the same to her, but he didn’t get any opportunity to say it ;;


After cleaning every nook and corner of the mansion, San sees again the Lupin gang group photo they took after the airship race (in Sousei no Himegimi). For some reason, he suddenly remembered his friend Trismegistus, and how he felt sad after his friend’s death (more about this back story Shukufuku no Mirai). At this, San realizes that he’s feeling the same as back then, that he is sad and lonely, and wants to see the Lupin gang once more ;;w;; So he starts writing letters for everyone in Lupin gang..

At Wales, Finis catches Cardia reading a book written by Count St. Germain, and Cardia says explains she saw that 200-year old alchemy book at the house library and got curious. It also turns out that Hansel has been visiting Cardia and Finis from time to time as part of his job of getting info he’ll report to Idea, and San used to visit too but hasn’t showed himself for quite some time now. This makes Cardia sad, but Finis tells her that if she wants to see San then she should be the one who should do something about it, so Cardia decides to go visit San in London. Coincidentally, an letter of invitation from San arrived earlier (Finis says he initially thought of throwing the letter to the fireplace ww), so the the two prepare to go to London.

On mid-December, San asks Guinevere and Hansel to help him…… decorate the mansion for the upcoming Christmas party 😂 Though San didn’t say it out loud, he actually invited Guinevere and Hansel to decorate the mansion with him because he wanted them to experience working with each other awwww. Anyways, Guinevere says that San has changed, because San had spend lots of Christmas days alone and yet now the idea of alone on Christmas makes San lonely.


On Christmas Eve, a snow storm disrupted London and although he has already made all the preparations for the party, San concludes that no one will come because the trains have stopped. (This is really sad ;;A;; It’s like San is a grandpa who’s waiting for his children and grandchildren to visit him for Christmas huhuhu). San is about to clean up when something crashed into a window in the mansion, and it turns out to be Lupin and Impey on the ornithopter, with Cardia and Finis whom they picked up after learning that the sibling’s train stopped. Moments later, Van, Fran, and Dora-chan, who heard the ornithopter crashing sound, barges in, and now everyone in the Lupin gang is present—although their entrances were quite flashy 😂 San was surprised and speechless at first, but then he started laughing while crying, because he missed these people in this funny scenario so much ;;w;; (OMG now I’m crying too huhuhu San don’t cry!!)


Since it’s late and everyone’s tired, the Lupin gang decided to go to their own rooms and rest for a bit (except Lupin and Impey who have to fix the broken window ww). San visits Cardia in her room, and he immediately hugs her, so he’ll know that he really is there in front of her ;;w;; San says that he misses Cardia so much and he wants her to stay by his side always, and Cardia thinks the same too, although San leaves the room to “prepare for the party” before she can even answer him.

The party starts at midnight, with everyone telling their adventures for the past months. Later, Cardia notices that San has been out for a while, so she finds him and sees him at the mansion door. Cardia and San talk, and San confesses that he was worried that he doesn’t have the right to invite everyone to a party because in the first place it was Idea’s plan to gather everyone so it’ll be easier to observe them. Cardia says that she wanted to see him again too, and asks why San didn’t visit her in Wales even though Hansel comes from time to time. San then answers that he doesn’t want Cardia to get used to seeing him, because there will come a time that he will have to accomplish an important mission that may last for years, and he doesn’t want Cardia waiting for him anymore. At this, Omnibus, Guinevere, and Hansel suddenly appear (by the way this is the first time Cardia meets Omnibus and Guinevere in this route), and San deduces that they’ve come to tell him that his break is over and he has a new mission, to which Cardia begs them not to take San. However, Omnibus says that they’ve come to join the Christmas party and meet the Lupin gang, so San need not to worry. Guinevere then clarifies that San’s mission is actually the “take a break”, and they won’t mind regardless of how long it’ll take for San to finish that mission awwwwww ;;w;; With Idea giving him an indefinite break, San can now focus on Cardia and being together with her. For starters, he invites her to a date to the Christmas market, and they walk hand in hand.

After one week of staying in London, it’s time for Cardia and Finis to head back to Wales so the Lupin gang sees them off to the train station. At this, San tells Cardia that she should live in the mansion in the near future, as his family. Of course, San adds that Finis should come too, as his brother-in-law 😂 Before the train leaves, San kisses Cardia, and Cardia promises that she will be back soon.


Thoughts: Half of the whole if story was just how San spent his time alone and missing Cardia and the Lupin gang, and there weren’t many scenes with him and Cardia, but I think it totally captures who Saint-Germain really is: He spent lots of Christmas days alone for years but because of the Lupin gang, he has changed and he longs for company now ;;w;; Also that ending is really good hngggggh I’m so happy to see everyone happy. Now I want a fourth game with Cardia and Finis going back to to live in London with San huhu

Overall thoughts on If Stories:

Since these if stories take place after Finis route, the individual routes in Sousei no Himegimi didn’t happen so it’s like starting all over again 😂 But as I said, these are romance stories with the guys WITH FINIS STILL ALIVE and that is VERY important. Each if story is fun and unique, so I’m satisfied. My only problem is that I wish we could skip the intro because it’s just the same through all the five if stories, but all in all I love the five if stories. The character development is still the best feature, especially of Finis and Cardia and how they can now smile, Finis worries about and takes care of Cardia. And let me mention how the idea of friends getting together and holding a party during Christmas in these stories is on point *w* [top]


Triangle Date

Lupin and Van. Van and Cardia are out shopping in the London streets when it started to rain so Cardia takes shelter at some place while Van buys an umbrella. While Cardia’s waiting for Van, Lupin, who also wants to take shelter from the rain, appears, and Cardia and him talk about why Lupin doesn’t like rainy days (remember Lupin route in Sousei no Himegimi). Anyways, when Van returns, he brings only one umbrella, and Lupin accuses him of intentionally buying only one so he can score a walk under the same umbrella with Cardia 😂 Van looks guilty, though he doesn’t admit it ww In the end, the three squeezed themselves under that one umbrella.


