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I’m back (for a bit) and this time with the long-overdue review of the FD of our favorite police otome game: Collar×Malice -Unlimited-! I finished this months ago and I’m honestly not sure if my memory of the game is still reliable but I got notes from when I was playing the game so I just made use of that.

This FD has a lot to offer, including after stories of the good ends with the guys, an after story with Adonis because, let’s be honest, we all want Zero so bad, and cutesy routes with the side characters we’ve always wanted to date since the first game.


The FD starts with an interlude that happens mid-first game, in which Ichika and the detective agency accepts a request from a shady customer. Personally, I think having this kind of interlude story is a nice way to start the FD because it orients the player of what has happened and what is about to happen in the game. Depending on your choices, the interlude branches to different scenes with a guy and this unlocks the after stories.

After Story

If you’re worried that you already forgot what happened in the first game, there’s a video-like introduction at the start of each after story in which Ichika tells about her story with the guy. It mentions the highlight of each route from the first game and serves as a refresher that won’t bore you in any way.

As the section says, the after stories follow what happened after the best endings of each guy. And boy I am so happy that we get lots of ichaicha and story content at the same time. As expected though, we don’t get any sexy time with best boi Shiraishi compared to the other guys (THIS IS SO UNFAIR CAN YOU FEEL ME), but hey, as long as we can finally get the happy end that Shiraishi deserves then I’m good.

Excluding the laughable English sayings in each of the chapter title that is not connected to the story in any way, I say the after stories alone are enough to make one contented with this FD.

Extra Story

But who am I kidding, it won’t be enough without proper spotlight to our favorite guy side characters, right?? We asked for it, Otomate answered: YES, THERE ARE YOSHINARI AND MINEGISHI EXTRA STORIES, FANGIRLS ARE YOU HAPPY NOW

I expected Yoshinari and Minegishi extra stories to be really just ~extra~ like, just it’s just there to satisfy the fans who have always wanted more scenes with the two bachelors, but boi am I surprised that their extra stories can actually pass as proper romance routes! I wasn’t informed that we’ll get lots of cutesy scenes and I was kilig throughout the two extra stories AAAAA MY HEART Otomate THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS

Aside from Minegishi’s and Yoshinari’s extra stories, there’s another extra titled “ONWARDS”, featuring the story of Kazuki and Akito’s bromance friendship. It was really interesting to see how their friendship started and what happened after the events in the first game.


Last but not the least, is my most awaited part of this game, the Adonis after story!! (Tip: Play this story last for a more dramatic Collar×Malice after taste). Happens after that Adonis ending from the first game, Ichika here joins Adonis to serve under Zero as a really cool weapons manager. In this section we get to interact with the members of Adonis through Ichika, spend time with them, and see their human side, which we don’t get to see this in the the first game ;;w;;

The highlight, of course, is Zero AND WE’VE ALL. BEEN. WAITING. FOR, THIS!! I’m not going to say much about about it because I might spoil something but just like with the other Adonis members, you get to spend time with him and… well, I guess see that even though he is Zero, he is still…… ;;w;;

The best part of this ADONIS section, for me, is how they wrote the conflict in Ichika’s emotions. It is so damn good you’ll really be able to feel her inner conflict as a reader, like, you’ll also struggle with how you really want to feel about Zero and Adonis. Lastly, I have to say that I am happy with how they ended this story because that is really how a story like this with a character like that (if you know who I mean *wink*wink*) should end. SPOILER, highlight text to read: (Yes, we know there’s a romantic prospect with Zero/Saeki, but after everything that happened (i.e. X-Day, death of her comrades and her brother) Ichika knows she just can’t fall in love with him. She also just thinks of Saeki as a friend, and there’s nothing more. I am satisfied but at the same time sad that this Adonis story left it at that, saying that Ichika and Saeki can never be together in this lifetime. But as how this Adonis ending said, who knows, their next life might be kinder and they may end up together then. Also: I LOVE THAT ENDING. Ichika kills Saeki, Ichika kills her self. PERFECT FOR SUCH A TRAGEDY ;;A;;END OF SPOILER.

Extra thoughts

Okay so that does it for the story parts, now let me discuss about other things, starting with the art. It’s nice that we get Ichika sprites (in some parts) with different expressions, Kei looking oh-so dapper in his SP uniform, and very beautiful reward CGs (Samurai Mineo? Doctor Takeru? Butler Shiraishi? ILABITTTTTT!!), but is it just me or are some of the CGs really not drawn by Hanamura Mai? Some CGs have characters that look different from their original design and some anatomy and posings look weird. Is Otomate trying to save money again or does Hanamura Mai have a lot of work already?

Another issue I encountered is the sound. The recording is louder with some character voices (Mineo, Minegishi, and Souda), so I had to tone down their voice volume. This uneven sound distribution has happened before (in Norn9 Last Era) so I really wish they can at least check the quality of the sounds during recording and before publishing a game.

Other cool stuff added in the FD are really cute stickers in the messaging app that is unique with each character (I personally love Shiraishi’s because I’m biased towards cats! ww). I’m not updated, but are these stickers available in Line yet??

There are also puzzles you need to solve in order to progress through the story, particularly in Shiraishi after story. I think this feature is really cool and it preserves the police detective theme of Collar×Malice.

The best extra in this FD? Definitely the abundance of Otomate Easter eggs that are really fun to look out for ww


I’ve been looking forward to this FD since it’s announcement (the promotional video gave me goosebumps, especially that part with Adonis!).and I’m glad it is still as good as the first game. Personally, I’m already happy that Otomate answered our requests of Yoshinari and Minegishi routes, with an awesome Adonis story to conclude the game.

With that, I think Collar×Malice is already good as is, and for me, a third game is unnecessary, but we never know with Otomate because CxM is a popular title. However, considering that there is still no announcement for a third game even during OtoPa 2018, maybe Otomate decided that CxM is already best concluded with Unlimited? If that’s so then I’m happy because I have no intention of buying a Switch the best thing we can hope for now is an English localization of this FD ;;w;;


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  1. I’m playing this at the moment and am really enjoying it! Okazaki is my favourite character even though he’s a bit odd, but I like Yuki Kaji’s voice and the way his route is the most affectionate. I found that also in the main game, where he has more romantic CGs. I also enjoyed Takeru’s a lot, he packed a punch despite his cold facade! Didn’t really like Enomoto or Shirashi’s, for an FD I found their routes lated romantic scenes compared to the others. Overall, my favourite otome game!

  2. Yoshinari and Minegishi get routes?! Otomate be quenching our thirst out here ;) Great review and hell yes more love for Shiraishi! Too bad he doesn’t get much in the FD but hopefully he will in another game. Is the kanji level a huge barrier like the in first game or is it more accessible this time?

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