[Audio Drama] 5 Minutes Before the Love Spell Breaks: “Suki da nante iwanai”

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It’s JO1’s hot seiyuu debut and as someone who used to be a big seiyuu/drama CD/otome game fan I can’t miss out on this! First up is Shiroiwa Ruki’s “Suki da nante iwanai” story ・´∀`・)

The story:

The heroine Himeno Asumi and the leading guy Narita Hikaru (CV: Shiroiwa Ruki) have known each other since middle school, and by some curious twist of fate curse, they are also classmates in high school for three years straight, much to Asami’s dismay.

Since first year middle school, Asumi hated Hikaru’s guts and how he is always so full of himself, but because of this she’s always noticing him and she eventually started seeing his good side, like how Hikaru messing around is actually his way of putting smiles on people’s faces, and how he’s very helpful to people in need. It was then that Asami realized that she has fallen in love with Hikaru.

Come second year middle school, the two are still always bickering with each other, when one day Hikaru jokingly said, “If you notice me all the time then it’s probably because you like me?” to which Asumi, in panic, answered with, “HUH As if I’m ever going to like you and your guts!!!!!!!!” Those exact words soon became Asami’s curse, because Hikaru now started teasing her with it, like, “Girl why you lying, just tell me you actually like me,” as if he knows her true feelings.

Anyways one day Hikaru challenged Asumi into a 100m sprint battle: if Asumi loses, she will have to tell Hikaru that she likes him, and if she wins, he will do whatever she says! So then even though Hikaru is part of the track and field club, Asami still accepts the challenge for the story’s sake because she has some confidence in her running skills as part of the badminton club, and they will have other team mates anyways.

On the sprint battle day, Hikaru almost wins but HIS SHOE FCKIN SLIPPED OUT BEFORE THE GOAL so their team was only 3rd place and I was like EXCUSE ME WTH. Talk about super bad luck???????? Now Asumi’s team only had to place at least second to win her bet, and they did finish 2nd place!

Of course Hikaru knows that as her winning price, Asumi will tell him to stop teasing her, but to his surprise, ASUMI CONFESSED TO HIM RIGHT THERE OMG hsjahslkfjhksfl I knew she’s gonna confess if she wins because what’s her reason for wanting to win if not to tell him she likes him at her own will??

So yeah, Asumi’s plan was to win so she could tell Hikaru that he likes him at her own will without the bet shiz, and she was gonna ask him to be her boyfriend when Hikaru stopped her like, “Wait, I can’t let you do all the work, I have something to say too!!” Hikaru then apologized for always messing around with Asumi, and he admits that the words “Just say what you really feel!” should actually be directed to him because….. he has always liked her since middle school!! And Hikaru asks Asumi to be his girlfriend.



THAT WAS CUTE!!!! It was predictable as heck but I kid you not, I was smiling the entire time because Hikaru’s character is so close to Ruki and I could picture him being like that!! The confession scene got me “AAAAAA SHE’S GONNA CONFESS SHE’S GONNA CONFESS” and “OMGGGG HIKARU STOPPED HER SO HE CAN CONFESS TOO AAAAAAAAAA” IT WAS SO FUN!!!

But the real question here is: Is it worth buying?

Well I bought the set (they’re still stuck in HK and I’m listening to a friend’s copy) and now I’m kinda regretting it ahahahahahha I really enjoyed the story but I BOUGHT THIS FOR JO1 and hearing Ruki talk for only 5 during the entire 30-minute clip is just……… Ok I know JO1 aren’t seiyuus, (they are idols for goodness’ sake) and they aren’t delivering their lines as good as professional seiyuu but I spent almost 3k to hear them say cheesy lines so it really would’ve been so much better if they gave the boys more lines ahdshdgfksjfdfd;

There’s still the other Ruki story and 10 more boys x2 audio story each and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever get to listen to the story of the other boys but we’ll see!!

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