Lupin and Fran. At the living room, Lupin and Cardia get a little touchy-touchy with each other because Cardia’s poison was already removed and Lupin wants her to get used to skin contact. While they’re at it, Fran enters the room and he’s shookdt to see Cardia and Lupin icha-ichaing so his impulse is to go “I’M SO SORRY I BOTHERED YOU” and run away 😂 Flustered and annoyed by his own actions, Fran decides to man up and go straight to Cardia to tell her that hey I want to be touchy with you too! After several attempts, Fran fails so bad at telling Cardia what he really wants to say so he sulkingly goes back into his room, where he sees a vial of medicine that gives him… an idea. Back at the living room, Lupin explains to Cardia that Fran is shookd because he must have thought that Lupin x Cardia is a real thing. As Lupin is saying that Fran is awkward when it comes to romance, Fran suddenly enters the room and announced “Cardia, I like you,” in a really cool Kakki voice !!! IAMSHOOKD. So then Fran asks Cardia which among him and Lupin will she choose,  adding that he will accept “Fran” as the only answer, and kisses Cardia on the cheeks!! Lupin won’t lose to Fran though, so he kisses Cardia on the cheek, and Fran and Lupin get into a verbal fight about how they aren’t going to lose in the battle for Cardia. At this, Cardia’s like, GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME, YOU FILTHY MEN!! ww Turns out Fran drank the medicine he found earlier, which is a truth drug 😂


Lupin and Impey. Cardia wanted to go back to her house in Wales so Impey and Lupin grant her request by traveling there with her via the automobile. Since the house has been abandoned since Cardia left, Lupin checks to see if it is still safe to enter, while Impey and Cardia are left near the entrance and at this, Impey suggests that he could add some lights to the house so Cardia will have a brighter house to go back to if she wants to return to Wales ;;w;; Anyways, it turns out that Cardia just wants to pay respects to her late father by offering a flower bouquet at the stuffed to room. After finishing what she needed to do, Cardia’s ready to go back to London, but Lupin and Impey has a surprise for her: they clean the room a bit and arranged a dinner for her. Lupin explains that he wants Cardia to make good memories in her house in Wales, so he proposed this idea. Cardia realizes that it’s her “Place of beginning” with the first two people she met after she locked herself in the house ;;w;;


Lupin and San. One day, San’s watering the plants in the garden when he remembers that the flowers in Cardia’s room must have wilted by now, so he decides to pick new flowers for her. Turns out Lupin is also thinking the same thing, so he arrives at the garden and asks San for flower recommendation. At this, San’s like “oh so this btch wants to get ahead of me huh” so San recommends outrageous flowers like pitcher plant and rafflesia 😂 Lupin then realizes that San doesn’t want him to get ahead of Cardia, so Lupin decides to just choose a flower by himself, but San reminds him who owns the garden so Lupin isn’t allowed to pick anything but the rafflesia in the greenhouse. I’M LAUGHING SO MUCH, Lupin actually lost to San THIS IS SO FUN 😂😂 In the end, Lupin and San made Cardia choose the flower she likes; with Lupin giving a bouquet of red rose (“I love you” and San giving a bouquet of white rose (“I am worthy of you”).


Van and Fran. It’s just another normal day until Cardia smells something bad coming from the kitchen, and Fran arrives to tell her she MUST ESCAPE FAST. Unfortunately, Van catches them, and it turns out that the smell is Van’s infamous cooking !! 😱😂 Fran explains that Impey’s out so someone has to do the kitchen duties, and Fran had mistakenly said in front of Van that he doesn’t have confidence in his cooking so of course Van takes on the job. Fran tells Cardia that Van may be able to create the dicterium if he isn’t stopped (lmao 😂), so Cardia insists that she cook instead. In the end, Cardia made bento for three, and Cardia, Van, and Fran ate at the nearby park.


Van and Impey. Weeks after she is freed of the poison in her body, Cardia is sick and has a high fever. Since Fran, Lupin, and San are out of the mansion that day, Van and Impey are left to nurse Cardia. As per usual, Van and Impey get into fights, like when Van insisted to cook for Cardia, and when Impey said that he’ll sleep with Cardia to help her temperature go down ww Anyways, thanks the two’s nursing, Cardia’s back to her best health the next day, and she wakes up to sleeping Van and Impey, who, most likely, fell asleep while keeping watch on her.


