Thoughts on Otomate Party 2019 announcements

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Otomate Party 2019

It’s been five months since my last post and I’ve since been out of the otoge loop ^_^;; For one,  I forgot to pay for this blog’s domain so it was down for a week ahahahahahahaha But it’s up again now so all’s well! Also, I didn’t know that OtoPa was held last weekend! I wouldn’t have known if YT hadn’t recommended the OtoPa teaser videos. As expected, most, if not all, are for Nintendo Switch and I can’t relate because (1) I don’t have a Switch, (2) I don’t intend to buy a Switch, (3) I have no time for otome games, and yes, I ADMIT: (4) I already lost interest in the genre I’m sorry huhuhu. Nonetheless I watched the OtoPa teaser videos and I thought it’ll be interesting to comment ? about it:

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2018 in Review

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Happy New Year! Usually I post this “gaming summary” during the start of the year wherein I list and talk about the games I played the previous year. That said I was able to finish only 4 games (it would’ve been five but I got too lazy to finish 7’Scarlet zz) during 2018 so I decided to make this a year review instead.

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Otomate’s Switch and updates on my gaming

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So weeks ago, Otomate announced that their attempt to move the PS4 failed they will “switch to Switch” and actually already have TWELVE planned titles for the console. It was a huge surprise for me since there wasn’t any hint of moving to the Nintendo Switch at all. But then, I guess Otomate saw that the PS4 is a bad idea for a platform and decided to partner with Nintendo instead and ditch Sony, to the point that they actually cancelled their upcoming releases for the PS4. My reaction to this? I QUIT.

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Top 3 otome games everybody should play

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Kenma and game

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this, and what better time to do it than now when I haven’t finished an otoge for almost three months and the blog’s not getting any new post ww Here, I’ll be talking about my top three favorite otome games, and why you should play them too if you still haven’t ♡

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2017 Gaming Summary

January 1, 2018 at 12:00 am | Posted in 1, Special | 2 Comments

Ken ga Kimi 2017

Happy new year!! This post will be my yearly gaming digest in which I list all the games I played during the year and talk about my upcoming gaming plans. As far as I remember, I planned to play at least 12 games for 2017 but I was able to play… 15 games! Five of these are just borrowed from friends (hi Rikka and Sara! ♡) so thank you very much for lending me your games ;;w;;

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Otome Game Recommendations for Beginner Japanese

February 24, 2017 at 2:29 pm | Posted in Special | 15 Comments


There are so many otome games in Japan but fans outside of Japan can’t play them because language barrier is a thing. Because of this, many (myself included) choose to study the language just so they can play all those good games. Though let’s face it, everyone starts from square one, a.k.a. beginner level, and you can’t possibly be able to play a really good otome game right away after one day of studying hiragana. But what if you already finished the beginner module/course, and you are confident enough to play a full Japanese otome game?

Of course, wafuu games (and most of the games in my cream of the crop list) are out of the question, but here, I list the otome games that I think have easy Japanese and beginner Japanese language learners can play with little, if any, problem.

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2016 Gaming Summary

January 1, 2017 at 7:49 pm | Posted in Special | 7 Comments



Just my yearly gaming summary where I list all the games I played within the year and include some of the most memorable stuff from that game. This year, I planned to finish at least 12 vita otoge but I was able play only 11 ^_^; Apart from those though, I did get to finish one PC visual novel, one vita rhythm game, and one mobile otome game ・´∀`・)

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First half of 2016 otoge digest

July 1, 2016 at 9:33 pm | Posted in Special | 6 Comments

写真 2016-06-07 21 50 09

It’s already July… which means we’re already on the second half of 2016! Time flies by so fast ;w; Quite a number of otome games were released on the first half of the year and there are still more to come for the second, so I’m writing this a digest of what I played and what I’m looking forward too! >w</ Lots of fangirling in text.

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