[Audio Drama] 5 Minutes Before the Love Spell Breaks: “Suki da nante iwanai”

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It’s JO1’s hot seiyuu debut and as someone who used to be a big seiyuu/drama CD/otome game fan I can’t miss out on this! First up is Shiroiwa Ruki’s “Suki da nante iwanai” story ・´∀`・)

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[Drama CD Review] Doronuma Renai

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Doronuma Renai

So recently I’ve been checking out games/anime/drama CDs/radio shows/events with Ishikawa Kaito (the very reason why I got Senjou no Waltz – which I am currently NOT enjoying playing) when I came across this situational drama CD… with ISHIKAWA KAITO and SAITOU SOUMA!! Of course I just have to listen to it! IshiKai and Soumacchi fighting over you? YES PLEASE! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

This is a spoiler-free review >w<

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