Van and San. San is invited to a ball at the Buckingham Palace so he brings Cardia with him, and while it’s Cardia’s first time at a ball, San’s obviously been to a lot and is being talked to by one royal person to another. One royalty even comes up to him to endorse his daughter as San’s bride, but San politely says that Cardia is his wife, much to Cardia’s embarrassment ww Another royal couple approaches San, and as San mentions that these people are talkative af, he tells Cardia to enjoy the ball by herself for a bit. Cardia gets too far from San though, and lots of guys started flocking at her and inviting her to dance. Although Cardia refuses them, some just don’t know when to stop and gets a aggressive until Van, who is at the ball as Marquis Renfield’s proxy, comes to Cardia’s rescue. To Cardia’s surprise (and mine too!), Van invites Cardia to dance, and they become the center of attention in the ball, until San arrives to “take back his wife.” Van and San then try to oust each other in a dancing battle to determine who can lead Cardia better in dancing.


Fran and Impey. It’s summer and Cardia can’t sleep at night for three days now because of the heat. One night, Cardia can’t sleep again so she goes out for a walk when she hears metallic sounds coming from Impey’s workshop. There, Cardia sees Impey and Fran working together at something, and while the two science geniuses are surprised to see her late at night, they decide to show her the completed project they’ve been working on recently: an, uh… an air freshener ? that can help Cardia sleep at night. Anyways, Cardia’s happy for to receive this present from Fran and Impey, and she immediately falls asleep between them ;;w;; While Cardia is asleep, Fran explains that Cardia’s insomnia may be due to the fact that she can now feel changes in temperature (ie season) because her poison’s gone. Impey then asks if Fran likes Cardia, and after hesitating if he’ll say it, Fran finally confesses that he likes her, to which Impey says that he won’t lose to him.


Fran and San. Fran is making another anti-poison dress for Cardia and while he’s admiring the current design he’s made, San and Cardia suddenly enters his room… and they thought Fran actually likes women’s outfit 😂 Fran explains himself (although Cardia thinks that Fran will look good in women’s clothing and I AGREE), and since they’re on the topic of women’s clothes, they decide to go to the city proper to observe the newest London lady fashion and have Cardia look for new clothes. San brings Cardia and Fran to an expensive-looking clothing shop, and the two guys made Cardia try on LOTS of clothes. And when I say lots I mean everything they think will look good on Cardia, which is, like, EVERYTHING ww


Impey and San. One starry night, Impey and Cardia are doing an astrological observation using a telescope when San comes to them and tells of a better place to observe the night sky. With the ornithopter (the three are cramped together ww), they arrive at the Buckingham Palace roof deck, where they stargaze and talk about the origin of the names of the constellations and how Impey is “challenging” the astronomical legends of ancient people by wanting to go to the moon. Just then though, the palace guards arrive (to Impey’s surprise because he thought San got permission to go the Buckingham Palace roof deck), and the three escape with the ornithopter. San then names their group of three, who went as far as trespass in the Buckingham Palace just to go stargazing, as “The Star Thieves”.


Secret Story: Dora-chan and Sisi. One morning, Dora-chan is disciplining Sisi because the dog has been doing some naughty things lately, like stealing a ribbon Fran made and sneaking out of the mansion. Sisi won’t listen though, and when Dora-chan got stricter with the discipline, Sisi runs away. This made Dora-chan really worried and sad because he’s set to leave the mansion and travel with Van soon, which is also the reason why he’s been stricter in teaching Sisi to take care of himself. Dora-chan and Cardia then search for Sisi in the London streets the whole day, to no avail, until the late afternoon, when Sisi finally goes back home to San’s mansion, bringing with him… a female dog! Turns out that the female dog is Sisi’s girlfriend, which is the reason why he’s been going out of the mansion. The female dog also has the ribbon Sisi stole from Fran, and Cardia says that Sisi must have given it to his girlfriend as a gift. Cardia also adds that Sisi must have brought his girlfriend so Dora-chan can meet her, and at the same time let Dora-chan know that Sisi isn’t alone if he leaves the mansion with Van ;;w;; (And finally, we see Sisi’s future wife, which has been mentioned a lot in the after stories.)


Secret Story: Aleister and Nemo. The triangle story starts immediately with Aleister asking Cardia to go on a date with him. I’m quick to say “lmao no way creep,” but Cardia knows better: she doesn’t say anything but just starts to close the mansion gates 😂 Aleister insists though, so Cardia decides to go with him, but she brings her dangerous dude alarm just in case. To Cardia’s surprise, Aleister brings her to Nemo’s workplace, and she’s like, “Being with Nemo isn’t part of the agreement???” ww Turns out Aleister commissioned Nemo to make an ornithopter that he claims is better than Impey’s, and they’re test-flying it today, with Nemo as the pilot. Aleister doesn’t trust Nemo one bit though, so he asked Cardia, who has experience with flying, to go with them in case Nemo f——s up on air. Everything goes well at first, with the ornithopter even being able to seat three people comfortably, until Nemo pushes a red button; Nemo says that this will transform the ornithopter in it’s BEST form, but instead, it removed the ornithopter’s wings, causing the body to free fall into the Thames river www Aleister and Cardia are safe, while Nemo… he’s safe, but he lost his goggles in the river and we get to see his beautiful eyes! Aleister and Cardia agree that he’s handsome, but Nemo says that being a good scientist isn’t about the face, but it’s more of the heart and the brain YES HE’S RIGHT. In the end, Nemo promises Aleister that he’ll surely find out and fix what’s wrong with the ornithopter, so Cardia should help him. (It’s sad that Aleister isn’t in the CG though…)


