[Otome Game Review] Yunohana Spring!

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Wanting to pursue her dreams as a fashion designer, Sanjo Yunoha left her boring ryokan life in Kanazawa to study in Tokyo. Two years later though, she comes back after receiving news that her mother Misuzu, the Fukujurou onsen ryokan proprietress, was hospitalized. As per the doctor’s order, Misuzu needs to take a break from tending their ryokan, so Yunoha is forced to act as the Fukujurou’s young proprietress while her mother is away. Being the proprietress won’t be easy though, because a new resort ryokan, the Seihoukaku, has just opened nearby, and it’s getting more attention than Fukujurou! Now, what will Yunoha, as the young proprietress, do in order to build a name for Fukujurou?

This is a spoiler-free review of the game ・´∀`・)

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[Otome Game Review] Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Ex Time

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Clock Zero Ex Time Cover

A lot of my twitter friends love Clock Zero, so when Otomate ported the game into the vita (and named it Clock Zero Ex Time), I decided to play the game and see what the hype is about. (Thank you Mika for helping me get the game from Japan! (´▽`)/). After getting the platinum trophy, I now know why everyone loves it, and it seems that I’ll be joining the Clock Zero force too!

This is a spoiler-free review of the game・´∀`・)

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Starry☆Sky ~in Autumn~ Portable: Hoshizuki Kotarou

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CV: Ishida Akira

Hoshizuki Kotarou (constellation: Libra) is the school nurse. He’s got this bad reputation of being an untidy person and Tsukiko always lectures him about it. Apparently one of his hobbies is sleeping (lol XD), because he’s always found sleeping in the school clinic. He’s also weak to alcohol; one gulp can make him fall asleep!

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Snow Bound Land: Ivan

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Snow Bound Land Ivan

On to the aniki’s route ^_^. I decided to play Ivan’s route next to Aje’s because I wanted to know how the kyoudai story is in his perspective. This route was pretty short compared to the others but I still enjoyed it a lot! Here’s my review for Mr. Yuki no Jyoou no Jyuusha ・´∀`・)

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