[Otome Game Review] Senjou no Waltz

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Senjou no Waltz cover

Senjou no Waltz is one of the games I was looking forward to back in 2014. After I first watched that really beautiful opening, I swore to myself that I’m going play this. Unfortunately, it was released around the same time as Code:Realize and Norn9 Var Commons so I never got to preorder it due to lack of $$$ (I prioritized limited edition Code:Realize and Norn9 ;w; ). More than a year later, I was about to order Ken ga Kimi but then Senjou no Waltz suddenly popped out on CDJ’s recommended for you items… and I remember that IshiKai is in the game so welp, I ordered Senjou no Waltz instead! XD

This is a spoiler-free review of the game ・´∀`・)

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Starry☆Sky ~in Winter~ Portable: Shiranui Kazuki

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CV: Nakamura Yuichi

Shiranui Kazuki (constellation: Aries) is the president of the Seigetsu Academy student council. He may sound intimidating when he speaks during school year opening ceremonies, but he’s actually a nice guy who acts as the “dad” of the student council and he always prioritizes others before his self. As the student council president, he has also done a lot for the school and the students, although this isn’t very obvious, considering that most of the time, he’s just playing around with Tsubasa xD. Kazuki is a third year student in the astrology department, and it is said that he has the strongest powers in this department.

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