Secret Story: Watson and Hansel. Cardia’s on her way to Cafe Terrace to buy limited edition sweets for the Lupin gang when she bumps into Hansel, who tags along with her because well, sweets. On the way, they run into Watson, who noticed that it’ll be bad to leave Hansel with Cardia (because Hansel asks Cardia to treat him with sweets and Cardia’s worried she doesn’t have enough money to fill Hansel’s sweet needs) so he decides to go with the two kids and treat them to desserts. At Cafe Terrace, the topic kinda went to romance when Hansel said that he’s on a date with Cardia (because according to Guinevere, a date is when a man and a woman eat dessert together ww). Watson x Cardia wasn’t spared, but Watson says that he has a wife so that ship is out of the question. Cardia adds though, that Watson’s a good person so he’s definitely a good husband, to which Watson immediately imagines Cardia as a daughter who says, “When I grow up, I’ll marry someone like daddy!” 😂 Later, their Victoria Cake order finally arrives, and Cardia gets cream on her cheek while eating, so Hansel licks it off her face, to which Watson stops him like, “Don’t do that to a lady !!!!!!!!!”


Triangle date thoughts: Although each story is short, it’s still fun seeing how a triangle date with the guys will go, considering that they are all rivals for Cardia’s heart 😂 [[top]


Another Story: Cantarella


On the way home after watching a show at the Covent Garden, Cardia and the Lupin gang run into an attempted kidnapping, of none other than the Royal Opera House songstress herself, Cantarella! Cardia and the gang manage to save her from the masked perpetrator, who Cantarella said introduced himself as a baron named Aiguille. The gang then sends Cantarella to her home, and they’re surprised that she lives in a very shabby house. Turns out that even though Cantarella can earn lots in her singing gigs, her father Miles spends all of it in gambling, and thus they remain poor and penniless. As help for Cantarella, who happens to have a sickness that she has to take medicines regularly, Fran offers to give her a medical check-up for free, but Miles refuses this, saying that he can’t trust them yet. Before Cardia and the gang leaves Canterella’s place, Cantarella invites them to watch her show at the Royal Opera House again.

Meanwhile, at St. Paul’s Cathedral, an unknown guy meets with Aleister for a trade: Aleister hands a vial of something in exchange for the services of the unknown guy, whom Aleister calls the former #2 of Twilight.

One day, as per Cantarella’s invitation, Cardia goes to the Royal Opera House to see the practice. There, Cantarella sang the story of a princess who sings and a prince who cannot walk. The prince wanted to travel and see the world so the princess prayed so that the prince will be able to walk, and it was granted, although a bit differently: A wizard cast a spell on the prince’s palace so that the palace can walk whenever the princess sings, and through this, the prince and the princess were able to see the world.

That night, during dinner, San tells everyone the info about Aiguille that he’s gathered. Apparently, Aiguille had already kinnapped a number of other songstresses before, but the Scotland Yard didn’t make any fuss about it because none of the songstresses were hurt, morever, they were just made to sing and when Aiguille didn’t like their singing, he’ll just give them money as an apology. There isn’t any clue about Aiguille either, because the kidnapped songstresses will lose consciousness after singing, and while unconscious, will be carried out of Aiguille’s castle.

One day, after waking up from a nightmare about Isaac’s homunculus experiments, Cardia meets with Cantarella. This time, Cantarella teaches Cardia how to sing, but Cardia can’t help but ask how and when Cantarella started singing. Cantarella then tells about her past. Ten years ago, Cantarella was alone and really sick when Miles took her in. No matter what Miles do, Cantarella’s fever does not go down, until Miles started singing for her. Whenever Miles sing, Cantarella feels better, so she decided to study music since then. Although Cantarella has no memories of anything prior to when Miles saved her, she was adopted by Miles as a daughter and she considers him as a father.

When Cardia said goodbye, Cantarella’s at the Thames River bank and takes out a notebook. She’s thinking if she should tell Cardia about the notebook, but while at it, someone bumps into her and she drops the notebook in the river! LMAO talk about stupid luck. Fortunately, Miles appears and helps her find the notebook, which he finally salvages after a few minutes. Meanwhile, in Aiguille’s “castle”, Cantarella’s voice matches with the voice of the legendary songstress Aiguille has been searching for, so he plans how to get Cantarella to go to his mansion. On Cardia’s side, she sees another dream about her mother singing the story of the prince, princess, and the moving castle to her and her brother.

On the first day of the opera Rodelina at the Royal Opera House in which Cantarella’s playing the lead role, Cardia and the gang came to watch as per Cantarella’s invitation. Before the start of the opera, Cantarella hands Cardia her notebook, where her first ever self-created song is written. Cantarella tells Cardia that she wrote that song for her father Miles as gratitude for saving her, and she hopes he’ll like it.

