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Collar×Malice is definitely one of the best otome games I’ve  played so now that the release of FD is fast approaching, I thought I’ll replay the game to recall important events, but this time, I tried the English localization by Aksys.

I think it’s already a known fact that this localization lacked a proper quality control, with lots of typo and coding errors. Some of the obvious errors include wrong names being mentioned in text, dialogue text boxes turning into narration text boxes, and some text not in their proper boxes. It’s really sad because these errors can be quickly noticed if only they did even just a single playthrough QC of the game, but then I guess they’re too lazy for that.

There’s also a lack in consistency in the style of translation between the different routes, though I think this is because there’s more than one person doing the translation of the game. Some inconsistencies I can point out are: In Shiraishi route, Ichika blurts out “Bwuh…?” a lot when she’s surprised, but she doesn’t say this. In Aiji route, emphasis to a word is indicated by asterisks (“She *is* the…”), while in Takeru route, it is indicated by italics (“She is the…”). In the common chapter 0, one of Aiji’s line was translated as “…! You?!”, but that similar line was translated as “…! You there!!” in Aiji chapter 0, which again tells us that there are several translators who worked on this and the QC did not bother with the consistency of style.

And the dictionary terms list? It isn’t arranged in alphabetical order so it’s a real hassle to search for a certain term in the menu. This is really weird because Aksys’ previous otome game localizations (Hakuouki, Code:Realize) have the dictionary terms arranged in alphabetical order. So why be lazy with Collar×Malice?

The most triggering error in this localization, however, is still the incorrect translations. A player who doesn’t know Japanese can easily mentally correct typo errors, but translation errors can cause confusion to the same player. The worst mistranslation is probably that line in which the motive of the collarer is said: instead of the correct “He wants me to kill him”, it became “He wants to kill me”, which totally changed the meaning. Other examples are in this twitter thread; basically mistranslations such as “her (referring to Ichika)” turning to “him (referring to Kei)” and “August” turning to “March”.

My other comments are just my personal take on how some lines/words could have been translated better, and a perfect example of this is Kei’s “猫さん”. This “Neko-san” is sometimes translated as “Ms. Cat”, “kitty cat”, or “cat”, which again shows the inconsistency. If I were translating this, I’d be consistent with using “Ms. Cat”, because Ichika was first introduced to Kei as “Cat”, so he thought her name really is “Cat”. I have other comments (especially in Mineo route) in the twitter tag #Backtoゼロ.

In conclusion, I think the main problem with this localization is the lack of proper quality control. The translation as a whole is actually good (and sometimes witty!) and the localization could have been so much better if they checked everything again.

Now the question is, will Aksys localize the FD Collar×Malice Unlimited, or will it be another Norn9 Last Era?


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  1. Hi so for JLPT N1 I heard that you need to know 10,000 words but I can only find lists with up to 8,000. What do I do ?

  2. ugh this game is so good ! also love your review !!

    sadly this is one of the only games i can play since they are in english. But i decied to learn japanese !
    what did you do to learn japanese. How did you memorise words&kanji?

    • Just self study whenever I had time and then I took the JLPT (N4 and then N3) so I’ll be more pressured to study kanji and grammar 😂

      • I am self studying too! but im having trouble memorizing like what did you do to memorise

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