[Otome Game Review] Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen

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Fujieda Neri is a normal high school girl who lives with her father in a poor living area in Japan. On her seventeenth birthday, after school, she arrives home only to find her house burning down and her father missing. The only things her father left her are a password-locked mobile device and a letter telling her to go and study at Kaikyuu Gakuen, a prestigious school for rich kids. Neri decides to enter the school located in an island, and there, she’s introduced to a harsh caste system within the student body: the queen, whose orders are absolute, is on top of the system; the rose class (咲き誇る薔薇), which gets almost all the privileges, is the highest class a student can attain; the honeybee (名もなきミツバチ), the class where Neri is assigned, is the middle class; and the stone (捨て置かれた石ころ), which is almost similar to being a slave, is the lowest class.

The caste system aside, the school isn’t exactly what it looks like on the surface, and Neri is just about to uncover the secret that the school is hiding……

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[Series First Impression] Meant to Be

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I was supposed to write my KZG review but I keep getting sidetracked because of Meant to Be, a new Filipino TV series that I’ve been watching every night. I know this isn’t a Japanese otome game or manga or anime, but hey, it’s a reverse harem!, so I thought why not make a blog post about it ・´∀`・)

The series follows the story of Billie Bendiola (Barbie Forteza), a normal girl who puts her family above all things. She spends her daily life working full time at a call center and part time as a tour guide to support her family. Things all change though, when she accidentally (pun intended) meets four handsome and rich young men, and her life takes a turn for the worst (?)

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2016 Gaming Summary

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Just my yearly gaming summary where I list all the games I played within the year and include some of the most memorable stuff from that game. This year, I planned to finish at least 12 vita otoge but I was able play only 11 ^_^; Apart from those though, I did get to finish one PC visual novel, one vita rhythm game, and one mobile otome game ・´∀`・)

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[Otome Game Review] Kenka Bancho Otome

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As she goes to school on the first day of her high school life, where she wants to make friends, the heroine Nakayama Hinakon bumps into and accidentally “injures” a boy with a face very similar to her. The boy says that he was on  his way to the Shishiku Academy opening ceremony, but if he isn’t able to attend due to his injury, he’ll be kicked out of school and Hinako, who caused the damage, will have to pay for the expensive school tuition and fees that will just go to waste. Not wanting to pay for the boy’s tuition and fees and bother the orphanage where she lives, Hinako decides to the attend the Shishiku Academy opening ceremony in his place. Little does Hinako know that this was the boy’s, who later reveals himself as her long lost twin brother Hikaru, plan all along–because he’d rather cross dress and do girly stuff than enter the all-boys Shishiku Academy of yankees and problem children! Hinako, who is good at martial arts, is then forced to switch places with Hikaru and aim to be the bancho of Shishiku Academy through beating up the other guys, while being careful not to let her true identity as a girl be revealed.

This is a spoiler-free review of the game ・´∀`・)

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[Otome Game Review] Collar×Malice

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A terror group who calls themselves “Adonis” has been causing several criminal incidents within Shinjuku starting from April of the year. Every month, they claim that they are behind certain crimes by uploading a video in the internet and leaving a coin and a number in Roman numeral at crime scene. The roman numerals indicate the countdown to “X-Day”, the designated time when Adonis will “cleanse Japan of all evil and rebuild the country.” On December, A month before X-day, the heroine Hoshino Ichika, a rookie police officer, suddenly gets direct involvement with the Adonis group after she was attacked and knocked unconscious. When she wakes up, she finds a collar was put around her neck. Through this collar, an Adonis person communicates with her and tells her to show them her idea of justice without disclosing her involvement with them to the police–or else, they will poison her through the collar. In the midst of all that, Ichika gets help from a group of former police officers who are investigating the Adonis incidents by themselves, under the guise of running a detective agency. Ichika then teams up with the guys, so she can remove the collar and find the truth behind the X-day incidents.

This is a non-spoiler of the game — which will soon be released in English by Aksys Games!

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[Otome Game Review] Haitaka no Psychedelica

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In a town controlled by two families, the Farshi (Falcon) and the Wolg (Wolf), a dreadful creature known as the witch, whose appearance is known to be a woman with red eyes, is said to cause misfortunes. Our heroine Eiar lives in the same town, but because her right eyes turn red whenever she’s feeling strong emotions, she has to live her life pretending to be a boy named Jed, lest the people persecute her as a witch. Despite the frequent conflicts between the Falcon and Wolf families, Jed lives a normal life working as a handyman, until she is asked by the church’s acting priest to look for a treasure called the “Kaleidovere”, a symbol of peace in the town. In her search for it, Jed discovers the secret of the town, the people around her, and the her own past.

Here’s a non-spoiler review (or maybe a little?) of the second Psychedelica game that we’ve all been waiting for!

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The cost of Mystic Messenger: A guide to make the most out of your hourglasses

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Otome gaming is an expensive hobby, regardless of the platform: whether PS Vita, PC, or mobile. Although I used to be not familiar with how much mobile otome games cost (because I don’t play them), this time, I’m playing Mystic Messenger (hottest game atm) so I finally have the right to trash talk about how expensive otome mobage are… but are they?

In this post, I’m going to calculate the least amount of hourglasses you have to spend to play Mystic Messenger in one go, and see if mobile otome games really are more expensive than PS Vita otome games (as per popular belief)!

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[Mobile Game Review] Mystic Messenger: Prologue + Yoosung good end

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Screenshot 2016-08-30 21.48.56

The heroine, who is supposed to be YOU, the player but for the sake of this post let’s just call her Mystica, just wanted to chat with pretty boys so she downloads a certain a game app from the App Store/Google Play. Suddenly, she gets a chat message from an “Unknown” user, who asks her to go to a certain apartment because he wanted to return a phone he found on the subway. Being an eyeless heroine without a default name, Mystica of course follows Unknown’s instructions without questioning who tf he is, so she ends up in an apartment… and poof, she’s suddenly connected to a mystic group chat with the pretty boys she wanted! The boys talk about how the chat is highly confidential and Mystica being able to access the chat is already a big breach of security, but in the end, they ask her to join them – RFA – a charitable organization for a good cause… but is actually just a secret party planning group that invites even yanderes and crazy doctors to the party. So since the members guaranteed that joining the RFA is fun and it’s for a GOOD CAUSE, Mystica joins, and the story begins.

Suddenly pulled into organizing a party she never heard about? Don’t know who those suspicious beautiful people are? Life may be in danger? Whatever! The most important thing is that I get to chat with pretty boys while I ruin my daily schedule, sleeping pattern, and entire life, COMPLETELY!

Here’s a SPOILER-filled review of the current hottest mobile otome game, Mystic Messenger! However, since I still value my money, I won’t be spending hourglasses and then play the game in one go. And since I also still value my sleep, I’ll be taking breaks every time I finish a character route. Thus, I’ll be making separate posts for each character route I finish. Continue Reading [Mobile Game Review] Mystic Messenger: Prologue + Yoosung good end…

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