The opera then starts, and it was good until the last part with Cantarella and her lead actor wherein Cantarella suddenly collapses on stage ! Fran tries to check on her, but he can’t even touch him because her fever can burn anyone who touches her skin. Two days later, Cantarella finally wakes up, but Miles tells her to take a break from the opera and rest first because her fever’s still not down. While Cantarella sleeps again, Aleister suddenly appears, and reveals to Miles that the vial he gave earlier contains dicterium, and the reason why Cantarella’s sickness has gotten worse is because Miles made her drink it as a medicine.

The next day, Fran tells the gang that the cause of Cantarella’s very high fever is overheating of a device planted in her brain. Fran adds that he can’t help Cantarella unless he knows what that device is made of, and there’s also the case of the medicine Cantarella drinks, so the gang decides to visit her and question Miles. When they arrive at Cantarella and Miles’ home though, Miles is not home and Cantarella is sleeping, so they start searching the house for some info. Cardia finds a vial at a secret drawer, and as Fran is checking its contents, Miles finally arrives. Fran confronts Miles regarding the vialand Miles doesn’t deny that he made Cantarella drink it while knowing that it contains deadly poison. Suddenly, Twilight birdmen appear, and Miles introduces himself as a member of Twilight. Miles also reveals that he’s been using Cantrella’s money to fund Twilight, and now that he has no more use for her, he planned to kill her with the poison. Van then tries to fight the Twilight birdmen, but Miles had outwitted him, in the same manner as Lupin did in the first meeting with Van in Sousei no Himegimi. At this, everyone notices again that Miles’ actions is just like Lupin, and Miles know why, though he doesn’t say it. Meanwhile, Cantarella’s breaking down because of Miles betrayal, and asks for someone to save her, when Aiguille suddenly comes to her rescue, like a knight in shining armor.


The next day, Cardia wakes up in Aiguille’s steel horse carriage (with steel horses), and she remembers that she was accidentally entangled in the kidnapping. Aiguille then welcomes Cardia and Cantarella in his “castle”, and tells Cantarella to sing. Cantarella, however, doesn’t do as told, and says that she won’t until Aiguille explains why he’s been trying to kidnap her and make her sing. At this, Aiguille brings them to another room, and there they see a guy in wheelchair, who reveals that he is the real Aiguille, and the masked guy is just a doll he’s controlling to parade as himself! I swear though, the real Aiguille IS SO CUTE, HE CUTE!! 😍 Also that Sugiyama voice in such a cutie character is perfect HELP ME.

The real Aiguille then tells his story. He reveals that he’s born from a baron family but he’s been a cripple since birth. He then left home to search for the “moving castle” (as in the fairy tale), when he met a guy (we all know from the voice that it’s Isaac Beckford himself 😱) who gave him this puny castle that he is living in now. Unfortunately, the castle can no longer move, but the mysterious guy tells Aiguille that the voice of The Songstress may be able to make it move. Now that Cantarella know’s Aiguille’s intentions, she agrees to sing for him. True enough, after Cantarella sings, something activates and Aiguille’s happy that he can finally make the castle move, until Cantarella is swallowed by a sudden hole in the castle floor.

Back at Miles’ house, Miles wakes up from dreaming of his past as a Twilight member who just wanted go fight for justice, but instead discovered Isaac’s experiments on creating homunculus and throwing them away when they end up being failures. This caused Miles and his partner Theofrost to leave Twilight, and while at it, Miles run into a failure homunculus Isaac’s laboratory, who asked Miles to help her, so Miles decided to take her as his daughter. Anyways, back to the present, Lupin and gang makes Miles confess that he did everything for Cantarella’s sake and safety, like how the vial of poison isn’t poison for Cantarella, so now we know he isn’t a bad person. Just then, Aiguille’s moving castle invades London, and Miles hears Cantarella’s singing coming from inside the moving castle. Concluding that Cardia is in too, the Lupin gang, together with Miles, go to save the two girls.

Inside the moving castle, Aiguille still can’t control anything when the Lupin gang with Miles, on board the ornithopter, arrives  crashing into the castle. Everyone agrees that they need to get to Cantarella and stop her singing to stop the castle, so they divide into two groups to tackle the two routes. The east group includes Lupin, Fran, and Miles, and while Fran is the brains of the group, Lupin and Miles fight off the Twilight birdmen that gets in their way! At his, it’s finally revealed that Miles’s partner Theofrost is actually Lupin’s sensei !! 😱 (see Sousei no Himigimi, Lupin route). Meanwhile, the west group includes Van, San, Impey, and Aiguille, and they meet with the east team on the other side. Before opening the door to where Cantarella is, Cardia gives Miles the notebook where Cantarella’s song for Miles is written.


When they open the door though, everyone’s attacked by the machine that Cantarella’s controlling with her singing so they can’t get near her. It seems that she doesn’t want to hear anyone too, and at this, Aiguille gets angry at her for just giving up on life like that. This somehow got into Cantarella and she’s distracted for a second, and Cardia and Miles use this opportunity to get near her. Miles hugs Cantarella, and says his true feelings that he loves her like his real child, and Cantarella’s finallt woken up into reality. Oh man this is one anticlimactic way to end this story *rolls eyes*


Outside the castle, Leonhartd and the queen watch as the the moving castle stops and fireworks are seen coming from it. The queen then tells of what happens next in the fairy tale: After some time, the castle stopped moving regardless of how much the princess sings, so she searches for the wizard to do something about it. However, the wizard says that the castle will stay as it is now, so dejected, the songstress princess returns to the cripple prince, and she’s surprised to see him walk! In the end, the wizard reveals that it’s not the story of miracles, but instead a story of doing your best, as how the prince was able to walk in order to see the princess.

