[Mobile Game Review] Mystic Messenger: Prologue + Yoosung good end

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The heroine, who is supposed to be YOU, the player but for the sake of this post let’s just call her Mystica, just wanted to chat with pretty boys so she downloads a certain a game app from the App Store/Google Play. Suddenly, she gets a chat message from an “Unknown” user, who asks her to go to a certain apartment because he wanted to return a phone he found on the subway. Being an eyeless heroine without a default name, Mystica of course follows Unknown’s instructions without questioning who tf he is, so she ends up in an apartment… and poof, she’s suddenly connected to a mystic group chat with the pretty boys she wanted! The boys talk about how the chat is highly confidential and Mystica being able to access the chat is already a big breach of security, but in the end, they ask her to join them – RFA – a charitable organization for a good cause… but is actually just a secret party planning group that invites even yanderes and crazy doctors to the party. So since the members guaranteed that joining the RFA is fun and it’s for a GOOD CAUSE, Mystica joins, and the story begins.

Suddenly pulled into organizing a party she never heard about? Don’t know who those suspicious beautiful people are? Life may be in danger? Whatever! The most important thing is that I get to chat with pretty boys while I ruin my daily schedule, sleeping pattern, and entire life, COMPLETELY!

Here’s a SPOILER-filled review of the current hottest mobile otome game, Mystic Messenger! However, since I still value my money, I won’t be spending hourglasses and then play the game in one go. And since I also still value my sleep, I’ll be taking breaks every time I finish a character route. Thus, I’ll be making separate posts for each character route I finish. Continue Reading [Mobile Game Review] Mystic Messenger: Prologue + Yoosung good end…

[Mobile Game Review] 10 Billion Husbands

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10 Billion Husbands

Getting tired of going for just an average of six guys for every otome game you play? You want more husbandos? Then why not try the mobile game 10 Billion Husbands (私の旦那 in Japanese), and marry – you get it – billions of different husbands?

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[Mobile Game Review] I☆chu

July 5, 2016 at 2:23 am | Posted in Mobile Games | 2 Comments

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Just some days ago, Aichuu (or I-chu, whatever) celebrated the first anniversary of their release for the iOS, which also means that I’ve been wasting my time on this game for a year already too!

To celebrate, here’s a review post of my year in Aichuu hell ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

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