Thoughts on Otomate Party 2019 announcements

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Otomate Party 2019

It’s been five months since my last post and I’ve since been out of the otoge loop ^_^;; For one,  I forgot to pay for this blog’s domain so it was down for a week ahahahahahahaha But it’s up again now so all’s well! Also, I didn’t know that OtoPa was held last weekend! I wouldn’t have known if YT hadn’t recommended the OtoPa teaser videos. As expected, most, if not all, are for Nintendo Switch and I can’t relate because (1) I don’t have a Switch, (2) I don’t intend to buy a Switch, (3) I have no time for otome games, and yes, I ADMIT: (4) I already lost interest in the genre I’m sorry huhuhu. Nonetheless I watched the OtoPa teaser videos and I thought it’ll be interesting to comment ? about it:

Enchante Cafe something game. Oda Kaori’s singing the main theme and Kaito’s voicing an interesting angel character but the weirdest thing is Ume’s headless character lmao.


Oh man Piofiore FD/sequel whatever you call it. I planned to play Piofiore because Kaito’s voicing the cover boy and he seems to be the type of Ishikawa Kaito character that I like but well life happened and I never got to play it. It’s good to see the game getting a second game though, that probably means it was well-received.

A historical game with RED. Interestingly, FukuJun is voicing the cover boy (FukuJun Otomate finally), Ume’s voicing an ossan again, and Saito’s voicing a pretty guy (this!). I’ve got a feeling that it’s gonna be another mediocre historical otoge but then that’s probably just me because my standards in the genre got too high after playing Ken ga Kimi.

Cupid Parasite. The moment I saw that colorful thumbnail I knew it’s not going to be my type of game and I confirmed it after watching the whole teaser video ahahaha. Next.

DAIROKU: AYAKASHIMORI. This looks promising. Art is by BAW artist, cast includes Toshii, Tattsun, Sakurai, Kobayashi Yuusuke, and Oosaka Ryouta, and the story seems interesting.

CollarxMalice Switch port that everyone knew was coming hahahahaha. Includes both games in one so you save money if you still haven’t played the game (but then who among the active otome gamers haven’t played the game yet lmao). No mention of new contents in the port but if they’re going to add that still won’t make me buy or play the game because I said 719310x already, ~I don’t have a Switch~. Also a butai AND an anime! Might watch the anime ~if~ I have time.

Clockwork Apocalypse. Nothing much to say now with this short teaser but I think I likee the vibes it gives off.

Olympia Soiree. The moment the teaser started playing I was interested already, and when they showed that the artist is Satoi with that kind of atmosphere and background art I thought “Are they trying to make another NilAd game”. Then they showed that the scenario writer  is Yuuma Katagiri I KNEW FOR SURE OTOMATE WANTS TO MAKE ANOTHER NILAD-like game *w* I love how the guys are so damn hot (those who know me as a kpop stan would know that I love visuals hahahaha); Uchida Yuuma’s character looks so sexy, Zakki’s chara has a really handsome face, I love the eyes of Sugita’s chara, and Tsuguu’s chara is EXACTLY MY TYPE. The story is also very interesting (I still feel NilAd vibes www I’m betting this is going to be another Cero D game) and I’d definitely play this game if I can ;;w;; I’ll be following updates of this game !!

The Meiji Era something game. Looks interesting, I say.

Alice games????? Otomate was able to get the game from the now defunct Quinrose??

I guess that’s all of it.=? As someone who quit otome gaming it’s surprising that I’m actually looking forward to a game in the announcements (Olympia Soiree) XD Otomate’s strategy of making a new game with the scenario writer and artist of one of their best-selling games is so effective on me I hate myself www I have no means of playing the game but I’ll still keep an eye on the game.

In other news, Shinigami to Shoujo, yes the best otome game ever made, will finally be ported to vita!! Release is on 7/25 and although I’m not getting it, I’m still happy because this means that more people will finally be able to play this masterpiece ;;w;;

Now back to Bangtan <3

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