After that moving castle, the bad device in Cantarella’s brain has been destroyed, so she can finally live a (more) normal life without the sudden high fevers. Cantarella and Miles then prepare to head to France, but before they leave, Cantarella performs a song with Cardia, in front of everyone.


Thoughts: Oh wow, so we get to see one of Isaac’s 668 homunculus failures in the form of Cantarella (lmao looks like someone lived and Finis did not even notice smh at the writers 🙄). We also get to see the partner of Lupin’s teacher, in the form of Miles. Some may think that this is cool, but I don’t. It felt to me like this whole Cantarella story was so forced to be in line with main plot. Like, hello, the main story was already concluded in Sousei no Himegimi, we don’t need another story that’ll just add more questions 🙄. Mygod I was expecting Cantarella story to be like the Lupin Gang after story in Shukufuku no Mirai but I was so disappointed because they threw in another character that’s supposed to be important to the main plot but wasn’t mentioned until the third game. [top]


After Story: Herlock Sholmes (CV: Murakami Kazuya)


This happens half a year after Aleister aka Moriarty died in Sholmes’ route in Shukufuku no Mirai, in which Cardia ended up as a part of Sholmes’ detective agency. Lupin and Impey sneak into a count’s mansion to steal the a blue diamond called the Mermaid’s Tear and ultimately stop the count from reproducing it and selling it a high price, until they are stopped by Sholmes, Cardia, and Watson, who were employed by the count to protect his jewels. A small battle ensues between the two party (with Impey using his dummy balloon ww), but the Lupin and Impey combo ends up victorious after successfully stealing the Mermaid’s tear and getting out of the mansion.


One week later, Cardia visits Watson’s clinic to have Watson and Fran check up on her poison, but unfortunately, there’s still no sign of it disappearing. Cardia then goes back to Sholmes’ place at 221B Baker Street, and Sholmes invites her to eat at a fancy restaurant, where, to Cardia’s surprise, Sholmes performs a song for her on the violin. After mistakenly drinking alcohol at the resto, Cardia falls asleep, and she dreams about the time Eti forgave her, three months ago when she and Sholmes went back to see her house in Wales. Sholmes then brings the sleeping Cardia home, but on the way, Miles hands him the secret medicine of the Count of Monte Cristo, as per some agreement.


One day, Cardia returns home from shopping, only to be greeted by Sholmes who’s so proud that he actually did some cleaning, but Cardia’s not impressed because that’s just washing the mug you used?? 😂 Sholmes then offers to cook this time, but although Cardia thinks that he’s not as bad as Van, she still refused. Just then, Van himself, who’s now in better condition after the fight with Moriarty, arrives to visit and say sorry about what happened in Future Blessings, and hands Cardia his homemade cookies wwwwwww After Van left, Cardia felt a pain in her chest, and she loses consciousness. She then dreams about Moriarty (oh man look at this dead guy still causing emo dramu), who tells her that her horologium will blow up soon and if she really doesn’t want to die, one of her better choices is to leave London to protect the people. When Cardia wakes up at Watson’s clinic, Watson confirms that the horologium on her chest is indeed getting more active, so they hurry to create a way to remove it from Cardia. Watson then asks Cardia to go to San’s mansion to get the help of the other Lupin gang members. Right after Cardia leaves, Sholmes tells the doctors Fran and Watson about the medicine of the Count of Monte Cristo.

As Cardia hurries to San’s mansion, she hears a wailing sound coming from the underground tunnels so she checks it out, only to find a starving Nemo who’s been living underground because he has no money (like a researcher with no funding ww). Turns out that Nemo’s knowledgable about the Horologium, so Sholmes (who arrives later and thought that Nemo’s kidnapped Cardia ww) offers him funding if he helps in their research. Sholmes then tells Cardia that they now know a way to remove the horologium from her: by killing her.

One hour later at 221B Baker Street, Sholmes gathers the sciences geniuses Watson, Fran, Impey, and Nemo to tell them about his idea of using the medicine of the Count of Monte Cristo to temporarily put Cardia in a state of death so they can buy time to think of a way to remove the horologium from her. Watson and Fran had already tested the authenticity of the medicine on lab animals but there will still be risks if it’s used on Cardia, so now Sholmes asks all four science geniuses to reduce any of those risks to the minimum.

Three days later, Cardia prepares to drink the updated version of the medicine of Monte Cristo. She’s ready to fall asleep for who knows how long, but before she drinks the medicine, Sholmes asks for her hand in marriage, and she says yes ;;w;; Now the only thing to do is to remove Cardia’s horologium while she sleeps, so Cardia and Sholmes can exchange vows once again when she wakes up.


A year later, the science geniuses have finished their jobs, and Sholmes visits Watson’s clinic to see Cardia, with the horologium on her chest already inactivated. Like in the story of the Sleeping Beauty, Sholmes kisses Cardia on the lips, and she finally wakes up.


