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One year prior, Hanamaki Ichiko’s older bro went to a small town called Okunezato, but mysteriously disappeared and was never heard of again. Now a uni student thinking how to spend her summer vacay, Ichiko gets invited by her childhood friend Kagutsuchi Hino to attend a meet-up of a certain online club that focuses on discussing the mysteries of Okunezato town. Ichiko accepts the invitation, goes to the town to investigate her bro’s disappearance, and meets several people at the hotel she’s staying at.

I’m (unexpectedly) back after almost two years since my otoge “retirement” and boy I’m glad I returned with a really good game! This is a non-spoiler review of the summer mystery game 7’scarlet! ・´∀`・)

7'scarlet CG

Kagutsuchi Hino (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga) is the childhood friend who unfortunately got left out in terms of story. I like his stereotypical childhood friend character a lot, I mean he’s really cute for liking rare (cute) characters! But yeah his route was kinda boring and I thought it ended so abruptly, like you were just getting into the mystery and ooop, roll the credits! Though, that’s exactly how the mystery build up was written in this game but more on that later.

Amari Isora (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) ‘s route was a big land mine like whut tf. In order to not spoil anything, I’ll just say that Ichiko is extra dumb in this route I hate it so much ugh. I put all my feelings about this route in Privatter:

Kushinada Toa (CV: Morikubo Shoutaro) is the cat-loving awkward cutie of the bunch! People who love cats are good people, right?? The route is pretty much just talking and talking and more talking about the past, but there’s more to this route than you’ll expect! Toa’s happy ending is one of my favorites in this game because I DID NOT EXPECT THAT. I honestly thought that things happened so fast in this route BUT BOI I WAS SO WRONG.

Tatehira Sousuke (CV: Sawashiro Chiharu) is a med student who was kinda sketchy (?) at first but ended up being my favorite! This is the route were things are finally starting to get interesting (provided, you are going with the Hino-Isora-Toa-Sousuke-Yuzuki order), and we even get some detective mystery deduction going on. I think his CGs were the best!

Murakumo Yuzuki (CV: Miki Shinichiro) is the no-nonsense owner of the Fuurinkan hotel. He was really scary at first but wait until you see him being… cute??? Ok I mentioned that hated how Ichika was so dumb in Isora route, but maaan I (kinda) like her here in Yuzuki route! She has the spunk that we want in otome game heroines when it comes to romance, pretty much like Collar×Malice’s Ichika in Aiji’s route!


I bought this game back in 2018 as preparation for Cosplay Mania 2018 because Sawashiro Chiharu’s gonna be a guest but in the end I didn’t get to finish the game in time (only reached up to the start of Yuzuki route) and I wasn’t even able to attend the event. SAD. Almost two years later, because of the recent community quarantine (due to COVID-19), I decided to pick up the game again and restart from the very beginning!

I have heard lots of good things about the game and they were RIGHT. It can get a bit boring at first but once you get the mystery (ie, Sousuke route), you’ll really want to know what’s really going on in the sketchy town of Okunezato. There are lots of twists(?) that got me “WAIT FOR REALZ??????” so as a fan of unexpected revelations, I give the writer credits for that. I gotta say though, the intended style of the story is to build up the mystery as you go through the routes but unfortunately that wasn’t executed well because Hino and Isora route felt like fillers LMAO and then they threw in the big chunk of the mystery starting from Sousuke route like I WANT JUSTICE FOR HINO!!!ヽ(*`゚Д´)ノ Nonetheless, I really love everything from Sousuke route to Toa true end to that goosebumps-inducing FINAL ending so we’re good! The ending left a very lasting impression that I definitely will never forget ;;w;; (Another otoge ending that left similar feels is Kokuchou no Psychedelica’s!)

All the guys are very likeable, except maybe Isora for me but I think there are people who are into that kind of character so…… . Best boy is Sousuke but Hino, Toa, and Yuzuki are all cute too <3 As for Ichika, she can be pretty dense (GAWD she was soooo dense about Hino I CAN’T EVEN–) and dumb (oh hello, Isora route), but as I said, I really like her in Yuzuki route. The girl has spunk, she really just have to be with the right guy! As  for the other characters… I’m probably going to forget about the others but I want to mention that Yuki, Yua, and Gamaki deserve some love!

The CGs were… kinda plain but the animations are topnotch! As expected of Toybox! I got excited when I heard that Toybox is involved because that means AWESOME ANIMATIONS *w* and we got it! There weren’t as many animations as there was in, say, SideKicks, but they still helped in drawing you into the setting of the game.

Speaking of setting, I just want to mention that playing 7’scarlet in the midst of summer was a REALLY BAD IDEA. I was playing the game at 40degreesC weather and the characters constantly saying “It’s soooo hot” didn’t help me in forgetting the heat surrounding me ugh. (Thank goodness it finally rained when I was finishing Sousuke route and the temperature finally dropped ;;;)


It has a nice story with an engaging folklore mystery so if you’re interested in similar themes, 7’scarlet is the game! I think there’s a good balance between story and romance, but take this with a grain of salt because I haven’t had an otome game for almost 2 years so imagine my thirst for romancing 6 guys in one game LMAO.

The game has also been out in English in different platforms for quite some time now, so  it’s readily available for everyone! (I’m so late with hype IM SAD) (If I have time maybe I can borrow the English localization from my cousin and play it too???)

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