Thoughts: Well this isn’t too eventful since the bulk is just about Sholmes finding a way to remove the Cardia’s horologium. Nonetheless, I do love how we see more Sherlock Holmes reference  we haven’t seen yet, like Sholmes playing the violin and Watson writing a book about Sholmes. [top]


After Story: Finis (CV: Kaji Yuuki)


It’s been half a year after Finis route in Shukufuku no Mirai and Finis and Cardia are living peaceful lives in Wales. They spend their days cleaning their house and from time to time, Idea members San and Hansel visit them to drink tea and eat sweets, much to Finis’ disapproval. However, although the countryside is a quiet and peaceful place to live, one of Cardia‘s concern is the fact that they have to drive for two hours just to get to the nearest town to buy supplies. One day, the twins visit the nearest town (with Finis driving the automobile) for some grocery shopping when they bump into partners Sholmes and Watson, who seem to be searching for someone (Moriarty) in Wales. As Finis and Cardia go home that afternoon, Finis notices someone suspicious, who turns out to be Aleister! Jeezuschrist I thought this man was already thrown into space with the Nautilus. Fortunately, Aleister’s there to just say hi and tell about Twilight’s demise, so nothing to worry about.

One day, Van and Dora-chan who are on their way back to London, stop by for a day at Wales to visit Cardia and Finis. As Finis and Van are already in better terms after Finis said that he isn’t the one who ordered the murder of Van’s family, the problem now is the news from London that many buildings are suddenly collapsing for some reason, so Finis and Cardia prepare to go to London that night. Before Cardia and Finis and can even get to their automobile though, Hansel suddenly appears to stop them from going to London. Hansel says that Idea doesn’t want Finis to get involved in things like the current problem in London because Finis is the inheritor of Isaac’s great mind. Cardia and Finis, however, answer that they need to help the city Isaac improved with science precisely because they are his children. In the end, Hansel lets them go and even offered to help them get to London.


In London, the city is being destroyed by Knockers, one of Isaac’s inventions that was used in removing rubbles when London was being rebuilt for improvement. These Knockers are now destroying London buildings, so Leonhardt and his soldiers, the mafia, and the Lupin gang are doing their best to hold out the damn Knockers. Impey then finds out that the Knockers have an ether receiver built in them, and Fran recalls that the all the Knockers are being controlled by one boss device: the MotherKnocker.

Meanwhile, Finis and Cardia arrive in London through Idea’s misty forest, and they’re immediately greeted by the MotherKnocker, which itself heading to Buckingham Palace. Just then, the siblings bump into Leonhardt, and Finis immediately notices that the cause of the MotherKnocker’s rampage are some stupid government people who tinkled with the MotherKnocker without knowing the consequences it’ll cause. Anyways, the main  goal now is to stop the MotherKnocker from getting to Buckingham Palace, so Cardia and Finis go to San’s mansion to pick up the ornithopter and ride it to get close to the MotherKnocker.

On the side of the Lupin Gang, their teamwork’s able to stop the MotherKnocker for a few minutes, but they needed someone from the air to get into its head and manually stop the CPU. Fortunately, Cardia and Finis arrive on time, and the plan is to have Finis jump from the ornithopter to get to the MotherKnocker head. Cardia’s very worried though, because of a deja vu of Shukufuku no Mirai (no but seriously, even I am worried because this Finis jumping off/falling from the sky has been a thing happening at least once per game since Sousei no Himegimi), but Finis assures her that this time is different, and he’ll definitely be back.


Finis jumps onto the MotherKnocker head, and he’s greeted by little security Knockers. Just then, Hansel arrives to save Finis, saying that he did promise that he’ll protect the Beckford twins’ future. As Hansel fights off the little Knockers, Finis deactivates the MotherKnocker, but stops before inputting the deactivator password because he feels guilty for destroying another memory of his father. At this, Hansel says that Finis shouldn’t be sad because Isaac left a much bigger memory for him and Cardia, which is Isaac’s ”true feelings”. Hansel then leaves Finis, and with a heavy heart, Finis inputs the final passcode: “my dearest” (lmao what a weak password).


Hours after the deactivation of the MotherKnocker, Cardia finds Finis at the top of the London walls, which is also Isaac’s favorite place in the London because the whole of the city can be seen from there. As the twins watch the city illuminate from place to place (as per Impey’s reconstruction of the destroyed neo steam engine lines), Cardia tells Finis that not everything Isaac created is bad, because it was Isaac who created the neo steam engine that lights up the city, and most especially, it was Isaac who created her and Finis. At this, Finis finally understands what Hansel said before, and he decides to go back to London to continue the good science that Isaac had started.


In the epilogue, the Lupin gang celebrates Finis’ “employment” at their house in Wales. It turns out that Finis is now the head of the new government agency that’s like Twilight, but now renamed to “Akatsuki” (Dawn), which aims to improve Isaac Beckford’s creations and make sure they are used properly. Finis still home from London to Wales everyday though, by going through the Forest of Idea as shortcut 😂 In exchange for using Idea’s place, Hansel becomes a member of Akatsuki to spy on them as a disciple of Idea, though his formal duty in Akatsuki is just “in charge of drinking tea” ww Anyways, since it’s already celebration time, Cardia announced another good news: that there will be an addition to the members of their family! At this, Finis becomes furious, thinking that Cardia’s getting married, so he starts to question all members of the Lupin gang (except Impey ww). In the end, it turns out that the new family member is Sisi, as the Lupin gang decides to bring him to Wales so Cardia won’t be along whenever Finis is at work in London.


Thoughts: As expected, this is my favorite story in this game! ;;w;; I’m really happy to see Finis’ character development, plus, we also get to see the Lupin gang’s teamwork once again! (The Cantarella story failed me, so I’m really glad this after story has a Lupin Gang team work scene). It sucks that the Christmas Stories can’t be connected to this after story, I mean, I thought the epilogue would have Cardia announce that she’s getting married to one of the guys, connecting this after story to one of the Christmas If Stories. Nonetheless, it’s nice that we get to see both Finis and Cardia’s character development in this route. [top]


Special After Story

Happens after the after stories of the five main guys in Shukufuku no Mirai.

Arsene Lupin. Cardia and Lupin are happily living their married life when Cardia asks about Lupin’s parents, so Lupin takes Cardia to a Honeymoon in Paris, where they visit Theofrost’s grave. Lupin tells Cardia that Theofrost picked him up as atonement for the other children Theofrot wasn’t able to save back when he was in Twilight, and at this, Cardia thinks that those children are the other 668 homunculus. A little later, Inspector Ganimard (who is after Lupin in Paris) and his men arrive to capture Lupin, but Lupin and Cardia easily outwit them, and the couple returns to London.


Abraham Van Helsing. I know people are complaining that Van doesn’t get a wedding end, but here it is! It’s Van and Cardia’s wedding day and Cardia’s now on her wedding dress and practicing how to walk in her high heels, when a group of men in black takes her to a different church to face different groom! When Van finds out that Cardia’s kidnapped, he‘s furious and he immediately saves Cardia, until the other Lupin gang members stop him, because it turns out that the men in black and the groom are just practicing a wedding scene for a play, and they had mistaken Cardia for the bride actress. In the end, Cardia and Van’s wedding finally takes place, and… they live happily every after.


Victor Frankenstein. Cardia and Fran spend their days doing their horologium research at Frankenstein laboratory when one day, Fran remembers that even though he and Cardia are already husband and wife, they still haven’t had their proper wedding ceremony yet! So Fran starts planning for the ceremony, although his first problem is that he cannot find a church that can accommodate them because it’s the peak month for weddings. Fortunately, Queen Victoria notices Fran’s concern so she tells Fran that she’ll let him use St. Paul’s Cathedral, but only if she will like the wedding plan that Fran will think of. After Fran had solved the problem with the venue, he finally tells Cardia that they can have the ceremony in a week, and as planned, a week later, the two share their vows at St. Paul’s Cathedral, in front of their friends, and the queen herself ;;w;; Maaaaan Fran looks so good in this CG, it’s so refreshing to see him with that hairstyle !! <3


Impey Barbicane. It’s been days since Impey left the mansion for something work-related, and Cardia’s already worried, when San comes back to the mansion to report that Isaac did research about space, although his written works about it are nowhere to be found. After hearing this, Cardia decides to go back to her house in Wales to find anything space-related that her father wrote, and she leaves a letter for Impey, saying only “I’ll go back home to Wales.” When Impey goes back home and sees Cardia’s note, he thinks Cardia’s already leaving him ww, so he hurries to Wales, only to find out that she didn’t say any details about this trip because she wanted to surprise him if she ever finds anything that can help with their moon research. Now that the misunderstanding’s cleared, Impey brings Cardia outside to show her an ongoing meteor shower, and here he gives her the reason why he wasn’t able to go home early: a hard-to-find wedding ring that is in the shape of the moon, as symbol of their promise to each other that they will go to the moon together.


Saint-Germain. Cardia’s poison has been completely removed, so as promised, Cardia and San go back to London to hold their wedding ceremony. For a month, the two become busy planning and organizing their grand wedding ceremony, doing things such as writing invitation letters to friends and choosing Cardia’s wedding dress. One day before the wedding, Cardia gets taken to the forest of Idea, where Omnibus tells her and San the good news that Idea will no longer watch their every move, because she has already proven that she can live a life without the horologium. Omnibus then gives San and Cardia her blessing as San’s “mother”, ;;w;; and Cardia knew that Idea has now let go of San, and they will never see the Idea people again. And at last, Cardia and San hold their wedding at Deu Gloria (the ship from Lupin the Gang story which San bought and fixed so he and Cardia can use it to travel the world), and they live happily ever after.


Thoughts: The other after after stories feel like extras, but the Van, San, and Fran after after stories finally give us the wedding ending that they deserve, so I’m really happy ;;w;; [top]


Overall Thoughts

Code:Realize has come a long way, and with this third game, everything’s already concluded, so I’m not expecting a new game anymore. All five main guys now have their wedding ends, Finis had fallen from the sky way too many times already, and heck, we even get another story featuring one of the 668 failure homunculus (which, I still think, is totally unnecessary), so a fourth game is too much already. If Otomate ever makes one, that’ll probably just be another Hakuouki Yuugirouku or Amnesia World, and it’ll definitely be for Switch, so I’ll pass. For now, I think I can safely say that I’m done with Code:Realize; I enjoyed all three games so it’s time for me to graduate from this series. [top]

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    I was wondering how can we unlock the after stories?

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